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  1. I recently bought my wife a glock 42 and she has a heck of a time racking the slide. It is definitely harder than her Sig P238.
  2. Unless they changed the law in the last session, do not carry a switch blade in Florida.  There are not many knife laws to worry about, but they have no sense of humor about those.
  3. Drove by Chilhowee Park earlier and there is not a gun show there today.  The Bag-a-Bargain Sale is going on and there were almost no cars in the parking lot.
  4. My son is 22.  He did wear the patch over his eye (what a hassle!) , but it is still weak.  Trying to shoot with both eyes open doesn't work as he sees two sights on different plains, which causes headaches. I have been having him shoot rifles left handed, but it is not comfortable for him.  Thanks for the replies.
  5. My son is right handed but left eye dominate with a very weak right eye.  He has no problem shooting a handgun but has to switch a long gun to his left shoulder.  This is not very comfortable for him.  Closing his left eye to shoot does not work because of the weakness of his right eye.  Does anyone know of a way to put a sight on the left side of the long gun so that he could use his left eye and right shoulder?
  6. I appreciate all the info!  I may have to buy another AR as my son told me yesterday how much he likes my Smith!
  7. I am very new into AR-15s.  I have a S&W M&P15 Sport.  What would I get from spending more on another AR?  The one I have has not had any troubles and seems to be accurate enough for what I want it for - shooting for fun and for home defense.  I do not plan to compete nor will I fire 10,000 rounds through it.  Any thoughts?
  8. I have the 709 and well over 1000 rounds through it without one problem.  It is my edc because it is dependable and easy to carry.
  9. My understanding is you can have the firearm inside your house, but in order to carry it around on your property, you have to have a HCP.
  10. Old Man


    My wife carries the 238 and loves it.  She got tired of me borrowing it, so she bought me a 938, which she likes almost as well.  The 938 has a little more kick to it.  Not enough to really bother you, but enough that my hand hurts after 300 rounds.  I carry the 938 everywhere I go and it is always cocked and locked!
  11. The last time I went to Gander Mountain, and it was the LAST time, I was looking for a recurve bow.  The guy behind the counter told me "Nobody shoots thoose anymore!"  He treated me like I was an idiot.  Bought one somewhere else.
  12. When i went through the Police Academy in 1974, the handguns that the department issued were such junk that i saved up and bought a Colt trooper mk III for a graduation present for myself.  I carried it for 12 years until we switched to semi autos.  I still have it and there is not enough money in the world to make me sell it.  It protceted me more than once and I am very loyal.
  13. As Mickey mantle said "if I had known I would live this long, I would have taken better care of myself".


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