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  1. Window tint stops are highly dependent on the vehicle the tint is riding on...most of the time. Someone posted about out of state registration and tint; unless you are residing in TN long term (i.e. - college, work, etc.) your vehicle does not have to comply with 55-9-107. Stopping an out of state tag for window tint alone is not a legal stop - that came straight from the District Attorney when me and some co-workers posed the question a couple years ago. And a TN officer has no authority to enforce any other state's laws regarding window tint (unless there's long term residence, as I said b
  2. Yeah I've watched it twice and still ain't seen a gun...
  3. Given the controversial treatment of Native Americans during the formation of our country, it's unbelievable that these great men sacrificed (some ultimately) so much to provide such valuable wartime efforts. God rest another great soul.
  4. Well I thought something was going on here. I knew shipping didn't used to be that expensive. I guess all the "Fast 'N Free" on EBay has me spoiled!
  5. CCPT

    Glock 42

    Man that revolver is hideous.
  6. Welcome. TCA 39-17-1351 covers Military Training exceptions for the 8 hour training course. This should shed some light on it, although someone on here may chime in with an answer.
  7. Lol, true. With the tip painted orange, no less...
  8. It's the same for police officers as everything else: 10% give the other 90% a bad name. As far as I am concerned (echoed by many of my co-workers) the more armed citizens, the better. The only people I want to disarm are criminals. It is true that a lot of officers are not "gun people" per se. Many have their service weapons and that's it; and they shoot em twice a year to qualify. While unacceptable IMO, it's a fact. I'm glad the OP had a good experience and do my best to leave people feeling the same as he did. Be warned: if I stop you and you produce a HCP, I'm likely going to ask you what
  9. Did I miss something? I wanted to order another mag for the PF-9, so I first went to the Kel Tec website. Mag: $22, shipping: $12 and change...what? Then I went to CTD. Mag: $19.99, shipping: $12 and change. That's crazy! 50% of the purchase price? Ordered one off EBay with free shipping and saved a few buck, but man...
  10. CCPT

    Glock 42

    I'm going with the .380. They already have one that's not marketed in the US (for civilian purchase anyway).
  11. I just ordered a bunch of 511s for the guys in my family for Christmas...
  12. Well they propose using it to help military personnel, so we know how the Senate vote will go. Kudos to him for the suggestion though. At least someone still thinks of our military members. It will end up as fuel money for another POTUS vacay.
  13. Find a used G22, then buy a G31 barrel as well. That way you can add .40 AND .357 SIG to the arsenal without buying two guns.
  14. Certainly not. Maybe he should scoop up a few hills and take them to their yards for transplant. I still think it's very cool.
  15. I saw online where that guy had to disable comments on YouTube because of all the "what if someone did that to your house" whiners...pathetic.
  16. CCPT

    My computer

    My Dell (horrible BTW) is about 7 or 8 years old and is a dinosaur. We use our phones and IPad while the desktop gathers dust.
  17. Let's keep this to ourselves or they'll be after our assisted/flipper knives, too...lol
  18. Yeah an ASP is a weapons law violation as used in this incident. What an idiot. Or should I say "lucky" idiot...
  19. I have seen where a few states have repealed bans on automatic knives in the past few years, so maybe TN will get on board. It's so ridiculous that I can deploy my assisted openers way faster than my auto I carry at work...yet autos are banned. Hope this one does some good!
  20. Hang in there. Hopefully they get it to you before the Christmas break!
  21. Yeah I was surprised, honestly, that mine took so long. I figured turning in a copy of my commission with completed print cards would make it a bit quicker. But then again, who knows how long it took the DMV to get it to Nashville? 10 days definitely seems like record time.
  22. We can, but it has to be with a department approved and qualified weapon in order to be authorized under our commission. With my HCP, I can carry whatever I want. That was one of my main reasons for getting one...


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