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  1. I have 9 pounds of CFE Pistol powder for sale. This is a 1# and 8# jug, sealed and always stored inside. Asking $180 FTF, no shipping. Located in Columbia and can meet around the mid-TN area. Not really looking for any trades, although if you have a pound of Alliant Sport Pistol and/or Ramshot True Blue I would trade those pound for pound.
  2. One bump to the top then guess this sits in the safe.
  3. Five sealed 100 count boxes of Hornady #2620 6.5mm 129gr SP Interlock bullets. Hornady's MSRP is around $33/box, but these seem to be listed on sale at a few places between $23-27/box plus shipping/tax where applicable. I am asking $100 FTF, or $110 shipped for all five boxes. Will consider trades for: .356 bullets (124/125gr preference) or CFE-223 powder (I can add cash for a sealed 8# jug).
  4. New press is all setup and cranking out some 55gr FMJ loads tonight. I already had several hundred pieces of primed brass so this was great to get a feel for the new press. I have a LED light kit on the way already, KMS Ufo light for better visibility. It will be most helpful with handgun rounds as peering into small rifle brass is difficult anyways. Also already want to buy the Inline Fabrication improved output catch bracket, as the catch bracket with the press is fairly flimsy. Fully serviceable, just flimsy.
  5. Still available, make offer. Add an Atlas BT46 bipod to the trade considerations along with the reloading components. My new setup begins arriving tomorrow so I need to reclaim this space.
  6. There are multiple promotions from Vista. I had this link opened already from yesterday, reviewing rebates for reloading components. https://promotions.vistaoutdoor.com/
  7. Motivated to get this out of the way soon before the new equipment arrives so make me an offer and I can meet you this weekend. I will trade for reloading components, including CCI 450 small rifle primers, CCI 500 small pistol primers, Varget, CFE-223, .224 55gr-77gr bullets, or .356 9mm bullets (prefer 124gr but would consider others).
  8. Yes, the Inline Fab roller handle is on my list to purchase soon. I have their roller handle on both the Dillon SDB and Rockchucker now and it is a huge improvement over the standard ball handles.
  9. I bought the TGO edition ProTech Dark Angel out the front and it has sat in my safe. I forgot about it, and "rediscovered" the box sitting in the back of the safe recently. I never intended to carry this knife, but it has sort of nagged at me over the past few days. I missed out on the TGO Tr-4, which is a knife I would actually carry and use at times. Anyone interested in trading? The Dark Angel has the black aluminum handle, DLC black blade, and black lip mother of pearl push button. It is TGO #12. This knife is new in the box with sheath, has never been out of the house..
  10. I am upgrading presses, replacing this Dillon SDB. It has been a great press but a larger progressive is better suited to my needs now. I have owned this press for several years now. It was sent back to Dillon and refurbished a couple of years ago. This press is ready to load and functions great. What is included: Dillon Square Deal B press mounted to an Inline Fabrication quick detach plate. If you don't need the Inline Fab plate I will keep it to use for a different device. Inline Fab roller handle (installed). The original ball is included. 9mm dies with tool head (installed). There is a bit of surface rust on the tool head from where it used to be stored in my garage. .45acp with dies and tool head. Dillon powder measure - two spring style. Only one powder bar is included. Dillon SDB spare parts kit Dillon low primer alarm 3 primer pickup tubes Large output catch bin Original spent primer catch, along with current installed spent primer upgrade that drops through into a bottle. Ben Stoeger Pro Shops locator pin flags/tabs installed on the 9mm pins and a couple of extras. New in package Vibra-Prime primer tube filler. If you think anything is missing or unclear on what may be included please ask. As stated above, this is ready to reload with and has been recently used. I am located in Columbia and willing to meet around the Mid TN area. I am not willing to ship due to the cost and hassle of this bulky item. Used Dillon equipment retains its value well, and based on the extras included compared with other used SB presses listed elsewhere I feel this price is fair but willing to accept offers. $400 OBO. Will consider an Atlas BT46 bipod and various reloading components as trades.
  11. Several years ago I upgraded from a RCBS turret press, and ended up with a Dillon SDB for pistol rounds and stuck with the Rockchucker for rifle. I think it is time to upgrade again and the Hornady LNL AP progressive seems ideal. I have a good process but reloading "bulk" 5.56 on a single stage is time consuming. I won't use a bullet or case feeder, will feed both in by hand but one benefit is the Hornady would all be left hand vs the Dillon right/left sequence. I have dies already for each caliber and most are in the Hornady bushing (used in the Rockchucker) and an extra Hornady powder measure (along with extra inserts for quick changeover). My plan would be to reload 9mm (primary), .45ACP, .223 (primary), 6.8SPC (maybe, don't shoot a lot of it), and possibly some basic .308 rounds (although I intend to leave .308 on the Rockchucker even though I realize a progressive press is capable of match quality ammo). I have read quite a few reviews and other threads on this press, along with the inevitable "just buy a Dillon!" comments, but interested in what some local folks think of the Hornady. I think my reloading process for handgun would remain basically the same: size/deprime in station 1, prime, powder through expander in station 2, powder check in station 3 (new vs the Dillon SDB), seat in station 4, crimp in station 5 (probably a Lee factory crimp die). Rifle would need to be figured out, since it requires more prep work. I think maybe size/deprime on the single stage and run through the tumbler to remove lube and process primer pockets / trim as needed. Then on the progressive place an universal decapper in station 1 to remove any stuck media (but not really needed), prime, powder in station 2, powder check in station 3 as a backup to my manual check, and bullet seating in station 4. I don't (currently) crimp rifle rounds but that could possibly go in station 5 otherwise it would remain empty. Anything you wish you had known before buying? Anything specific I should consider adding to improve the process? Adding on press trimming isn't a consideration either so I think this process is pretty much it.
  12. I filed a few days ago for my wife and I. $250 if/when it arrives buys some more ammo..... One thing I read said that the absolute earliest any settlements would be mailed was January 2020 (01/24/2020 I believe?) due to the discovery process and court proceedings? If true I am fine with waiting to do my small part in making them pay.
  13. Disclaimer - this pistol belongs to a family member, but is in my possession and all communication / transaction will be with me. They bought this, shot it then bought a 43x when it released several months later. This is offered for sale only, no trades. A bill of sale is requested - buyer's name and the SN on a basic form is sufficient. With that out of the way, used Glock 43. Exact round count is unknown, 300-500 guesstimate. Includes the case and two magazines, one of the mags has a Pearce +0 pinky extension installed. Stock sights. There is some very light holster wear, and the mag release has been flipped to the right side (for a left handed shooter). Located in Columbia but can meet around the area. Asking $375.
  14. I had a SSA-E once and it was great. But then I received a MBT2 (not long after first release I think) and it was great. I ended up selling the SSA-E and went with the MBT2 in all my ARs except one (ALG single stage in a carbine). Great trigger especially with the $87 price. When I ordered my last with the Cyber Monday deal I was told by a rep they were over 60k sold already. I don't recall hearing the final before Christmas tally.
  15. They will read them for free. They don't, or at least are not supposed to, clear them for you.

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