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  1. jonathon1289


    I've got one that I built a few years ago. I built it for deer hunting and still haven't used it in the woods.... Mine has a 16" ARP barrel and shoots great with the couple of factory loads and several reloads I have run through it - 90gr Gold Dots and 110gr BTHP are what I am loading. Lots of people run a SBR as it does very well in short barrels. Check out the 68Forums for all the info you could want.
  2. I have a gallon bucket full of .45ACP large primer brass I would like to trade for rough equivalent of small pistol .45 brass. Current weight is over 8#, which looks like it should be 600+ pieces. Brass is dirty, mixed fire, but sorted to all large primer. I have a few hundred pieces still to sort through in another bucket and expect that this count will increase. If you have sorted small primer .45 you don't want I will gladly trade in the mid-TN area, or discuss both paying shipping if to far away to meet.
  3. Square deal is an auto-indexing progressive. The Square Deal is a very nice machine. I had one for a few years and it works great for pistol reloading.
  4. I've stayed out of this thread until now, but guess it's time to contribute as I have first hand experience with COVID now..... My wife has several family members in Louisiana and Mississippi who went through COVID over the past few months. My parents and sis.-in-law contacted in it July. They all recovered without issue but the experiences varied. 2+ weeks ago my mother-in-law had out-patient surgery so my wife went over to help clean the house and stuff after (on the 15th). The couple of days leading up to that weekend, MIL was feeling ill but her doctor said the symptoms including
  5. Inline Fabrication is all you need to know. I haven't looked at the RCBS offering but the Inline Fab options are amazing. Flush mount, raised, quick change ... I have the raised quick mount and it's nice to swap between presses quickly, as I don't have space to keep both mounted.
  6. I made one for my carbine (at the time I needed it, every place was sold out). Cut a socket in half and welded to a steel pipe. Ugly, but it worked well. Mine was coated in loctite but broke free easily. Go mag dump and then try to break it free.
  7. 4 hours and counting without power in Columbia. Trees and some lines down all over it seems like.
  8. I have a Venom on one of my G34s. It is a great optic, I went with it over the Viper as per the above comments regarding 3moa dot and accessible battery. I previously had a Burris FastFire 3, and I prefer the Venom over it with one small exception: The Burris dot seemed brighter. The Burris was too bright when shooting indoors though while the Venom seems just right. Outdoors in the bright sun it can very occasionally wash out and be difficult to locate.
  9. Yep, that is my plan B. There is a good amount of rifle brass in here that I thought someone may want, but if not I'm loading this up with a few other things and heading to the scrap yard next week.
  10. Mixed brass, mostly range pick up. Not cleaned and not really sorted, other than throwing out obviously damaged pieces. I weighed this three times and was at 45+ pounds each time. The brass includes the following calibers but no promises as to quantity of any: .40s&w, 9mm, .45acp, .380, .223/5.66, 300BO, 38spl, 5.7x28, 6.8spc, .357sig, 30-06, .308 Win, 7.62x39, 7.62x54r, .243, .224 Valk, 6.5 Gren, and 7mm Rem Mag. Possibly some others but I tried to note every caliber where I found multiple pieces. $25 in Columbia.
  11. One more bump, then I will just plan to use this. Trades updated and price dropped to $160 for all 9 pounds.
  12. Fairview Walmart has some 9mm, a good bit of 45 ACP, and boxes of American eagle 300BO for $5. I almost cleaned out all the 9mm but left some for the next guy so good luck!
  13. Multiple managers have said the corporate directive is 22LR, hunting rounds (30-06, .308, etc but soft point only), and shotgun ammo. And if you haven't heard, anything left on shelves as of 12-29 is being donated to local PD. Two managers told me no further price drops are forthcoming, but who knows for sure. Either way, can't pass on sub-10cpr 9mm and sub-16cpr 5.56!
  14. Shelbyville Walmart has a ton of Winchester 5.56 200 round boxes for $30 a box. I got all I needed and they said there's a bunch of cases still in the back. 9mm and 45 are pretty much gone though.
  15. There is a Walmart clearance thread on arfcom with a bunch of SKUs, and it is also posted on Slick Deals if you want to check specific calibers and potential availability. I grabbed 1k of 9mm for 10cpr (after tax!) and 800 rounds of 5.56 for 16cpr. I wish I had grabbed more yesterday but left a few boxes for the next person....but today I'm going for more.
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