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  1. It was the biggest crowd they've ever had. People waited in traffic up to five hours on Friday and were turned away. Others parked on the side of the road and walked up to two miles to get in. They delayed the start on Friday because dealers were stuck in traffic and couldn't open their booths. Some dealers didn't make it in until noon. 8600 people Friday and 14,400 on Saturday.
  2. You're right. Powder back then was $10 pound. I used to buy all my primers off of Hi'Tech. Last time I bought they were $125/5000! I sold a bunch of cleaning rod sets. I sold the rods and handle for the Garand/Carbine for $5.00 set. Same on the .50 cal. Sold the old M16 sets for $10 set. People bought parts like crazy. Most I've ever sold there.
  3. The crowd and show sure did change over the years. Years ago there were crates full of surplus guns, box lots full of parts, ammo. It all went away.
  4. I was set up at Knob Creek last weekend and the reloading stuff was slim. Pat's Reloading had WC844 and WC846 for $195 for 8lbs. Primers were non existent. Grunt67 was on the money. ALL the primers are going into ammo orders at the moment. A couple vendors had a few boxes, but they were asking $125 and $145 per 1000. Saw a couple boxes get sold. One vendor had ten one pound bottles of Varget. He wanted $50/pound. Another vendor was set up with a collection of powder but it was all $45/pound and higher. None of it sold. A brass vendor was selling .223 fired brass at $125/1000 and .45acp at $100/1000. It didn't sell. On the flip side of that projectiles sold like crazy. Spectre Supply brought 1-1/2 Tons of 9mm, .223 and .30 cal. They were completely sold out by 11:30 Friday morning. Every projectile they had was sold in less than 2 hours! Ammo sales were hit and miss. The big vendors were trying to sell Barnaul steel case .223 at $390/1000. We did not see a lot of it moving. 9mm was at $25 a box. .45 acp was at $30 and $35 per box. We did have a good talk with the guys from Pat's reloading. They have a direct line to the primer producers. They said there are huge orders out there for primers. When those orders finally get delivered to the vendors, most wont be able to handle the elevated price on the bill and there will be a big dumping of primers on the market. First quarter of 2022 is when a lot of these orders are slated to be filled. I guess we'll see how it plays out then.
  5. I do a lot of loading and testing. Thought these results may be of interest to some. I always enjoy hearing others results as well. This test was done at 30'. I used CFE Pistol powder and CCI 500 primers. All shots were fired from a Ransom Rest. I did target and ballistic gel tests. The rounds you see were taken from the ballistic gel. All averaged 12"-15" penetration. The V-Crowns and Gold Dots mushroomed out very well and had great weight retention. The RMR hollow points are very accurate but the jacket fragments quite a bit on impact. The Hornady XTP is a bone crusher. Everything was loaded on Dillon 650s with a Mighty Armory sizing die.
  6. Picked this up over the weekend. All numbers match and looks to be fired very little. Came with 2 original mags and cleaning rod. Holster as well but it's a remake. Anyone have some experience with this gun? If so how do you like it?
  7. I don't mind you selling your mags and I hope you're successful at selling everything you have and that is sincere. However, don't you think it would be better to contact that person via pm instead of replying to sell something of yours in my post? Granted I was not trying to sell anything, but you're a vendor and I'm guessing you wouldn't be too thrilled if I was trying to sell knives on your posts.
  8. Hi folks. I'm considering making the 3 hour trip to set up at the RK show in Knoxville in Dec. I sell gun parts, vintage ammo and old military related items and I set up at their shows in Lebanon and Murfreesboro. Murfreesboro has really good traffic. I was wondering how the crowds were at the Knoxville show? Is it a pretty good show that stays busy? Thanks for any info. John
  9. I ran into a load  of Lake City .223 brass for my reloader but you have to swag the primer pockets since they're crimped. The whole country seems to be sold out. Has anyone made up something they've had success with?
  10. Hello all. Just moved from AL to Manchester. Good folks here. Love to build AR's, into reloading and looking to get into long range shooting. John


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