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  1. We are probably going to see a nice drop in processing times in the next few months. I would imagine that most of the huge flood applications that came in just before 41F went into effect have been processed. With the increased staff and a normal amount of applications, the processing time should drop.......hopefully.
  2. I love Demolition Man. I watch it every now and then. Now I want to watch it again tonight. Thanks. Be well.
  3. Payment sent for 2 knives. My usual #39. For the second, #38 if no one already has dibs on that number, otherwise any serial number will do.
  4. Yes, I already have one. I have a camera attachment for the scope, and plan on getting some close-up photos. I also have a dedicated solar telescope to see it in hydrogen-alpha light, but I don't know if I will have that scope mastered in time to do anything decent with it.
  5. I will be out with my telescope......ready to go. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.
  6. I'm in for #39. Might want two; will wait to see pictures.
  7. That's because the background for the HCP is more thorough, and less likely to get a false positive. TICS checks go off your name, DOB, SSN; so someone with a criminal record that has a similar name, DOB, and SSN can trigger a denial. In addition to those identifiers, HCP backgrounds use your fingerprints, which is a much more reliable method of checking for criminal records.
  8. Got mine yesterday. My Santa sent me a set of Howard Leight electronic hearing protection. I have used these before and really loved them. These will definitely get some use! Thanks, Secret Santa!
  9. I wouldn't call auto-forward a "feature" of the design, it is just something that happens with some pistols. On some pistols, when you slam in a new magazine, that force causes the slide stop to disengage and go forward. I have heard of S&W M&Ps doing it, and back in the 1990s, I had a Beretta 96 duty gun do the same thing.
  10. I have debated getting a P-07, but when I heard CZ was doing a striker fired pistol, I wanted to take a look at that. This pistol looks great! I can't wait to get my hands on one.
  11. I understand the wording of the executive order. He has declared a state of emergency, and goes on to list temporary exemptions to current laws that will not be enforced during the state of emergency. TCA 47-18-5103 is already a law on the books, and only requires the declaration of a state of emergency to go into effect. No such exemption to it is mentioned in the executive order. News outlets are reporting that the price gouging laws are in effect: http://fox17.com/news/local/price-gouging-laws-in-effect-as-state-of-emergency-declared-to-ensure-fuel-supply
  12. Does he need to mention pricing? TCA 47-18-5103 is pretty clear about pricing during a state of emergency:
  13. Nope. Prices are not locked, people are just prohibited from charging prices that are "grossly in excess" of the pre-emergency price. They can even get out of that if they can prove excessive price increase is related to actual cost increases.
  14. Got mine today.  The Damascus blade is freaking beautiful!  Awesome knife!
  15. Very sorry for your loss. 
  16.   The only thing I can think of is that C&R FFL (Type 03) is difficult to validate that it is legit.  All other types of FFLs (that a dealer would ship to) can be validated through the ATF FFLeZCheck website.  Name, expiration date, and premises address can all be verified using that website, but not for a C&R FFL    Other than calling the ATF Licensing Center (and jumping through God-only-knows how many hoops), I know of no easy way to validate a C&R.  Some dealers may just wish to not deal with the headache if they cannot easily verify the license.
  17.   Personally, I do not do this.  I detest manual safeties, and have never carried a pistol that has one. In a shoot situation, I would probably be dead before I could get a manual safety pistol into action.  I simply do not have the muscle memory to use a that type of pistol.   I switch carry guns often between my Glock 19, Glock 26, Kahr PM9, LCP, and PPQ.  Depends on my mood.  But all of them have one thing in common......no manual safety.  Just draw and pull the trigger.
  18. Will the Damascus blades have the TGO logo on them?  If so, is it possible the get my Damascus blade without the logo?
  19.   Because he can't.  If he could, he would have done it already.  Even if he did, a court injunction would quickly follow.  A similar thing will happen if he mandates private transactions go through a FFL, or if he defines a length of time you have to own a gun before it becomes your "personal" firearm.  EOs have to have a basis in legislation/regulation, and I know of no federal statutes that would give him that authority.


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