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  1. Yes, lube all sliding (shiny) surfaces, including the bolt lugs. I don't put lube on the rings on purpose but it a little ends up there it's no big deal. Some people do though. I think there may be a "how to" photo gallery detailing the proper lubrication for an AR-15 on the Coal Creek Armory Facebook page.
  2. Yes, and too many people over oil/lube their ARs causing failures of all sorts. The key, as mentioned above, is to lightly lubricate the bolt. A drop of oil, maybe two.
  3. AFAIK, Craig's, G&L and Coal Creek Armory are the only Glock LE sources in TN. Here is our blog post regarding who can purchase the 'Blue Label Glock' pistols.
  4. Guncraft Sports was located in this building previous to relocation.
  5. Coal Creek Armory (inc.) has never done business under another name.
  6. Yes, we have four full time, accredited gunsmiths.
  7. 15 years of debt service. Operational expenses. It takes a lot more to operate a range than a store.
  8. That's what it would take to service the debt and operate it.
  9. Sounds great! You'll need 7,392 members to break even. Each will need to buy 8 boxes of ammo a month, every month for a profit.
  10. Well, close. The FCC requires that your 3.16 mV/m curve cover the entire City or Community of License. (strangely this was put in place by the Communications Act of 1934, the Gov't was very busy that year). That's why we have the A and C3s moving as far as they can, but not all the way, into an area to service a larger metro population. They also must have their official main studio within 25 miles of the geographical center of the COL.
  11. You should be able to get 98.7 in Wartburg as the station is licensed to Oliver Springs.
  12. The history is on every local media's webpage (WATE, WBIR, KNS) and Wikipedia, but the "reader's digest" version is that Citadel leased the station for a number of years. They filed Chapter 11 in December of '09 and part of that bankruptcy was the termination of the WNOX lease agreement two years early. The owners are keeping it news/talk and will be airing Boortz and even Savage. And according to the engineers around the area there really isn't any way that 98.7 can increase their power without some miracle.
  13. I read in the KNS that Boortz was going to be back on 100.3 starting August 2.
  14. Just set up the classroom. If you're attending this class please be here no later than 7:45am tomorrow.
  15. Here's one I've been knocking around with for about a year.
  16. The best 1911 on the market, and all the money you'll save buying one.
  17. Yes. $5.00 for additional shooters. How long? Through the Summer at least.
  18. Only seven slots left. If you're wanting to get in on this course now is that time.
  19. Sure, that is the optimal choice. But you'll never get to it when and if you need it while you're on the bike.
  20. I went down at about 60mph on my Thruxton while carrying my 642. No issues at all. The best way to carry on a bike is in a tank bag. If that's not realistic then in a jacket pocket.
  21. Yep. And people still ask me why we aren't more involved with TGO. Ok, I'll just post what I've been conveying in several PMs. We hired a secret shopper service several months ago. They conducted 15 visits over a three month period. Out of those 15 visits only 2 were "less than satisfactory". Those 2 visits were "less than satisfactory" in regards to the amount of time it took for them to get a lane on which to shoot. That's something we could not do anything about. They gave the staff high marks for service and knowledge. I find the bashing on this and other threads to be quite tiresome. There are many who have an agenda and others who are simply piling on with no real experiences. I am now taking the next step when someone claims a bad experience. I'm going to the video so I can see and hear what actually happened. I might even share.
  22. I wholeheartedly agree. Thanks! And, we have a lot more to come so stay tuned. I don't know whether they were being lazy or they're just incompetent. A quick glance at the inventory systems shows that we sell them for $449.00. The CW9 only comes one way.


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