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  1. Thanks. I’m very fortunate to have a good friend with some property that I can run drills and such. Other than that it’s Owl Hollow and/or Franklin Range.
  2. Sure. I’m in Spring Hill.
  3. Thanks brother! I really appreciate your comments! Be happy to let you run a few through it sometime!
  4. Thanks! Grip/control is excellent! I used a dremel to cut the borders and shape the trigger guard. I also did the “glove” cut. (Ramp entering the trigger.) Then, LOTS of sanding and polishing. After that I used a wood burner for the pattern.
  5. Thank you sir. I appreciate you taking the time to comment.
  6. Hey guys, Don't really post much on here but do visit just about every day. Wanted to share some of the work I've done to a Gen3 26. Not sure how everyone feels about the stippling but I'm real happy with it. Pretty new to this polymer "enhancement" stuff so feedback is welcome. (only my 3rd attempt) Planning to add some durakote "dark bronze" here pretty soon but here are a few pics in the meantime.
  7. We'll do pretty much anything but glass. Cleaning up is just part of the exercise. And I didn't mention that we mostly practice pistol.
  8. Not sure if this is the right place to put this thread but was just curious what everybody uses for targets. Whenever I shoot I'm with at least one of my kids and I try and make it interesting and challenging. Our latest idea involves soda cans. We tie some string between to tree limbs and then use the tabs on the cans to hold them in place. Like so..... We'll also do some excercises where we'll call out a brand to hit and the shooter has to identify the right can and aim quickly. With teenagers in the house, soda cans are plentiful and the hits are easily seen. Although it's difficult to adjust your aim since misses aren't visible. Anyway, we enjoy it and I was wondering if anyone else had creative target ideas as well. Steve
  9. My son showed this to me last night. Don't think I'd want to shoot it. Especially with all that powder in the handle! It's a Lorenzoni 7-shot Flintlock. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_hnC6x036Q
  10.   Thanks man.  That pic is about 3 yrs old.  She's got about 195k miles on her now. But I'm still enjoying it!!
  11. I've got an old tired '95 XJ. Love it! But it's pretty worn out. I hope to have enough coin to pick up a '99/2k soon. (one that's actually worth washing!) I'll check out the new site!
  12. Yard Dawg

    Other hobby

    Ok, I'll jump in here with one of my (hobby) or passion... Building scale models. I look at them as 3d paintings and a way to "engineer" interesting displays as well as pay tribute to the veterans that have gone before. P51D of the 55th FG A4C Skyhawk M4 Sherman The tank was featured in a Scale Modeling magazine several years ago. I'll compete in some local competitions every now and I have a couple displayed in various museums... But mostly, I just have a mini-museum at the house! Steve
  13. Unfortunately, the next victim of this will be the person that finds themselves being assaulted by a different young, angry,  black racist and they hesitate because of the hell they saw Zimmerman go through.

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