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  1. Ugly

    Ok!!! Lets talk dogs!

    Congrats on giving her a home! my little guy is a bit picky but not that much. I have found that he gets an upset stomach from time to time and that causes him to be picky. He has never been a chow hound like my beagle was. One thing I have done is to get him toys that releases snacks when he plays with them. I out food in there instead and he tends to eat his dry food that way. If if she is healthy and doesn't get upset stomach from her food choices, she will eventually eat. Unless here is an underlying issue such as being spoiled or psychological problems. Good luck brother, I know you will worry about her until she eats as expected. He usually gets chicken with his wet food and usually eats that no matter what. The wet food types have been a crapshoot.
  2. Ugly

    Very sad shooting event

    Absolutely a shame! Dude should not have touched it while she was down range. As well as many other failures here. Very sad!
  3. Ugly

    XDs Gunsmith or "Mechanic" needed

    Leroy, didn't they have a recall on the XDs? I can only offer that I have two 45 XD full size and stock, they have a better trigger than my 1911's, damn close at least. You are more than welcome to meet up and try mine to compare. I don't have any smiths locally that I'd reccomend but you could always return it to Springfield for warranty work.
  4. Erik88, I would love to add this to my cave if still available. Tis a generous offering you've made and I would give it a good home. Dilly dilly
  5. Ugly

    Mossberg Shockwave in 20 gauge!!

    Congrats! The 20 ga is a fantastic round.
  6. "It could erode public safety" It is more likely it would have enhanced it. She is a sell out!
  7. Ugly

    ad closed WTB: MacBook Pro

    That's what pushed me to mac, windows based nightmares. I have office on my MacBook Pro and when it's open, it slows down the system. Its unavoidable if you need to use them. But I will say, it's not nearly as bad as a regular windows PC. The only problem I've ever had was when I filled up the hard drive with pictures from the game camera, I didn't pay attention to the space available and it didn't warn me. It crashed my IPhoto.
  8. Ugly

    ad closed WTB: MacBook Pro

    They can be had for about half the cost of new by buying used refurbished. my old lady found hers on eBay and it has been great! I bought mine new and have no complaints. I don't use it for its full potential but the lack of having windows type issues has made it worth it's weight in gold. Depending what you use it for, windows can be had on it for a fee and game selections are minimal.
  9. Ugly

    for-trade 1997 Chevy Suburban 4x4

    Does it have any leaks, rust, shift smooth? How about a hitch? It looks to be in decent shape for its age and miles!
  10. Ugly

    Banks, corporations, and the RKTBA

    Through hook or crook, they will never stop.
  11. It could be a trap by the antis. Just like when they came up with the alt right group. Being labeled as a hate group because you are a patriotic American should let us all know the severity of things.
  12. Ugly

    New job

    Speaking of drug tests, the last time I went to look at trucks the salesman came back to me with a number of $1200 a month payment! I laughed so hard and told him he needed to share whatever he was on. I'm sure you will do well and actually enjoy the new gig!
  13. Ugly

    Vermont Rolls Over

    Looks like Colorado has realized their mistake and just voted to repeal their magazine limits. https://www.nraila.org/articles/20180330/colorado-senate-passes-magazine-ban-repeal-legislation Tennessee will hold hearings on 3 anti gun bills Tuesday. Call your reps! https://www.nraila.org/articles/20180330/tennessee-tuesday-committee-hearings-scheduled-for-anti-gun-bills Vermont is probably a lost cause.
  14. Ugly

    Vermont Rolls Over

    That's great!!!
  15. I'll be there as well. If you've never been to the capital, parking sucks. Plan accordingly and carpool when possible. With that said, I'm near Knoxville and could bring a few along. If no takers, I'll be on 2 wheels.

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