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  1. I moved several times after I received my hcp. Just jump online and change your address. That's it.
  2. If you are backpacking I would suggest the hike and byke Zion. It is a 2 person but larger than most I've seen. Easily big enough for 2 people and gear.
  3. Call your insurance company. Water damage can be quite expensive to properly remediate. Mold starts in 36 hours or so. The last water damage I worked was 4 sheets if drywall damaged and cost over 4k to remedy.
  4. I've always used cloud storage for my backups. I figure Google has more redundancy and better equipment than I can afford. Its free/cheap and auto backs up anything I need.
  5. This is a pretty easy DIY project. Heat it up, mold it. Done.
  6. There are laws in TN about this. Here are two and I believe there is another concerning how an animal is trained. 39-14-216. Service animals; offenses; restitution (a)(1) As used in this section, “service animal” means: (A) Any animal that is individually trained, or being trained by an employee or puppy raiser from a recognized training agency or school to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability; and (B) Any police dog, fire dog, search a
  7. Lots of good recommendations. I'll add the Kershaw Leek - kind of hard to beat for price, quality, and slimness. Also I have carried a Benchmade Stimulus for the last 3 years or so and love it. Holds an edge better than nearly every other knife I own.
  8. 1st question is does the plater have a gel? After that is should be straight forward.
  9. Not after they have had 2000 rounds without cleaning, dropped in the mud, rinsed in the creek and baked in the sun.... I'll repeat what others have said. A glock isn't pretty but it is hard to argue with their reliability under the most extreme circumstances.
  10. Dane

    Tool boxes

    You wouldn't have saved much in the long run with a craftsman box. After replacing it 2 or 3 times you would have wished you had just bought the one have now.
  11. Yep - so long as he has done good job. Which after the first time or two of going I've never had a bad cut.
  12. I don't carry cash. And I've started paying everything using my phone now. Samsung pay is usable anywhere a cc is.
  13. I second Google drive. I have used it for years and it is convenient and reliable.
  14. Can you go from the underside and shim the subfloor? Or drill the subfloor and put some leveler in from the bottom.
  15. Bad Boy has one available or you can get a 12" 3/8 (or half can't remember) hydraulic hose that will do the job.


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