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  1. LOL! I need to cast some more 520 gr, .459s but todays temp was 95 with a feels like of 105 degrees.  I'm waiting for it to get down to 92 or so :D.
  2. Why own  a .30-30 when you can own a .35?   :)
  3. Thanks, but if I match my sights to the target size it's almost like looking through a scope as the front sight sight was a tendency to bring the target into focus. Your eye loves circles. I have a Hadley on the rest sight. If I turn the disc it gives me larger ot smaller aperture opens which is used to allow light in to your eye. The problem comes in when changing light conditions forces changes to that aperture setting which makes it very difficult to make changes every shot and that's assuming you notice it. Look at this pic of the aperture. The inside dot is the target. The next circle out is the front aperture. The third circle is the front sight globe which houses the front aperture and the last circle is the rear aperture. When they're aligned and your eyes pick it up, then keeping the POA exactly the same and adjusting the POI to bring the bullet dead center really is no different than shooting a scope. [URL=http://s587.photobucket.com/user/ren1795/media/aperture%20front%20sight_zpsk7rhjjfg.jpg.html][/URL] I thought the standard 40X trigger pull was in the 16-22 oz range. That should be light enough for the average shooter without pulling shots. I normally use a scope to determine exactly what the rifle is capable of then go back to irons. That's still a nice M12.
  4. Beauty's 06! The M12 looks great, too! Did ya'll redo the stock on that one or was that the way it came? Range report for this morning. Not as good as I thought she'd do. I had drop the Soule down to the 100 yds area and found it shooting low. I moved it up and fired a second shot. Another minor adjustment and I fired 5 for group. As you can see it's pretty spread out. Then again might target acquisition was bad today due to that orange target that was small and blended into the paper at 100 yd because the target was in the shade for the test. I almost saw the orange then it would disappear. I did usual look off to the right at something close to allow my eyes to re-focus without tiring.The target would just barely hold in the front globe sight then disappear so I shot where I "thought" the center was. I'm glad I'll be shooting at Black steel tomorrow at the match. [url=http://s587.photobucket.com/user/ren1795/media/100_zpslibrzu3b.jpg.html][/URL] A pic of my new Soule sight: [url=http://s587.photobucket.com/user/ren1795/media/1001_zpsgwqzewe9.jpg.html][/URL]
  5. Argh! I'm so darn jealous! Pics! Show s pics! I have a 40X in .308. It's a single shot rifle. I love that gun and can't wait to come across one in .22
  6. Range report: Argh no pics this time. I was having so much fun I forgot to take any pics then thought about it once we had already put away the steel.   I said I'd follow up but first I took my wife to the doc's office who said her white blood cell count is back down to normal. She still has to pull light duty, meaning not much of anything, and continue to take meds but after we got home she released me to go shoot some so I headed out to the range.    My new Soule is installed on my 1859 Sharps and I greased up and stuck the Crossno .22 insert into the rifle. I met my buddy who had already set up a target at 200 yds. I roughed out a started point on the vernier and missed the target. After two more misses I shot at the dirt berm to see exactly where the bullets were going. The bullets kicked up the dust a little over a foot right of where I was aiming so I dialed in 6 MOA of left windage and the bullets began dropping into the center of the berm. At that point I shifted back to the target and planted two approx 1 inch apart at the 4 o'clock position. We actually saw those through the spotting scope. I fired 3 more and they stayed inside 1.5 inches. I dialed in another 2 MOA left and 3 up and fire for effect. At that point the target got shaded and we could't really see anything. I figured now was a good time to head down range and check the target. Things were looking pretty good with that size group so we headed to the shed and grabbed a 8 inch square steel target and put it up.    I changed from Sk Standard Plus to my Center x and started shooting again. The group was around 1 inch and we could easily see the splatter marks on the black steel. All shots were Bang...ding except when i shot offhand. My wobbles got the better of me and I only hit it half the time. It wasn't the rifle but me. Ya gotta love this barrel.    I've loaded up some 530 gr pills for my Browning High Wall and will shoot that in the Cowboy Match on Sunday and I also plan to shoot the Sharps with the .22 barrel in it with the irons sight because I won't have BP bullets loaded by Sunday. The Cowboy folks don't care. Ya pays yer money and ya shoot whacha brought. I will take pics of the shoot.   Also good news. My brick of some more SK Standard Plus showed up today.
