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  1. I am fan of a hammerless revolver for certain applications but a S&W j-frame sized gun with a 2 inch barrel is not going to give you the accuracy you are looking for. A Ruger Service Six in stainless has been my go to for almost 30 years if I'm going to open carry in the woods or on a farm. It is a 4" barrel .357. It is simple, powerful, and reliable. Accurate enough, especially firing single action. Heavy but the grip size and overall weight are welcome if you're firing full 357 loads. I usually carry it cross draw on my left hip so it is accessible when seated in a vehicle. If weight and concealability are bigger concerns, then I would go with the S&W Shield in either 9mm or 45. I think the 40 would be punishing. If you can stand the bigger size, then the M&P 2.0 compact would be a good choice also. All are available with a safety.
  2. I had the class on 11/2/13 with Tim Guy of Guy Personal Defense. My experience was exactly in line with the review above, so I will just add my personal experience. I am a former gun safety instructor. Over the years, I have taken a similar class in a few different states including a previous TN class. This one had 26 people on a Saturday. Classroom information was covered thoroughly without being dry. Shooting was handled 5 shooters at a time, so it took a bit to work through all shooters. However, I think this was a benefit since shooters varied widely in experience level. Some needed more individual attention. Tim delivers a good class and a good value. He really bends over backwards to make it a good experience. He also does some women-only classes if that is of interest.
  3. Between these two choices only, I'd take the sp101. I carry a S&W 642 more than any other carry gun. It is significantly lighter than the sp101. I prefer it because pocket, ankle, or belt carry are all easily accomplished depending on the situation. The added weight of the sp101 make that a bit more difficult, but still possible.
  4. When coupled with a quality holster, the 642 is the best ankle carry gun I've ever had. I've tried it with others, but keep coming back to this one.
  5. I'd suggest you find a friend (or rental) with a snub and fire some 357 out of it before you buy one. The flash and recoil are just painful coming from a small/lightweight package. The 357 almost certainly has some small edge in terms of overall energy, but I'm not convinced there is much much difference in a close range practical situation.
  6. Buzz


    If that's your concern, a 3rd gen S&W auto might be a good choice. I have a 3913 that is great. It has an external safety and won't fire with the mag ejected. My main carry guns are a Glock 26 or a S&W 642.
  7. Buzz


    My suggestion would be Suzuki Vstrom 650 or SV6540. Enough power. Should be in your price range. Relatively light weight.
  8. I've got one in my Toyota truck. I really like it, but I have to admit that with my console, it does not have a lot of room inside. Some other vehicles have a larger console that would be nicer. Definitely get the one with the combination lock. I like the fact that you can leave it unlocked if you wish. For example, if I'm in the truck, I might like to leave it unlocked.
  9. I got a Brommeland within a few weeks of ordering. I carry a G26 in it and find it to be one of my most comfortable rigs. Don't just go on what you've heard. Contact him and see what he can do.
  10. I've run from the dam to the walking bridge. That is a GREAT place to get a long run with almost no traffic. It is clearly posted in the dam area that carrying is prohibited on the trails. I've not seen the signs down around the carousel, but guess that it would be illegal there also. I've run the levee trail also and it is posted. Most of the time I've not had problems but I have run upon people that did worry me.
  11. My opinion -- which is best depends on what you are trying to accomplish. I have both an S&W 642 and a G26. I carry the 642 more often. It is my go to option when light weight and minimal cover clothing is required. Due to the lighter weight, I can carry the 642 in an ankle holster when necessary for dress clothes. I think the heavier 26 would be harder to do that. If I were a LEO and carrying the 26 as a backup gun for a 17 or 19, then the 26 might be a better choice since I would be carrying extra mags anyway.
  12. Frankly, I think this is why you should always carry concealed. Run into somebody from work while carrying... no big deal.
  13. I recently bought an HBE Leatherworks holster as well, similar to the one the OP has but without the fancy gator skin. I really like it a lot. That extra tab of leather underneath the muzzle does a lot to make it more comfortable. I have a Milt Sparks VM2 as well and find this to be more comfortable.

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