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  1. I can certainly remember back during even the height of the first wave of this, when refrigeration trucks were lined up outside various hospitals for the dead and the like, when it was still an infinitesimal percentage of folks who were actually dying from this, like in the .000x range. Johns Hopkins data shows that now 1 in 500 Americans have died from Covid. Still of course a small percentage, like .2, but then that small statistical hiccup equals over 660,000 of us. - OS
  2. Just sent mine back also. It'll be there Monday, we'll see if I get same fast turnaround. - OS
  3. Sept 1-7 = 286 deaths. That's the highest weekly count since 2nd week of Feb. Includes 85 deaths on the 7th, the highest single day count since then also. - OS
  4. Grim month, daily death average almost quintupled July's: Aug 1-7 89 Aug 8-14 129 Aug 15-21 212 Aug 22-28 237 Aug 29-31 110 total: 777 daily death average: 25.0 ---------------------------------------------- Big picture: TN average daily Covid deaths: (2020) March 0.7 (first death 3/21/20 but averaged over entire month) April 5.8 May 5.3 June 8.0 July 14.7 Aug 22.5 Sept 23.2 Oct 29.0 Nov 41.9 Dec 74.3 (2021) Jan 88.4 Feb 62.8 Mar 15.9 Apr 9.7 May 8.1 June 3.8 July 5.9 Aug 25.0 total TN deaths thru 8/31/21: 13,518 - OS
  5. Statewide weekly death toll still rising: Aug 1-7 89 Aug 8-14 129 Aug 15-21 212 Aug 22-28 237 (largest calendar week death total since Feb) - OS
  6. maybe it's based on apparently true reports that with just the right combination of height and angle of impact, they could fire when dropped
  7. So, no surprise, big boost in TN Covid deaths: Aug 1-7 89 Aug 8-14 129 Aug 15-21 212 (this week is highest since last week of Feb.) - OS
  8. Rise continues: Aug 1-7 89 Aug 8-14 129 - OS
  9. 89 TN deaths first week of Aug, the most in a calendar week since March. - OS
  10. Often said, but the impediment to that is also long standing, ie, "legislators suck, except for mine." - OS
  11. I'd give it little credence. That "info" is 6 months old for one thing. The other thing is that site is one of a bunch registered all about the same time, most if not all of which never went live. Looks to me like an attempt to hawk "health" related products that never got off the ground. Personal registration info hidden, but since most of the content is in Spanish, well, whatever... Previous domains myessentialnest.com myessentialneedz.com myessentialneeds.com myessentialnecklaces.com myessentialnecklace.com Next domains myessentialnews.com myessentialnissan.com myessentialnutr4u.com myessentialnutrients.com myessentialnutrition.com - OS
  12. Thurs is last count on state site right now: 29 deaths, the most in single day since April 4th. 3,925 new cases + 70 net hospitalizations - OS
  13. TN average daily Covid deaths: Well, like much of the rest of the nation and especially most of the South, we're going the wrong way again. Note surge in last 10 days: (2021) July 1-7 24 July 8-14 39 July 15-21 38 July 22-28 64 July 29-31 19 total: 184 5.9 daily death average All: (2020) March 0.7 (first death 3/21/20 but averaged over entire month) April 5.8 May 5.3 June 8.0 July 14.7 Aug 22.5 Sept 23.2 Oct 29.0 Nov 41.9 Dec 74.3 (2021) Jan 88.4 Feb 62.8 Mar 15.9 Apr 9.7 May 8.1 June 3.8 July 5.9 total TN deaths thru 8/1/21: 12,758 - OS
  14. Everybody has a valid "argument". But that doesn't change the fact that hospitals pre-vaccine were overrun with Covid patients who all of a sudden couldn't breathe so well and etc. How many folks with other ailments who croaked simply due to the previous norms for care being impaired we'll never know. The fact that it's happening again in the US, where anyone can get the ouchie on a moment's notice, just reinforces my glass half empty view of the species, or at least the Murican subspecies in this case. Hell, at least half the world can't even get the vax at all. - OS
  15. I wagered 2.99 for the Kindle version. Which usually means I won't read it till I'm stuck out of town somewhere for a day or three, but eventually. Thanks. - OS
  16. Ignorance is strength! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Unless you're a Covid long hauler. - OS
  17. Yay, we're #1 again! Tennessee ranks No. 1 in the U.S. for largest increase in new COVID-19 cases
  18. Just a followup, been toting the Hellcat in the Alabama Holster for a few weeks now, love it. Little things make a big diff with pocket carry, and with the extra rounds, it first felt rather heavy compared to the Kahr, but that feeling went away purt quick. And the pinky extension added an unacceptable degree of difficulty for quick deployment (so did same for the Kahr), so using with 11 round flush mag, with another one in another pocket. This thing really shoots like a bigger heater too. Snap/recoil not objectionable at all. The HC's trigger release/reset is great, much more conducive to accuracy than the Kahr's trigger, which while smooth, even with lots of practice you just could never feel exactly when the thing was gonna go bang, and it has a very long essentially zero-tactile reset. - OS
  19. I didn't personally know anyone at all who has died of Covid. So according to your premise, it's valid to surmise nobody has died of it at all. - OS
  20. Is it an alien concept here that one can simply ignore any given thread? Btw, Covid Delta is making a pretty significant upswing, especially here in the South, so traditionally now would be the appropriate time to double down and dismiss its importance. - OS
  21. Medical prevention/treatment of any malady is all about probability based on the availability of scientific evidence. In the US, some 600 Covid vaccinated people have so far been documented to have died with Covid itself being the primary cause of death. Compare with the +600K non-vaccinated folks who Rona croaked. I'll take the odds offered by that "worm" any day. - OS
  22. That a brand or a type or what, google no help. - OS
  23. It has been the existing policy to deny gun purchase if any alcohol related conviction has occurred in the last year, like PD or DUI. This has been a fairly long standing policy based on TCA 39-17-1316(a)(1), and to my knowledge has not changed. Still in the TBI Guide for FFLs publication, page 5: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwjLnaeL58fxAhUem2oFHXgGBPkQFnoECAYQAA&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.tn.gov%2Fcontent%2Fdam%2Ftn%2Ftbi%2Fdocuments%2FFFL_TN_Guide_2016.pdf&usg=AOvVaw0jVNBiW3WJv96fbhGNenjl - OS
  24. Okay. Still lower yet. TN average daily Covid deaths: (2020) March 0.7 (first death 3/21/20 but averaged over entire month) April 5.8 May 5.3 June 8.0 July 14.7 Aug 22.5 Sept 23.2 Oct 29.0 Nov 41.9 Dec 74.3 (2021) Jan 88.4 Feb 62.8 Mar 15.9 Apr 9.7 May 8.1 June 3.8 total TN deaths thru 6/30/21: 12,568 - OS
  25. Obviously I meant re Covid -- certainly the 40-60 age group isn't particularly high risk re seasonal flu. But of course, Covid hasn't really killed anyone at all, so why even mention it, right? - OS


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