  7. I'd bet if that fly was a squirrel then your little Savage would take his head off. 
  8. I happened to notice this thread is coming up on 68k views.     Folks must really hate reading about the best and most accurate .22.   :D
  9. If the stars align and you happen to be in SW TN and I'm off work you're welcome to come and shoot it.    My new Long Range Soule Sight arrived yesterday after noon. It's going on my original Sharps 1859 .45-100 tomorrow morning after I get up. Today I gotta mow the lawn and take care of my Honey as she has been down with pneumonia for the past 6 days. Once the sight is on I plan to stick the .22 insert into it and take it to the range on Thursday to shoot it with iron sights.  That is after I take Sharon in to the Doctors at 10:30...if she checks out ok then I'll go do a little shooting. If I get to go out and sight in my Sharps on Thursday I'll take some pics and provide a range report.   Are you folks in Middle Tn getting as much rains was we have? Seems with these hot temps I gotta mow the lawn 2X a week. 
  10. Oh Shoot, I just read that writeup in the link you posted. His groups are left. All he needs to do to bring them right is turn the slot that shows as being pointed straight up in the chamber just a little bit right as in the 1 o'clock position. It will move the group right.   His groups are average for that kind of ammo. I just order a bricked of SK Standard Plus for mine yesterday as I just realized I was down to 4 boxes left. I plan to keep my Center X for my Anschutz since the SK is working fine. If my buddy decide to sell me his RWS ammo I think he has 1.5 bricks of it SO I'll be set for a while.  Lp
  11. graycrait, Remember it's not a liner, it's an insert that rests on buffer pads that surround the .22 barrel every few inches. The pads a very stiff (metal? I don't know) that are coated with some for of plastic, almost like shrink wrap. On a side note, dave C will re-wrap a worn barrel for $10 if anything every happens to it although He's got guys shooting at Raton, NM at the Nats in the .22lr BPCR matches who have used them for years and none have worn out. If someone puts one in wrong and damages the wrap, say, by scraping it against the hammer on a rolling block just send it back for a re-wrap. As I originally noted my two rifles I am using it with are an original 1859 Sharps and the Browning 1885 High Wall. It will NOT work in a trapdoor because you have to push the barrel in at the breech end. The barrel is machined to a brass .45-70 case which offsets the barrel so the centerfire firing pin hits the lower edge of the rim. In fact, the offset allows one with minimal windage adjustment the means to move the bullet left or right by sliding the insert into the barrel with the chamber slot either right or left of center. The barrel is protected. Here's some pics but please forgive me for the lousy shots: [url=http://s587.photobucket.com/user/ren1795/media/FullSizeRender-6_zpsvjctlt7r.jpg.html][/URL] [url=http://s587.photobucket.com/user/ren1795/media/FullSizeRender-7_zpstpgkw0x5.jpg.html][/URL] [url=http://s587.photobucket.com/user/ren1795/media/FullSizeRender-4_zpsa8wfyxjp.jpg.html][/URL] [url=http://s587.photobucket.com/user/ren1795/media/FullSizeRender-3_zpsif6a044d.jpg.html][/URL] [url=http://s587.photobucket.com/user/ren1795/media/FullSizeRender-2_zpsupgxpppf.jpg.html][/URL] [url=http://s587.photobucket.com/user/ren1795/media/FullSizeRender_zpsxi8mekpn.jpg.html][/URL] Lp
  12. Range report! Sorry no pics this time. I was having to much fun with that insert in my Browning 1885 High Wall.   Well I used the super lube (permatex diielectric grease) to lightly grease the barrel and then the .22 insert. It went right in, kind of snug and I was ready to go. I won't into all stuff about setting the case notch at 1 o'clock because I use a scope unless someone wants that type of info.    The builder of the insert, Dave Crossno, said it was cut with a match chamber and may be tight fitting and the bullets were. More on that in a minute.   Since I already had the 1885 set up to shoot 200 yds as I shot a match with it the week before. I figured I'd put a dot on the bottom of the target then go up 16 inches and place another dot there. That way I could aim at the bottom dot and see where the bullets dropped in at 100 yds. I figured they might be a little lower than 15 inches up the target because I was using my normal subsonic rounds to keep the bullet from going haywire when it comes out of supersonic speed down by the target.    