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  1. mostly learning and fun project in my opinion.
  2. Did you guys ever buy any?? I'm trying to generate some interest in a LOWER FINISHING group - perhaps if we had a few people interested, we could all throw in to save $$ on a jig (and get the NICE one) and spend a day finishing a bunch of them! See my thread here:
  3. Searched and was amazed nobody has discussed before! As you probably know, lots of people are selling "80% completed" Lower Receivers that require no paperwork at all. One of my good friends/clients gifted me 2 of them as a "Decoration or Conversation starter" and the next year, another friend left 4-5 of them at my house before leaving the country. I know there are lots of websites that SELL the nice Jigs that require (minimum: DRILL) nothing more than a router or drill press. However, I'm wondering if anyone already owns one that they'd kindly allow me to rent or borrow from them. IF NOT: Does anyone else have any interest in splitting the cost of a Jig that would be good for 8-10 receivers before it's lifespan would be up? YOUTUBE Video of Completion Process If so, Contact me and lets make it happen! I plan on ordering one in 5 days if I don't see any interest. 6one5 579-149one or reach me on facebook
  4. it shoots incredibly well. it's an icatha frame colt everything else. dad shot with it competitively in military and its been praised by all the old 1911 lovers at gun gatherings all over between nashville and savannah GA - he had it "worked over" back in the 60s and it's been well cared for since. 2.6 lb trigger with all function tests passed thoroughly. I have 3 others all in 45 ranging from bone stock 1911a1 to completely fine tuned for paper punching perfection. lucky son, i am as they've been passed down to me. in addition to those, he also gave me his Smith&Wesson model 41, p38, walther ppk x 2 (left and right hand), and a myriad of shotguns. I'll take more photos of it if anyone is interested! Dad's deteriorating memory due to alzheimer's may have resulted in a frame/slide mismatch which i plan to look into when i strip them all down for a thorough cleaning and inspection tomorrow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. i have two 80% lowers ive been hoping to sell or find someone who would rent me a jig for finishing them. very high quality will take some pics if interested.
  6. just wondering if you guys have seen any articles etc about this new device. id love to go in on one with someone! fascinating and a little scary at the same time. but just wanted to share https://ghostgunner.net
  7. "https://www.dropbox.com/s/obwuutmkcicf6kc/one%20fourth%20of%20collection.jpeg?dl=0"
  8. officially ready to sell. after some thought and discussion due to the uncertain condition of 2-3 items I really don't feel good about shipping simply because I don't want expectations and shipping would be $25 or more. would simply feel better if the buyer sees the collection in person. this is just due to my lack of knowledge and courteous since I'm new here. pics are true to condition but due to weight of all htime e lead - . . just don't want to disappoint a hopeful member. I did some research and the die sets by Lyman (which are the best condition of all - prob 9/10 appear unused) sell today online for about $75 per set and I have 2 full sets - therefor I'm looking to sell for $100 picked up or will accept ammo in trade that are any of the following: 9mm 45 acp 7.62x51 Or, if someone will show/teach me how to reload some afternoon - I'll GIVE THEM to you in exchange for your time and knowledge. I wish dad could teach me but Alzheimer's is taking its toll on him. again: photos of items here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wb4kbzq4jfpqmg6/AAAF7T94tN7FX4NwOFKiv-6ga?dl=0 please call or text as I only sign on here once a week or so. building websites all day makes staring at screen less desirable. 615-579-1491
  9. will see what I can do soaking them in some clr?? I'm happy to trade it all for 2 boxes of 9mm ammo or - bottle of scotch. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Great to have you! I am just now getting into building AR's as well - bought my first AR from a great member here - it's an AR-10 308 Palmetto - having a bit of a tough time getting it to feed the first round, but excited to see a young Nashvillian! I love East Nashville - would love to buy you a beer one day - I've got lots of friends out there.    I live in an area with TONS of land to shoot - but have yet to make any acquaintances with anyone who shoots (even though I hear shots all around all saturday)
  11. Got a bunch of my dad's old reloading stuff out of his attic - of course the powder/primers prob no good, but snapped a few iphone photos of the stuff that I'm sure could be used/reconditioned for use - I'm just looking to give it a good home - and make more room in my garage - anybody who can help me figure out more info about the equipment - I'd be delighted.   I know there are 2 molds, 4 rounds each - and a lot of lead/brass - see photos here
  12. Wow! So many welcomes! I really do see why (thus far) everyone I've met from the board has been so friendly!! I'd like to personally thank HI-POWER and WILEE COYOTE for being 2 of the best first-impression representatives of the group that I could have possibly met - really makes me feel good to know that such fine gentlemen are actively engaged in the site.  I look forward to being a more regular, and engaged user.   I'll soon be posting my collection photographed as though I'm submitting to magazines - I've only shot 2-3 firearms professionally and it's much harder than many fellow non-gun photographers ever understood - I'm excited to take some time to capture the collection in the studio - and share!
  13. places and people in Lebanon that are outdoors to shoot at. I used to have enough land to shoot anything on in Gallatin but I'm now down to 2 acres and neighbors wouldn't like it much getting peppered with bird shot and hearing "PULL!" All weekend. Grew up shooting clays as a kid, mostly enjoy that and plinking. Have several of dads old competition 1911s (original colts clark modded for him back in 60s or 70s) Lots of shotguns, some target 22 pistols, and a few glocks - most recent new addition is an ar-10 that I've only had opportunity to put about 10 rounds through third year between family issues and being a self employed workaholic. See more about me and what I do here: www.donwrightdesigns.com Other hobbies: cars, boating, computer nerd stuff, photography, cars, motorcycles, porch swings, the game called "cornhole" ha. Still funny especially when you type it. Hope some Lebanon or Lascassas folks on here will let me know I'm not alone out here in northern most Rutherford county just 1/4 mile from Wilson on cainsville.


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