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  1. I just hopped on here to catch up and up and it's disheartening to find this out. I met him at the East TN gathering the bigbabysweets hosted along with Spots and he was a fantastic and very personable gent. This was shortly after he had surgery on his ankle. RIP ol boy.
  2. Meh, it's casual at this point. Nothing serious really...
  3.   I'd love to meet him. I'm actually going tomorrow at 3:40 tomorrow with the gal I'm talking to.     She is not chipped, and our address is on the tag but as well know, those tags can wear out so fast it's ridiculous, pending tag of course. I do too, I'm going to make another round of calls to the same shelters again, see if I have any luck.
  4. Thank you all very much, you don't know how much it means to hear your kind words. I'm tearing up as I type this because I just want to know that she's alright. It's just eating me up... Thanks again all.
  5. If you're just testing the waters, get a WASR or maybe a DDI. If you feel confident get a Arsenal. If you want to jump head first in the 4 foot pool, get a Kreb's or Rifle Dynamics. Jim Fuller is a wizard with AK's.
  6. Well our family has suffered a loss of one of our fur babies. My husky, the one I started the fur friends thread about, has gone missing and been missing since the Thursday before last. We have posted numerous flyers around the area she went missing from, which was my parents in Rock Island. My dad let her out to go potty and chased after something in the woods, which was the last time we saw her. We have made and shared numerous facebook posts, monitored Craigslist(and posted there as well) and on GoLSN as well but to no avail. Called animal shelters in the surrounding area but no one has bro
  7. You should've gotten the name of his drug dealer. Apparently that dude has got some REALLY GOOD stuff... Sent from the future using a flux capacitor.
  8. And said bus spontaneously combusts turning her into Progressive ash.
  9. Exotic Tropical's in Cookeville. Older woman that works there has them. I know for a fact she has a Lemur, or so she says. She gave me advice on getting a larger bird, Macaw specifically. :3
  10. Sounds like a slogan for a really awesome mom and pop seafood restaurant.
  11. To play devil's advocate here, that starts to become a bit difficult if you have an inventory of 1000+ firearms. There will be SOME information that you would be unaware of, minute or not. NOW, that being said, .327 Feddie is a favorite of mine purely because of it's ammo versatility but many folks aren't aware of it's commonality.
  12. Pretty good price on one here... http://tooeleshootingsupply.com/shop/ruger-lcr-327-federal-mag-revolver-6-round-double-action-only-1-87-inch-barrel-ruger-5452/
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