Ok the bullets were in order of use: SK standard Plus, Lapua Center X and  a couple of RWS Target Rifle.    The break in began with the SK ammo. Surprise! The rounds dropped into the bottom dot instead of somewhere up the target. I hadn't figured on that. Then again these bullets used were probably traveling in the neighborhood of 1060 fps or so which is almost 1000 fps slower than my big .45-70, 532 gr bullets. Also think those big freight trains tend to carry better than the lil itty bitty .22 bullets.   I shot around 5 rounds and they grouped around the dot. I figured I might as well dial the scope up 16 inches  and see how the bullets of up the target. The next 5 bullets dropped in around the 16 inch high dot. I'd say a little over an inch.  I then rolled the dial back down to that 100 yd zero point and shot another target I had set up.  So, now I'm into round 11 or so of the break in. I'm thinking 1 inch or so at 100 yds? Not too bad already!   A buddy comes over and starts using my spotting scope to track my shooting as the 6X on black paper is a hair difficult to see with tired old eyes. I fired a shot he said I need to come up about a 1/4 MOA. I shot another two they were both inside the inch 10 rings. I shot 3 more and he said they stayed there with two expanding the hole.   Now wait a minute, 16, give or take 1, through a brand new barrel and I'm inside an inch? WOW!   Another buddy who is a silhouette shooter set up a 7 inch gong at 100 ys and a steel chicken at 45 yds. I asked him if he minded me shooting it up and he said go for it.    I switched targets and bang,,,ding! bang... ding! My bud looking through the scope was reporting splatter dead center. I did that for another 10 shots or so. I was trying to heat up the barrel with around 50 shots to help set the 22 insert in my .45-100 barrel as per instructions from Dave C.    Winds were around 7-12 mph changing constantly. Our range is protected just enough so bullets won't move more than 3/4 inch in those winds and much less at 50 yds.    I shot that 100 yds target with zero misses so I figured I'd see what the come-ups are for the 45 yd back to 100 yd steel targets. My Anschutz usually needs around 7 inches between 50 and 100 yds so I figured I'd try that but my other bud said I should begin at 8 inches. I took a second to dial down 8 inches and I was ready to start shooting.  2 rounds over the top of it. I figured what the hey and came down that last inch and shot. 5 rounds dead center. By now I'm out of the SK standard plus and switched to some Center X and shot that at 45 yds. Bang...ding, bang...ding. A repeat of the SK ammo. Sweet!    Now I want to retail back up to 100 yds to see if I have accurate info for the come-up. I dial up 7 MOA in about a second and back on the 7 Inch Steel. Dead center. Did I already say, WOW! I fired around 10 shots all center and took a break and walked over to another buddy shooting his CZ .22. He was using the RWS ammo and complained it was grouping around 4-5 inches at 50 yds. This guy has to be one of the best offhand shots I know and he was shooting these rounds off a bench! I looked through his scope and sure enough 4-5 inches. I asked him if I could try the RWS in my rifle. He gave me 5 so I went back and shot those at 100 yds. You would have thought I was using the Center X. All 5 shots. bang...ding! WOW! Dang, I already said that!   On a final test I dialed back down to 45 yds and shot 5...bang...ding all 5 again!   The next range test will be dialing in to 200 yds then moving to the 200 yd range.   I have to build an 8 inch steel plate that's only 1/8 or so steel so the gong will resonate back 200 yds. Those heavy 3/4 steel plates have a tendency to quiet those lil bullet hits.   That insert cost me $170 and turned two of rifles into .22 long rifles. That's a lot cheaper than buying a whole .22 rifle!   If ya have questions feel free to ask them! Lp 
