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  1. That's gorgeous man! I wish I had the funds, GLWS!
  2. Folding Glock

    I just saw it listed on their website. Getting ready to drive by and thought I'd check if there were any deals worth stopping for. I certainly don't see a need for this though. It is on sale for $1199, yikes!
  3. Is $399 a good deal for a new XD .45?

    I'm a big fan of the XD's in .45. I've got a tactical and service model and both are accurate. The grip is better than a glock 21 inmo and trigger is better than any glock ever produced. I would buy one for 399.
  4. So We Sit and Wait.....

    Perhaps it's time for another plane load of cash in the middle of the night. Seems to have worked elsewhere.
  5. hope ya'll understand!!!

    Sorry to hear he wasn't a good fit. I understand having a dog that follows his nose get out and the stress it creates. My beagle kept getting out of my fenced in yard and I got to the point I gave rewards when someone called me when they found him. Even when they turned them down. He would follow his nose and not come home. I had a heck of a time searching for the little guy. finally one day, I saw him run and jump into the chain link fence and proceed to climb it. A 5' fence! I did manage to keep him from a puppy till old age but I was younger then too. Dont give up Bersa, there is a guy or girl out there that will be a good fit!
  6. Of course. Luckily for them they have a registration database. http://hawaiirifleassociation.org/hawaii-gun-laws/ I dont know if "medical marijuana" is just legalized use of weed or if it is a derivative of marajuana. Such as an oil or some other form of non smoking product. Seems to me like it's just a gun grab.
  7. Introducing myself, joined today.

    Memphis is probably a breath of fresh yet damp air from the Gold Coast, welcome! i hear the food out there makes up for the humidity but I dwell to the east. Enjoy your new found freedom!
  8. The Force was strong with this one!!!

    Congrats! beagles like to follow their nose and not commands, perhaps him being a mix will not be so bad. Great looking little guy you got there!
  9. My new Keltec CMR-30

    Congrats! After looking at these I think I need one as well. It looks to be the perfect woods/ yard gun for me. Coyotes are trespassing in record numbers. Ive got a 22mag lever action but the trigger is rough and the barrel is long. Let me know if you use it to hunt anything and how it performed please. The ballistics look good for that barrel and the compact size is just remarkable.
  10. And that's why marriage is the number one cause of divorce! Haha
  11. Hello

    I've seen numerous CT plates making new homes here. Understandable with the taxes fees and anti freedom laws. Welcome and leave all that crap behind
  12. Damn, that is way cooler than the only military conference I've been to. Although I've seen some stuff that is probably there, we had no firepower. If if you're bored, you're doing it wrong luckilly I was in a country with the best bier in the world! Have fun with the snails and wine. Haha
  13. Kel-Tec PMR-30 Fail to fire

    I don't have one yet but have been reading up on them since I've seen more 22wm in the stores and the PMR has peaked my interest. Others are saying it needs a little TLC out of the box to get it to run smoothly. Main issues are the mags being a bit sticky, the little tiny feed ramp not being smooth and the chamber being a bit tight/rough. When I get one the first thing I plan on doing is polishing the chamber and feed ramp. Then go over the mags to smooth and lube em. Search the web for what others have done and from what I've gathered, if you do those things, it'll run like a 30 round 22 mag banshee should. Good luck and let us know how it works out.
  14. Bipartisan deal on gun control unveiled

    It's as simple as the tax code. All 78k plus pages. It could be one page with one line. Overall we have been dumbed down and are overwhelmingly controlled by the false estate. The first step would be to regain the message with truth and fairness. Don't know how that will happen. Journalists have been removed and puppets have taken over and a small handful have ownership. This bill? I just don't see how a lawless group making more laws to be ignored by more lawless drones will actually do the right thing. Call me silly but it just doesn't make sense to me.
  15. Bipartisan deal on gun control unveiled

    We have some bureaucrats making new laws to direct other bureaucrats to update systems run by bureaucrats that have failed to keep updated in the name of bureaucracy. To allow us to exercise our rights. To not be infringed, except by the bureaucracy that is as efficient as the development of designing the space pen when we could have simply used a pencil. Why do we have to ask for permission with a fee every time we want to purchase a firearm? Bureaucracy! That's why. Why wasn't the Texas shooter in prison for attempted murder for cracking the skull of the kid he beat? How about instead of providing incentives and penalties against bureaucracies, we hold individuals accountable? Both criminal behavior and the actions or lack of actions by, dare I say, bureaucrats?

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