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  1. Ha, true! Just like California compliant scary rifles.
  2. This started me on the road.......................

    Wow, what a story! That's a beautiful piece with a great history. Congrats on getting it and sorry how it came to be. Thanks for sharing and let us know when you replicate that first shoot and get it with the 1st shot.
  3. My Best Friend

    17 years is a long time to share unconditional love and happiness. You have been lucky to have her in your life for so long and she is lucky to have you. My little guy only made it to 13 and my only regret was not letting him have anything he wanted. If I could do it over, I would've made him his own ribeyes and chicken and ribs and whatever he wanted. He was a chow hound had him cremated and look at him everyday as well as the pictures of him all over the house. it looks like Kasey likes to eat as well and I'd be happy to chip in too. I think you mentioned a while back about making her a steak and I hope you guys share some more great meals and memories! In my thoughts and prayers!
  4. Hi

    Welcome aboard Eddie from middle Tennessee! I bet the fly fishing is a blast! I have it on my list but can't even seem to get any fishing in at this point in time. This forum is a great place to be!
  5. No experience with cold steel but I did make the leap to German cutlery. They aren't cheap but will last you a lifetime. I have both J.A. Heckles and Wusthof. Bought pieces individually and as needed. Best thing I ever did for the kitchen!
  6. You're correct, legally they cannot ban in parks. But they do and have been since the law passed. In Knoxville they even went as far as using metal detectors and searching folks for an event at "Chilohowee Park". The city claims that it really isn't a park and there fore can ban as they desire. Just waiting for someone to be the test case to fight it. I don't believe many people want to go to the poor house because of the legal process. Some smart people on the subject here, namely (hat tip) Oh Shoot, he does his homework on the legal mumbo. I'm not sure about the school function deal. https://www.tngunowners.com/forums/topic/104348-knox-tn-valley-fair-nothing-really-changed/?do=findComment&comment=1458825
  7. Buying a rifle in another state

    Delays are always possible and could cramp your travel plans if it happens. Plan ahead and be prepared to either stick around or wait till they finally get around to clearing you and going back to pick it up. i am still baffled as to why a handgun is different. My primitive mind is not capable of seeing a valid reason I suppose.
  8. Politically Sensitive AR Lower :) :)

    Hahaha! Triggered!
  9. Pressure washer hard to pull start

    It shouldn't be harder to start than it would be once broken in. Water pressure will be a show stopper. Have them start it with the water either turned off or with the pressure relieved.
  10. Nice looking bike and looks like new! Hope it finds a happy home, if not, start racking up the miles GLWS
  11. Recommend a zero turn mower.

    Looks like toro has some in your price range for what you're looking for. https://www.toro.com/en/homeowner/riding-mowers/timecutter-hd-75213 I would check out exmark too and compare. https://www.exmark.com/Special-Offers others have high praise for other brands as well. My experience is limited to exmark and I'm happy with them.
  12. Recommend a zero turn mower.

    I haven't heard a bad thing about a toro and believe they are in bed with exmark (of which I am a fan). search for lightly used and you might find a 10k mower for 4-5k. Of course I don't mean through a dealer but the interwebs, if you're patient and willing to drive, deals are to be had. Good luck!
  13. 3 teams sit out the anthem

    It is not gonna be good for their revenue. I didn't realize BHO paid teams to show patriotism starting in 2009. https://townhall.com/tipsheet/timothymeads/2017/09/24/draft-n2385792 most people don't think the flag represents white cops oppressing non white people. 20 years in the military and I never once heard that. This is pure left wing BLM politics brought in to the NFL. Disrespectful to say the least!
  14. Ruger Precision Rifle, Anyone have one?

    Smaller targets work to a point. Add wind and mirage and you've got a challenge I'm a fan of the .308 round and do think it might be a tad underpowered for 1k yds. ( for a semi auto at least) It'll do it but not as good as something with a bit more bang behind it. Any way, I've got a couple we could drag out there and put to the test. I second a local get together! I haven't signed up for ORSA yet because of lack of free time. And want to get my $ worth. In a few months I'll have the time.
  15. Zack Adams

    The approach of cutting off meds to those that need it is as bad as banning guns so criminals won't buy them. Probably worse because we have people suffering unnecessarily because of the beaurocratic idiocy! i feel bad for those of you having to suffer at the hands of idiots!!! A quick search shows that we, taxpayers, have spent over 1 trillion clams in the last 40 years on the war on drugs. Countless lives lost and incarcerated. Seems like a business to me. Not saying I condone legalizing drugs at all. But I do think that the regulation nation is all about $ and being our mommy. In Mexico, you don't need a prescription for meds that a Doc says you need. Here, you do for some stuff that should be over the counter. Heck, you do for pet meds! Even some pet foods. Its not baffling when you see it's a career field and we don't push back. If someone wants to buy Viagra or some pain killer, so be it, let them, if they do themselves in with it, so be it. The way it is now, there is more violence and mayhem because of regulation.

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