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  1. LOL! I need to cast some more 520 gr, .459s but todays temp was 95 with a feels like of 105 degrees.  I'm waiting for it to get down to 92 or so :D.
  2. Why own  a .30-30 when you can own a .35?   :)
  3. Thanks, but if I match my sights to the target size it's almost like looking through a scope as the front sight sight was a tendency to bring the target into focus. Your eye loves circles. I have a Hadley on the rest sight. If I turn the disc it gives me larger ot smaller aperture opens which is used to allow light in to your eye. The problem comes in when changing light conditions forces changes to that aperture setting which makes it very difficult to make changes every shot and that's assuming you notice it. Look at this pic of the aperture. The inside dot is the target. The next circle
  4. Beauty's 06! The M12 looks great, too! Did ya'll redo the stock on that one or was that the way it came? Range report for this morning. Not as good as I thought she'd do. I had drop the Soule down to the 100 yds area and found it shooting low. I moved it up and fired a second shot. Another minor adjustment and I fired 5 for group. As you can see it's pretty spread out. Then again might target acquisition was bad today due to that orange target that was small and blended into the paper at 100 yd because the target was in the shade for the test. I almost saw the orange then it would d
  5. Argh! I'm so darn jealous! Pics! Show s pics! I have a 40X in .308. It's a single shot rifle. I love that gun and can't wait to come across one in .22
  6. Range report: Argh no pics this time. I was having so much fun I forgot to take any pics then thought about it once we had already put away the steel.   I said I'd follow up but first I took my wife to the doc's office who said her white blood cell count is back down to normal. She still has to pull light duty, meaning not much of anything, and continue to take meds but after we got home she released me to go shoot some so I headed out to the range.    My new Soule is installed on my 1859 Sharps and I greased up and stuck the Crossno .22 insert into the rifle. I met my buddy
  7. I'd bet if that fly was a squirrel then your little Savage would take his head off. 
  8. I happened to notice this thread is coming up on 68k views.     Folks must really hate reading about the best and most accurate .22.   :D
  9. If the stars align and you happen to be in SW TN and I'm off work you're welcome to come and shoot it.    My new Long Range Soule Sight arrived yesterday after noon. It's going on my original Sharps 1859 .45-100 tomorrow morning after I get up. Today I gotta mow the lawn and take care of my Honey as she has been down with pneumonia for the past 6 days. Once the sight is on I plan to stick the .22 insert into it and take it to the range on Thursday to shoot it with iron sights.  That is after I take Sharon in to the Doctors at 10:30...if she checks out ok then I'll go do a litt
  10. Oh Shoot, I just read that writeup in the link you posted. His groups are left. All he needs to do to bring them right is turn the slot that shows as being pointed straight up in the chamber just a little bit right as in the 1 o'clock position. It will move the group right.   His groups are average for that kind of ammo. I just order a bricked of SK Standard Plus for mine yesterday as I just realized I was down to 4 boxes left. I plan to keep my Center X for my Anschutz since the SK is working fine. If my buddy decide to sell me his RWS ammo I think he has 1.5 bricks of it SO I'll be se
  11. graycrait, Remember it's not a liner, it's an insert that rests on buffer pads that surround the .22 barrel every few inches. The pads a very stiff (metal? I don't know) that are coated with some for of plastic, almost like shrink wrap. On a side note, dave C will re-wrap a worn barrel for $10 if anything every happens to it although He's got guys shooting at Raton, NM at the Nats in the .22lr BPCR matches who have used them for years and none have worn out. If someone puts one in wrong and damages the wrap, say, by scraping it against the hammer on a rolling block just send it back for a
  12. Range report! Sorry no pics this time. I was having to much fun with that insert in my Browning 1885 High Wall.   Well I used the super lube (permatex diielectric grease) to lightly grease the barrel and then the .22 insert. It went right in, kind of snug and I was ready to go. I won't into all stuff about setting the case notch at 1 o'clock because I use a scope unless someone wants that type of info.    The builder of the insert, Dave Crossno, said it was cut with a match chamber and may be tight fitting and the bullets were. More on that in a minute.   Since I alre
