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  1. I live in the Ooltewah TN area. Last year hunted with a XBOW in the Hixson area. Year before purchased an out of state license for GA did some hunting up on Taylors Ridge with a rifle. This year will pretty much stick with my Xbow in the Hixson area. I would like to hunt in TN with my rifle a few times, because with my Disabled VET license it's almost free. I am retired Law Enforcement (Local cop in GA and 20+ years with US Customs Investigations) I enjoy hunting, being out in the woods and getting away. I'm 59 and am not interested in killing every deer that walks by. Last year I let several pass by and even tho I did not kill anything, still had a great time. I'd like to find someplace to hunt on the occasion when I want to take the rife. Don't mind travelling and prefer a laid back hunting experience. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  2. I actually carried a CZ75 on duty for several years. Until the feds said I had to carry something with a hammer drop...duhhh. Anyway it was an original made in Czech before we had them here. No import markings either. Wish I'd have kept it. It usually put the other guns to shame on the range....
  3. I've got four buddies interested in leasing some land in TN to hunt deer/turkey. Like to find 400 -600 acres. Very responsible hunters no drinking or BS. Just like to get out in the woods and hunt. Archery, crossbow, and rifle hunting.
  4. Due to a hurt shoulder I purchased a Parker Enforcer 165. Wow, split two arrows after benching in the 3 power scope. I quit shooting at the same target after that. Very light, shoots at 300FPS and Parker has a lifetime warrenty.
  5. I have my Glock 27, my Walther PPK/S and my LCP all fitted with the clip draw. I carry the same position unless circumstances dictate something different...
  6. janwbrown616

    40 vs the 9mm?

    I prefer the Glock 27. It has a double recoil spring and to me actually kicks less than the 26. I've been carrying it for years with a clip draw attached to the slide. Nice, small, and packs a pretty serious round....
  7. I"ve carried various weapons for a long time and although a holster protecting the trigger is safer for most, it's not what I prefer. With the trigger guard wider than the trigger I have no issues with a clipdraw and the inside carry. To each his own...
  8. As for carrying while off duty. DUhhhh, they are at least trained to act in tuff situations. Just because you have a license to carry does not make you qualified to make decisions on when to respond and when to be a good witness. Unless you are well versed in the laws of the state, the options available during such a confrontation and the knowledge and or experience to react accordingly it's always better to leave it to..."the cops". Never having been to an HCP class I"m not sure what training is needed or received for a permit. Having been a cop and firearms training officer for 30 + years I know what type of training most cops go thru each year. I believe THAT training would give them the experience and ability to carry and react appropriately in any off duty situation. I think the old saying "if you think the cops are bad, next time you're in trouble call a hippy," (no offense to any holdouts from the last generation) is a pretty good thought to remember. If such a situation did arise I would much rather a cop, off duty respond than an unexperienced civilian with minimal training. As for the other, most business appreciate having public safety officers, cops, firemen, emts and others around. It makes their customers feel a little safer also.
  9. In the summer and spring I go with an LCP fitted with a Keltec clip draw and the new Hornady Ballistic tip ammo. The clip draw comes from the Keltec website and fits the LCP perfectly. It allows me to wear it in my waistband without a holster.
  10. What did the primer look like after you ejected the round? Did you try the same round again?
  11. Mine is pre S & W. I did send it back about 6 months ago for a jamming problem, and had to send it th Smith because they took over all the Interarms repairs. Works like a charm now...
  12. I sent mine in for the modification. Had it back in 4 days, with an extra mag with the finger rest and a nice little Ruger LCP cap. The trigger is the same as when I bought it but I can still do head shots at 7 - 8 yards...


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