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  1. my wife use to ask me all of the time why do you want me to carry a gun, i always told her because a cop is too heavy. it did take me a while but got her to understand why and she now carries and makes me look bad when we go target shooting, oh and she also understands what i mean when i say because a cop is too heavy, now she uses that saying when someone asks her why she is carrying a gun.
  2. just get one of them they are all great, anything that goes bang is awesome. no i got it just get all three you wont have to decide.
  3. open up a new account on lsn and put free pot bellied pigs on an add in his name and number and to call any time day or night. worked pretty good on my practical joking friend he got calls at midnight...
  4. got up at 3:00 this morning worked eight straight hours no breaks or lunch so i could get home to my daughter and spend the day with her, we just chilled out and played on the swingset, played with her baby dolls, and ate all the food we could eat. i had a good day in my oppinion anyway.
  5. it is nice to have a discussion with anyone who believes as strongly as all of the people on here. like i said we all have religion regardless of wether we admit it or not. good talking to yall.
  6. i think it is also unsettling when someone belives in god and states the fact that they do that it is in many peoples mind that they are condemming other religions, sometimes i think that people take things to extremes and get all of the thoughts misconstrued in their own minds. my life is fine and my belief in god is strong, if a person finds an idol to believe in they should believe strongly in it and let their idol lead them down the road they want to go down. we all have religion admitted or not its their.
  7. well maybe you should and get it all out in the open, if you want to you can pm me, call me , or whatever you want to do and tell me all your thoughts and issues i will listen and not judge you at all.
  8. like i said just my oppinion and belief if you dont like it then just ignore it i completely understand. i do have a right to it, and a right to voice it.
  9. i am not speaking of my god or your god there is only one god his son was jesus christ he gave his life for you and i think we live in a nation that has forgotten that.. not trying to start a big conflict and i am also not trying to push any religion on anyone at all. My beliefe is in one god and he is the only god he made this world and guided us in building this nation we should all be proud of that, i also believe that we as a people have made a mess of it, but it is still ours, we just have to fix it and make it something to be proud of again. so instead of downing all of our brother
  10. your right i wonder why it did that?
  11. is a mosque in any place in the united states is a good idea????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? i think not................................................
  12. i need to find a set of grips for my smith 686 it has the factory rubber grips on it and i dont really care for them, i want wood grips at a good price and cant find any for it, would also like for them to be something different in color like the black and gray color that you can find on the net for $135, but not paying that. are there any grip makers locally or at least in tn, i wouldnt care to pay a higher price to get exactly what i want, just dont really want to pay that high price and have to settle for what a store has in stock.
  13. livingston tn at gunnys gun shop its about thirty minutes away , the instructors are great guys and they have a very safety oriented, and very thorough class. highly reccomended.


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