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  1. another crap company joins the fray <https://bearingarms.com/tom-k/2018/09/05/levi-strauss-joins-anti-gun-nonsense/>
  2. Liars figure and figures lie screw Dick's
  3. To be honest. They got what they deserved. They thought their ideals were world wide. they did not realise there people(s) that hate everyone
  4. I own a 2015 Freewheeler. bad knees and ankles mean I need 3 wheels
  5. i think I'll pass. I have an 8G tablet, and it is full with just my e-books
  6. any reputable car stereo place can do a roof install. They do similar things with car stereo/video systems. HRO Atlanta pointed me to a car stereo place in Smyrna(?) that installed mine
  7. nice enough changes, and only use a laptop to view. the one thing I am unable to quickly spot? the "Mark Forum/Web site" read button
  8. An option for the chat. This group could start an IRC channel, not as convenient as in forum, but there are firefox addons that allow this
  9. nice update to the interface. seems to load noticeably quicker than before.
  10. got a letter saying welcome to the democratic party. Went to their web site and politely (okay not so polite) that i was not a democrat and needed to be removed from their rolls
  11. No kidding. Somehow they added me as a democrat. Had to go online to rectify this stuff
  12. Ditch windos for a 100% improvement in computer secutiry
  13. After I received your message, started looking around my other forums. Some had similar issues. While I like the convenience of Tapatalk, dropped it like a hot cake. using computer to read this forum and a few others
  14. Been here since 2010 because of the ignorant liberalism Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  15. Sheeple need to think they are safe Autocorrect gone weird Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  16. Cut cable/uverse last year. Roku, Amazon prime Sent from my GT-N8000 using Tapatalk
  17. As Dolomite_supafly said. I'm a 100% disabled veteran. Yet if you saw me on public, 90%of the time it would never show. Yet on those "special" days, well you get the picture. And yes, I've even had a good "Christian" man get in my face in a public restaurant, thinking he was going to embarrass me. He got so close to my face, he never saw me put my hand on my concealed weapon. His son told him to back off, and only then did he understand what was happening Sent from my GT-N8000 using Tapatalk
  18. [quote name="VERO1" post="1189219" timestamp="1410566531"]My son, who is a Senior this year called a little while ago to tell me about his day today. My son is in the JROTC program at his high school. Today they had an assembly to meet and greet two MOH recipients from the Vietnam War. If I understood him correctly via long distance cell call, he met two gentlemen by the name of USMC Vargas and US Army Fritz. Both gave speeches and took the time to meet and greet the Cadets. It was apparently covered by a television station so he is watching the news for a glimpse of himself.[/quote] I was one of the veterans sitting on the field. The speeches were simple, but very intense Sent from my GT-N8000 using Tapatalk
  19. [quote name="robtattoo" post="1178310" timestamp="1407773278"]I don't think for a minute that anyone at all, anywhere, for any reason is tracking my movements, looking through my photos, checking my emails, using my camera or recording my calls. Frankly, even if they do, it's of no consequence to me. I'm not doing anything even remotely illegal at any time (well, maybe a bit of quicker-than-is-legal driving). I never go anywhere I'm not legally allowed to go. I don't photograph anything inflammatory or controversial or discuss any kind of criminal activity. What have I got to worry about? :shrug:[/quote] So? You are willingly giving up your rights? Sent from my GT-N8000 using Tapatalk
  20. I'm getting an outside antenna installed on Monday, and then I'll cut the cord. I have a roku 3,Hulu plus, and Amazon prime Sent from my GT-N8000 using Tapatalk
  21. [quote name="6.8 AR" post="1097199" timestamp="1390064529"]Windows 8 essentially sucks, as far as I'm concerned. I've never liked how proprietary HP laptops are and I'm considering putting a Linux distro on this pile of junk. Am I going to need any patches for an HP 2000 AMD? I remember having to visit HP's site on another laptop for a variety of patches, but that was years ago. Win8 came on this thing and I gues I'll try a dual boot unless someone has some experience and can guide me down the path to salvation before I screw this thing up. :D Any help will be greatly appreciated. My experience with Linux, in the past, has been primarily with Red Hat, but am open to suggestions. I can get through command lining things eventually, but I ain't one of those guys by choice, only necessity.[/quote] Grab Linux mint live dvd. Making sure you're wireless connection is working Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  22. Debian all the way Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk 4

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