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  1. 16" lightweight, CHF barrel:   BCM   http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/BCM-BFH-16-Mid-Length-LW-Barrel-Stripped-p/bcm-brl-s-mid-16lw%20bfh.htm   Centurion:   http://www.centurionarms.com/product-p/hfb-lw-16.htm
  2. Spurholder

    Glock 34

      I haven't owned a subcompact Glock in a long time...but I love this for my G19:   http://raven-concealment-systems1.mybigcommerce.com/phantom-modular-holster-for-glock-pistols/
  3. Raven Concealment Systems OWB Single Mag Pouch.   It's perfect.   For AR mags, Eagle Industries FB's.
  4. Looks like Colt's going to follow BCM's model for rifle sales.  Stripped rifles - you add your components.   Heck, I wish this was an option back when I bought mine.    For a street price of around $725-ish...it'll sell.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TdW1jCu7eU&index=5&list=PL6OWYt4WujZ3zoInUGhRkQ0EYsLtTkVJr      
  5. Yep - total agreement here.   I'm roughly two years into my second battery - owned my T-1 since '08.  I keep it on "7." 
  6. Doubt it.    Magazine pouches, though - absolutely.
  7.   Just one - see if you can find a used Gen3 G17, serial numbers in the H-M range, get a decent set of sights and a few extra mags for it, and enjoy.
  8.   Modding a Glock's kind of like getting a tattoo.  Once you get the first one...
  9. For all of you with G19's, a worthwhile option - for less than $20 - is the addition of the G17 trigger bar, which gives you the smooth trigger of the G17. Much improved over the cheese-grater that comes stock on the smaller guns (if it bothers you, that is): Available from Midway USA, Brownells and other suppliers...OEM and cheap: http://www.midwayusa.com/product/535394/glock-trigger-with-trigger-bar-glock-17-22-31-34-35-smooth-trigger http://www.brownells.com/handgun-parts/trigger-group-parts/trigger-parts/triggers/trigger-w-trigger-bar-prod23040.aspx
  10. Larue makes the best QD's in the industry - my Micro T-1 sits on my 6920's rail securely.   Buy with confidence.    Enjoy the dillo dust.  Good on burgers, steaks and occasionally chicken.
  11. A HUGE +1 for Raven Concealment Systems.   They're the gold standard in kydex, not to mention they're the originator of this design of holster that...well, I'll just say that a lot of folks out there aren't very original and leave it at that.   Many of these companies popped up in 2010-2011 when wait time for RCS Phantoms was approaching six months from time of order.  Cut to today, and RCS can deliver most holsters immediately, while the, ah...duplicators, still need a 3-4 week turnaround...    Been using their holsters since '08 - and I'm still very pleased.  I won't use any other brand of OWB rig...and my soon-to-be-purchased VP9 is going in one.
  12. Like sybo stated, Wilderness Tactical is tough to beat.  Made to order premium gun belts at a good price.  I've been using the Frequent Flyer model for 7 years or so now.  Great holster, especially the polymer-lined model.   http://www.thewilderness.com/tactical-belts/frequent-flyer-belt/   Also, Ares Gear makes one of the best belts on the market - pricey, but great quality and secure enough to allow you to cvarry that S&W .500 in a pancake rig, strong side :up:   http://www.aresgear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=6
  13. Lots of decent ideas here - so I'll throw out one more:   Drop trou, then as soon as you're sitting down, re-buckle your belt and use your knees to offset the difference in dimensions.   It works if you're carrying OWB just fine.  I've done it with AIWB, too - it's more of a challenge, but still better than placing your gun on a dispenser.
  14.   Reading the guy's story, I don't his shot was anything other than pure skill with his sidearm.
  15. I've owned both a USP Compact and USP Tactical (both in .45ACP).   Felt recoil was/is a non-issue.  Both guns shot point of aim, and ran like sewing machines.   The USP45C was a great CCW gun.  The USP45T? Meh, not so much.   Having said all that, I'd CCW a USP45 - carry it AIWB at 1 o'clock.

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