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  1. 1940 Mosin Nagant 91/30. Round receiver, arrow in star Tula marking on barrel shank. Has refurbished stampings, some numbers are force matched. This is how I bought it years ago - no sling, bayonet, or cleaning rod included. 485 rounds of ammo, in a .50cal ammo can: All attract a magnet. - 365 steel core bullet, brass cased. Believe to be Albanian manufacture. - 120 bi-metal, 100 are silver tip. 3 packs plus 60 loose. Located in Columbia but can meet around the area. Not looking to ship. Will separate ammo/rifle but rifle must sell first. Asking $400 cash for rifle and ammo. Will consider trades - Glock 9mms, bolt action 30-06, AR15 kit (I have a stripped lower that needs built), maybe other stuff. I can provide other pictures upon request.
  2. Hearing Protection

    I bought the gel cups for my Peltor's a couple of months ago after using the standard foam for years....not cheap but was totally worth it. They seal better and are a lot more comfortable, although they can be very cold depending on weather. They are typically about $50 on Amazon, but have seen them drop to $35-40 a couple of times.
  3. Grip Tape and Hair Dryers

    I bought some tread grip tape (ladders/stairs) and used a new Talon grip that I hadn't installed as a template to cut out a couple of my own (Glocks). The glue isn't as sticky as what comes on the Talons but worked well enough to last the past 6 months or so now. There are a couple of spots that are loose, when I get around to replacing the tape I will use some additional adhesive (available from several sources).
  4. Non NFA 11.5" AR

    I wasn't too interested in purchasing something proprietary from FA anyways, was really just interested in what loophole they found and seeing if it could be used for individual builds. I am not buying an inaccurate non-rifled barrel and/or proprietary ammo, so will be going with an adjustable arm brace for my next build.
  5. Nothing more to be said for Strategic Edge. Great place, the waiting list exists for a reason.
  6. Non NFA 11.5" AR

    Right. Agree with MacGyver, gimmick. They have a ton of press, but on other forums it is negative attention with the detailed release. I like that a loophole was found, but the actual usefulness is lacking especially with the costs involved.
  7. Non NFA 11.5" AR

    Video says 4MOA at 50 yards with standard ammo...........sheesh. Tumbling starts at 50 yards. They are designing a .308 bullet (300 BO) that will improve to 1MOA.
  8. Non NFA 11.5" AR

  9. Non NFA 11.5" AR

    Yesterday's report said the barrel was rifled....yeah, not really. Interesting approach for sure. What I read so far, media day shooters were limited to testing at 50 yard steel. One or more people shot at a further distance and said the POI vs POA drop was massive, which doesn't bode well for success of this product. BUT, projectile shape will play a very important part.
  10. Non NFA 11.5" AR

    https://www.outdoorhub.com/news/2018/01/22/quick-look-franklin-armory-reformation-hands-shot-show-2018/ From the link What we know so far: The “firearm” has a rifled barrel so we can put that rumor to rest. The trigger is the standard binary trigger from Franklin. It shoots once when you pull the trigger, and once when you release it. The “firearm” is 26″ long and comes with a stock and no need for a tax stamp or ATF paper work. It shoot’s really well and feels just like an SBR
  11. Non NFA 11.5" AR

    Per Outdoor Hub from today's media day, it is a rifled barrel and the standard binary trigger..... Franklin Armory is supposed to release full details tomorrow publicly but if today's report is accurate then this has to be an overall length or length of pull matter.
  12. Las Vegas Shooting

    It was pretty detailed, but still leaves a bunch of questions. The emails that were noted regarding stuff to try out seems like some sort of sell or a sting, half of the rifles without sights of any sort, how many of the total rifles were fired, how many rifles in each room fired..... This was preliminary so hopefully more info comes to light. For the conspiracy theorists, the autopsy notes in this report did not have much info at all, including gunshot residue (although we know he wore gloves, should still be GSR on his person with over 1k rounds fired). For as much information as the report contained, it still lacks a lot. No matter what the report said, even with irrefutable evidence, not everyone would be satisfied though.
  13. ad closed Steyr M9-A1 9mm - SOLD

    Bumping back up. Interested in something in .45acp again at this point. I am really considering an AR-45 build if I sell this.
  14. Non NFA 11.5" AR

    Saw elsewhere that it's was confirmed to be the trigger. Hopefully we know for sure on Monday. On the national forum, they dug up some stuff showing that the length of pull has to be over 13.5" to qualify as a rifle. So a buffer tube that is missing the last couple of holes, or is pinned very easily could bypass. I sure as hell hope so, because I want something that can be retro-fitted to existing firearms and don't want some expensive funky trigger. ETA - the length is more about intention to shoulder. Rifle definition includes shoulders fired.... As nice as it would be, I don't really believe the ATF would let it fly although they have shocked people with some other decisions.
  15. Las Vegas Shooting

    Finally some information released, although it honestly isn't very much more than has been pieced together. Still no motive, autopsy says suicide but is vague on other details, on-going investigation because of child porn (which his brother was picked up on the week after the shooting). Preliminary Report: https://www.lvmpd.com/en-us/Documents/1_October_FIT_Report_01-18-2018_Footnoted.pdf

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