  13. You might want to look at Anschutz or Sako 22LR if you do not mind spending around a grand for a good 22.   Any old Anschutz 54 will pretty much shoot lights out. Unless you find one that was used by an Olympian I think they're almost impossible to wear out.  The worst thing that can happen is someone didn't clean theirs and it has a small ring of lead in the leade where the bullet exits the case. They can be a pain to clean but they will clean up and you have an as new annie again.   My first annie was a CMP 1903 Club Gun. I was averaging 246-248 and with an occasional 249 6 or 7x  at 50 yds with it.   The local guys with their 54's and 2013's were hitting the 250 mark regularly with 10X's on average so in my mind it was the best it would ever do so I sold it and bought a 54 with a 5108 adjustable 2 stage trigger. The fellow I bought it from had 2 one was a much older 54 is the old spring trigger assembly and the newer one with a Lilja barrel on it. I got the one with the Lilja barrel.  After finding the bullet it likes I regularly shot 250's. On hindsight I bet had I worked a bit more with the 1903 it would have done the same but I was convinced the 64 action lock speed was slower than the 54 action which was causing my lower scores. I think it was my lack of shooting skills at that time that made the difference.    The guy that bought my 1903 only shoots 25 yd matches but has been winning most of those where he's shot against also ran rifles like sakos, savage, 40X, 10-22s and cz's. IMHO Anschutz is in a class all on its own along with Olympic class walthers and the like.    Prices? I bought my 1903 for $850 used and shot it for about a year then and sold it for $900 shipped. I bought my 1411 54 action Annie for $850 used and still shoot it. The fellow that was selling me the Anschutz didn't care which rifle I bought and I was able to shoot both of them before making my decision.A fine man indeed.  Either rifle was $850. I couldn't tell the difference in accuracy between the old one and the newer one so I chose the newer one because the I prefer a 2 stage trigger.    So $2-3K? Yeah if you buy a new fancy one. Used 64 or 54 action $800-1k and it will shoot like it just came out of the box once you match the ammo to the gun.    If you want to shoot benchrest where your X ring is a the same size as if you took out your pen and put a dot on a piece of paper then you might want to add an adjustable barrel tuner to get that extra fine accuracy. My tuner is a 12" tube which also provides me a little bit longer sight radius for a little more accuracy at 100  yds. A T-36 scope goes a long way to seeing that lil dot on the paper.    Probably more info than you ever wanted but once you buy one all the others are also rans. Buy once and keep it forever. You kids will love it as an heirloom. A buddy of mine shot the 54 with iron sights at 50 yds, and put them all in his targets X ring. He turned to me and told me the rifle was boring...that the shots all go into the same hole.....go figure.
  14. Nope,  Im in Western TN in Bartlett. Our Club is called MSSA or Memphis Sports Shooting Association. Which on the Northeast end of Shelby County.  For you that'd be a 2 1/2 drive each way from Middle TN.   We have weekly Thursday shoots with a bunch of friends with ranges from 200-300 yds. at our silhouettes. We then have a once a month Silhouette shoot of our own. Then there's the monthly Cowboy match on the last Sunday of the month that is 200 yd silhouette. The Cowboy guys enjoy shooting with us and we have fun with them so the same folks from both groups show and shoot all of the matches.  Nobody really cares what kind of old rifle you bring and if have a Marlin or Winchester .38-55 or .45-70 with a scope on it no one cares. For matches if you use a scope and yer it then depending on your point of view, you come in both 1st and last place? :D   We also shoot .22 Silhouette iron sights although most folks shoot with aperture/globe sight combos. Ranges are 45, 66, 88 and 112 yds with the usual assortment of steel animals. We have the same with rimfire and centerfire pistols., again iron sights.   And again we do same with BP muzzle loaders once a month.   Its pretty easy to shoot some sort of match every weekend in these disciplines. In fact, we have so many different types of shooting you have to set limits on what you want to shoot as there is not enough time in the day to do it all. [   Good news. I just got my .22lr insert for my 1885 and Sharps. I'm off Thursday so I plan to see if I can the 1885 sighted in for 200 yds and shoot that for our impromptu match. It's supposed to be a match grade barrel and I hope it shoots well. I'll try and get some sort of range report put together on Thursday and post the results.     Lp


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