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  1. Remember those elm logs....

    Looks great man!!!
  2. It seems to be a result of dumbing down our youth. Oddly enough, they aren't talking about raising the voting age. That seems to be more damaging than any clown with a firearm. (At this point in time at least)
  3. Another shooting

    Plenty of people spoke out. There was a willful attempt to save this kid from trouble by the school, educators and fed gov. The policies failed. https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2018/02/did_the_progressive_broward_county_solution_cost_17_student_lives.html
  4. No matter what you think should be done to improve safety, it appears evident to me the left shouldn't be in charge of it. This article is quite telling. Did the Progressive 'Broward County Solution' Cost 17 Student Lives? https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2018/02/did_the_progressive_broward_county_solution_cost_17_student_lives.html
  5. Winner! it is not difficult to see, the start is to fix the cause. Otherwise we will just keep swimming upstream.
  6. I'm a end result type thinker. All of the fluff and minutiae in between I gloss over because it seems logical to me, if we know what our goal is, we the the steps necessary to get there. I don't think guns are the topic at all. Except to address the antis that are in full swing ban mode. Perhaps my limited access to "proficient" firearms owners is limited because most of my interaction has been with military folk. At various levels including spec ops. I do avoid public ranges and game lands though. The bar would need to be high for armed folks in schools, without a doubt. If we have chuckleheads out there sporting arms that shouldn't be, they shouldn't be around schools or me or anyone, inmo. the qualifications for armed teachers should be very intensive. That'll weed out those that shouldn't be armed. This is only a start to address the school safety problems. Otherwise we can keep spending money on bandaid approaches and ignore the root system. The left will not aknowledge the problem. They will only continue with their failed ways, that includes never giving up on banning firearms. After all, that's the problem to them.
  7. I agree. However we are past epidemic. Not just school security but societal decline which is systemic. All things troublesome lead to the takeover of our country by those that wish to implement their beliefs. its well planned and imemented without firing a single shot or picking up a pitchfork. There is no denying this has happened and the only way to stop it is to address it without the cloud of doublespeak. I don't say force a single person to pick up arms to teach. I say make that a prerequisite to the job. Armed security could be used in the interim. This Mess wasn't created overnight and won't be fixed quickly. However it needs to be addressed and not by those that have caused this problem by implementing more laws that are sure to be useless for the purpose of "for the children" at least. Either some of those calling for firearm bans actually believe their failed ideology or its part of their grand scheme. It's tough to tell since honesty and truth have also degraded in this country along with many other things. I would rather my kid be taught and protected by a proficient firearm owner that believes in our constitution than an anti American indoctrinator any day. Those running our schools are not fiscally responsible partly due to federal mandates. Having to hire more people to be armed guards seems like another inefficient plan in the long run. If we don't address the root of the problem, it will never be fixed.
  8. The legislators are stupid because they are more left than not. How about we do two things. One is look at the historical data of the root of the decline in public education as well as society. I would have to believe that is when we started the department of education. You don't keep changing front tires on you car when the alignment is the problem, you fix the problem first. Second, why not make part of being an educator to have the required skills to be proficient in firearms. It could be a qualification, just like when we had the drawdown in the military under Clinton and he cut personnel but not jobs. Collateral duties were plentiful and many were a full time job that you had to keep up in addition to your regular duties. If a prospective teacher doesn't qualify, they don't become a teacher. This would alleviate the overwhelming socialist mentality and probably put a screeching halt to any school shooting but also start to return this once great country towards the correct path. But then again, we could just change the tires.
  9. Finally got to shoot my XD .45

    The XD is a fantastic pistol! I've never had an issue with mine and find it a great fit in my hand and love the fact the magazines hold 13 Rds. The trigger is exceptional! The stock sights are lame and I am thinking about adding night sights to my service model. Cant speak of the Win USA ammo but I've never had any failures in mine with any of the ammo I've tried. Congrats and enjoy!
  10. sale-or-trade Kegerator

    Dude, think of saving the environment! She must hate Mother Earth if she doesn't support adding this to your domicile If all else fails and I keep this thing, I'll throw a fresh keg in and have you guys over. That way you can see what you missed out on.
  11. My beer fridge has treated me well but I am downsizing. This isn't a converted fridge, this is factory designed kegerator by Fridgidare to hold up to a 1/2 keg, co2 bottle and has room for another 2 cases of beer on the racks to allow you to have a variety of flavorful libations at the ready. There is storage on the door as well. It also has a freezer which is great to keep glasses and mugs at the ready. The beauty of draft beer is that it doesn't contain preservatives, less of a hangover if you over indulge. It also keeps your recycle bin from overflowing. One 1/2 keg contains 7 cases of beer. A half keg is about $50 cheaper than buying 7 cases. A keg will last about 3 months under pressure before it can start to go bad. I have never had a keg go bad New this ran between $980-1200, it has a stamp on it 10/14/05, guess that when it was made. It has never had a problem and never failed me. Included is the fridge, 2 taps, regulator, 2 spigots and 2 co2 bottles plus an empty keg. I'd like to get $600 and am open to possible trades/partial trades. Interested in a CMR30, scout style rifles, lever actions or? shoot me an offer, Cheers! located in East Tennessee
  12. Truck camper shell

    Ah, I was in the same boat and have found one like you seek. It also has a roof rack and tool boxes. Oddly enough I was going to sell my truck but have recently decided to hold on to it for now. If that changes anytime soon I'll let you know. Im sure you know that the Gen 3 Dodge has an odd size bed. It's curved by the back window and 2"narrower by the tailgate. It took me over a year to find a used one that actually fit but I had to travel to get it. If you're in a rush, buy new. If not search far and wide and you should find one. Good luck!
  13. free Free: Kayaks

    If n0rlf doesn't take them, I will.
  14. GO EAGLES !

    Philly Philly!
  15. Bump-Fire Stock Ban

    This proposal is a liberal wet dream! Even my over under with a single trigger would make me a criminal, geez. We need to stop this.

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