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  1. RIP Jerry Lewis

    I loved his humor too, he was a great man to dedicate to the MD society the way he did. RIP Jerry
  2. USS Indianapolis Found

    Wow! This was a tragedy of epic proportions because of what happened to the survivors with the damn sharks.
  3. More proof that liberals shouldn't be in charge of ANYTHING! They need to be held personally accountable. Meanwhile, I'd bet not a single criminal has been stopped except of course the left is making criminals so they would count those. The reality is they have the inability to see reality.
  4. sold Sold

    Sweet looking top! Great price too! Wont fit mine but someone is gonna get a great buy! You might lose a few MPG without it, I know I gained a few when I added mine. GLWS
  5. A close friend

    Sorry to hear about your buddy! You never know what's in the cards so live each day as it's the last. ill do what is can as well.
  6. Car and truck Insurance??

    That's logical. But what are the odds all of that money is going to roads? Zero % in my county. a wheel tax is for the schools (supposedly) In addition to the school tax. And of course our tax cut raised gas taxes. I've heard the term "baffle them with bull****" before and believe that's the operational norm
  7. Car and truck Insurance??

    I do have some idea. Registered in 5 states. I just hope Tennessee doesn't creep up there. After all, the elected are allowing us to be free people in the land of the free to drive on this great land for a fee, and taxes, and restrictions. The government has become a business. We are their bread and butter.
  8. Car and truck Insurance??

    With the trend of charging more insurance for safety and lazy devices, imagine how much those self driving cars are gonna costs!!!!
  9. Car and truck Insurance??

    Don't know yet and am not that mad about it yet. I have been through worse and appreciate the good here.
  10. Car and truck Insurance??

    Not because the extra $5 per vehicle a year, but also have an extra $120 a year for the fleet on top of what it used to be. The doubled wheel tax hasn't made a dent in our deficit so the promise of no property tax increase will soon be broken. If I lived in the county next to mine i'd save $240 just on the tax. Personally I don't see the mismanagement of my countys finances changing any time soon. So yes, I would consider moving to a place that is better managed. I agree TN is over all cheaper than many other states. But we are likely to get another rino as governor and im sure they will continue the liberal policies that make conservatives cringe.
  11. Car and truck Insurance??

    Legally mandated scam! notice how the price never goes down as your vehicles age and become less valuable? Add rate increases and our genius governors largest tax break in TN history which added $5 more per vehicle in rate hikes. And don't forget the other sorry geniuses that run the county and thought that doubling the "wheel tax" would be good for their mismanagement ways and it's getting pretty expensive. I register 3 bikes and a truck. They have successfully stifled my desire to add one more bike and I actually took one off the road. In fact they are making me consider moving as well. The future doesn't look good with economic management like that. Back to insurance, We are paying for those that aren't responsible enough to control themselves and get into unnecessary wrecks.
  12. Fail on so many levels. i agree that quality and historic firearms should be saved from these buybacks.
  13. Podcasts

    I've been doing fiction Audiobooks. Great way to pass time on the road!
  14. Speeding tickets in Tennessee?

    Why would there be a void if no revenue were generated by tickets? Is that how departments create their budgets? Including expected violations? If so, the confiscation of people's $ is right on par for the enforcement of our rights. Smh Its bad business for communities to count on $ that aren't guaranteed. I understand it's the norm these days. My county is 85mil in debt and there are only 57k residents. Absolutely irresponsible! Lacking a catastrophe' there's no reason in the world for that except incompetence due to poor planning.

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