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  1. Update: So.. I guess Dan Wesson 1911s are known to have the wrong front sight once in a while. I contacted them, they asked for some targets and the slide. I got it back in about 2 weeks. It shoots right where I point it now. Happy camper.
  2. Yep, this is my go to load. Super accurate; I love it. By the way, it works well with 185 SWC too.
  3. What is causing this and how do I fix it? I'm using a Dillon 550. Seating die in station 3 only seats the bullet. I have a Lee Factory Crimp die in station 4. Everything is perfect until the 4th station where I feel the case buckle. I reseated the crimp die. I put a good round in there, raise a dummy round and screw in the die until it makes contact. Lower the dummy round and turn in 1/4 of a turn. I raise it up, no issue; very slight crimp but not enough to hold the bullet well (I'm able to push hard and lower the bullet). I screw in the crimp die 1/8 of a turn; and what you s
  4. So I'm thinking of upgrading my carry from an gen 1 LCP to a micro 1911 (I like the platform and that's what I typically shoot). I understand for 1911s, we check the barrel to slide to frame fit and that's typically an indication of quality/accuracy. I've handled about 3 or 4 different Sig p938s and a Springfield 911 recently. And they are loose - lateral movement of the slide, able to press down and move the barrel, etc. Did I just happen upon poor representaion of these guns? They are just made with super loose fit to improve reliability? How accurate are these guns? Tha
  5. Hello. I recently picked up a Dan Wesson CBob (Classic bobtail) in 45ACP. I tried my typicaly 200 Gr + 4.0 gr of Bullseye. That load has been consistently accurate out of other 1911s and Sig p220s. On the Dan Wesson, while groups can cover a playing card, POI is consistenly about 3 inches high. At 7-10 years, they are about 1-2 inches high. I'm shooting with a sandbag. I'm curious on a few things... My loads are light; do light loads tend to shift POI higher? I read that light bullets print lower; I wonder if I make some 185s and see if that makes a difference. Are
  6. Group at Lower left corner - that was right after we removed the muzzle brake. It changed the POI quite a bit. I adjusted and shot the other 3 groups soon after.
  7. Hello, I took a short break from shooting but now getting into it again. I picked up a Larue Stealth Upper (20 inch) and shot it today. The only factory ammo I had were some 55 grain and factory match loads in 69 grains. I however reload and that was what I primarily shot. My go to load is a little on the light side. 50 or 55 grain pills + 22.3grains of H335. It will do 1.5 MOA and is very easy shooting. It does well in about 3 AR15s I've tested from in 1/9 and 1/7 (A PSA, A Stag and a Troy). After some reading, I loaded up 77 grain Noslers using 23.5 and 24.0 grains of V
  8. I'm a bit perplexed by this. From what I've been reading, FFL/dealer cannot sell an 18 year old (under 21) a handgun but can a rifle/shotgun. A private party however can sell to said 18 year old. Also, a rifle/shotgun is much more powerful than a handgun. Why is an 18 year old allowed to purchase a rifle/shotgun from a dealer but not a handgun. Why is a non dealer able to sell when a dealer isn't (to an 18 year old). Why the difference?! Second point: at 18, you can join the military and would carry a handgun as part of work. However, when you go home (still under 21), you can't b
  9. Got it. Handguns are where that extra layer of reporting occurs; for lowers - buying (4) is just like buying (2) or (1)... Trying to understand laws my head hurt.
  10. I'm reading over your reply again Oh Shoot... So, if I buy just (3), it just goes through NICS (National check) but if it's (4), it then goes through TICS (for that extra check on stolen firearms). I think that's a big difference in that our personal data can be kept indifinitely in TICS database. (while it's destroyed at the National level). Am I understanding that correctly?
  11. Thank you everyone for the responses. I have a phobia of black helicoptors so your feedback is much appreciated. Thank you Oh Shoot for the link to the guidelines. From page 26, i learn that the magic number seems to be (3) max and all it requires is another call for a 'stolen gun check'. From what I read, if they use the 'online process', this is not needed. Unless I'm missing something, I should be ok even I purchased say (4) lowers - these lowers would all be new from a vendor and therefore no chance of being stolen.
  12. Thanks guys. Call me paranoid but I just don't want extra attention simply by buying a few extras. I hope someone can chime in - just verify that there isn't an extra form or flag if someone bought 3 or 4 or 5 lowers.
  13. Hello. I've typically only been able to purchase 1 gun every many months/year but I'd like to get a few AR lowers at the same time (while the wife gave me the ok.) - Is there a limit to how many AR lowers one can purchase on a single background check? - Is there a number where 'additional' paperwork is required (I heard about another form that needs to go to the ATF if over x amoung of guns) (or is that only for handguns). - Is there an FFL that charges a 'fixed' FFL fee or is the standard $x per gun + background check. Thanks everyone!
  14.   Hello Verne.  So i'm curious, does the action of the 300BLK differ from the 223/556 version where it needs a bit more "extracting"?   Thank you everyone for your help.  I'll plan to get the upgrade kit but I'm just curious now..
  15. Hello.  I'm getting back into shooting and I ran into issues today.  May I ask for some troubleshooting advice?   Lower is a Radical Arms paired with a Radical Arms 8.5 inch upper in 300BLK.  The lower was purchased as a complete gun with a 10.5 inch upper in 223.  That functions well/reliably.  I am using the same gunfighter charging handle and the stock (what it came with) BCG.  The BCG looks to be of quality with MPI etched on, staked, etc.    I used Remington green box 120 grainers from Walmart and some quite expensive Barnes TSX (also facto
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