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  1. I have used WWB and have had no problems. I guess I am lucky.
  2. I bought a Ruger 9 mm using moon clips several months ago. Someone on this site told me that I could use the end caps of PVC piping to hold loaded ammo. It worked great.
  3. Smith55

    9 mm revolver

    I have a Ruger sp101 9mm. i really like it, but it does use moon clips. someone on this forum suggested i use a pvc pipe end cap as an ammo carrier. it works great.
  4. will all microsoft windows apps run under Linux?
  5. Smith55

    New Revolver

    I had to order the pistol and didn't realize it used moon clips. when i saw the pistol and saw the moon clips it was not a deal breaker, just not my preference.
  6. Smith55

    New Revolver

    I just bought a Ruger SP 101 sa/da in 9mm. Fun to shoot. Good for winter carry or car carry. The only negative, it uses moon clips. First revolver for me with moon clips. I don't think i like them.
  7. Grandson has one on his G43. He is happy with it.
  8. I want a Ruger Bisley in 45 Colt, but i have never shot one.
  9. Great review. i will have to look at this pistol.
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