  13. You might want to look at Anschutz or Sako 22LR if you do not mind spending around a grand for a good 22.   Any old Anschutz 54 will pretty much shoot lights out. Unless you find one that was used by an Olympian I think they're almost impossible to wear out.  The worst thing that can happen is someone didn't clean theirs and it has a small ring of lead in the leade where the bullet exits the case. They can be a pain to clean but they will clean up and you have an as new annie again.   My first annie was a CMP 1903 Club Gun. I was averaging 246-248 and with an occasional 249
  14. Nope,  Im in Western TN in Bartlett. Our Club is called MSSA or Memphis Sports Shooting Association. Which on the Northeast end of Shelby County.  For you that'd be a 2 1/2 drive each way from Middle TN.   We have weekly Thursday shoots with a bunch of friends with ranges from 200-300 yds. at our silhouettes. We then have a once a month Silhouette shoot of our own. Then there's the monthly Cowboy match on the last Sunday of the month that is 200 yd silhouette. The Cowboy guys enjoy shooting with us and we have fun with them so the same folks from both groups show and shoot all
  15. Mine was drilled and taped for the front but has a dovetail base in the rear. MVA makes rear sight base mounts that I think go all the way to 50 MOA. Here's a pic of my rear sight setting for 200 yds. If you look closely at the base of the sight the daylight between the rear bottom 100 yds and 200 yds is minute (as in small). The front mount also is windage adjustable. I take pics of my sight setting because I'm getting old and forget where I need to be for a given distance. If you note the large adjusting screws with the large windage and elevation flats. When you turn the screw one flat, sa
  16. Thanks! I bought this liner. It's actually a slide in an shoot yer .22lr then pull it out and go back to shooting the .45-100. It will also fit my Browning 1885 BPCR and speaking of scopes...my Browning has an MVA Malcom 28 inch 6X scope mounted on it. I hope it gets here tomorrow or Tuesday latest. It being the .22lr liner. I'm off Wed-Sun so I plan on shooting it. http://www.shilohrifle.com/shop/product.php?productid=56&cat=&page=1 Here's my Browning with the scope in Battery. The scope is adjustable, externally, out to 1K yds. [url=http://s587.photobucket.com/user/ren
  17. You're fortunate that many .22 shooters have posted their pics of crappy rifles for you to look at. It gives you the opportunity to see alternates. :D J/K! There's a lot of nice looking rifles that have already shown on this thread that are fine examples of good shooters. If you're planning to buy one you are better off first deciding it's use. Plinking, Prone, 3 Position, Benchrest, Long Range, Silhouette, small game hunting and many more. You made find you have more than one uses for one. Some rifles are more use specific. For instance, a Benchrest .22lr may weight 9 lbs which might
  18. For you Blacksmiths a  Grinnell, Koch, Modern trip hammer appeared on Memphis Craigslist this morning.    Go have a look under Tools....   Lp
  19. What amazes me is the fact that this kind of work was handled by the FBI but is now handled by the inept NSA. The real question other than creating a poorly trained army on American soil for Gov't use is why isn't the FBI raising all kind of hell about not being able to do their job which is protect the USA.
  20. Are you sure it's not..."in God We Trust. All Others Pay Cash"
  21. Prices on the federal and was it the Bulk 550 pack?   Thanks
  22. The emergency lane is also used for just that...when there's heavy traffic you can call, "emergency!" to no one in particular and cruise down the emergency lane at normal highway speed. Beware though...you must keep an eye for those folks backing up on the highway emergency lane so they can get off and miss the stop and go traffic. In normal driving the emergency lane is actually just another passing lane in case your going to slow, like only +15 over the speed limit.   Did I mention do not flash your lights to ask some bozo coming at you to dim his high beams because you might get shot
  23. Sounds to me like this owner might be crappin his pants a lot 'cause he can't figure out where the toilet is. 
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