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  1. Got my first Walker and had a great time shooting it. I have Slix Shot cones on it and the first cap jam locked up the cylinder bolt. I had to take it apart...good thing I am a quick learner. Several times after that I had caps stick behind the cylinder edge. I switched back to the factory cones and actually had better luck . But toward the end, I shot a bunch, I started having misfires. I finally finished the last cylinder and when I went to clean it, there were at least two or more caps stuck on the frame in the hammer channel....which is why on that last cylinder I had to hit some caps two or three times to get them to fire...I thought it was just getting dirty. I have not seen this on my 1860, 1858 or 1851 style guns, nor have I read of it either. I am just hoping some Walker addict has seen this before.
  2. I looked high and low the other day for a digital copy of the bushing chart that comes with the Lee Load All 2 machine. I finally called Lee and spoke with a nice young lady, only to find that it is not available on line, She is supposed to request that they put a digital copy up but in the meantime, I scanned the front and back of my copy to make a PDF of it. I am attempting to attach it here though I am not sure it will work since no one else has put it on line. So if anyone wants a copy in pdf form you can download this one. Lee Load-all Bushing Capacity Chart.pdf Lee Load-All Charge Tables.pdf
  3. Looking to pick up one of those Walmart Turkish semi autos they were selling around $200. Hopefully someone has one with the chokes or if you see one on the Walmart racks let me know. I have not seen one in a while. I have cash, HCP, TN DL , email or message me, bbse62 at gmail dot com
  4. I bought this a while back and put a couple mags through it. Just doesn't fit my hand right. Pistol is has the tungsten Cerakote with the sight cut, all accessorizes including holster, LNIB with the 12 round, 15 round and (2) factory 17 round mags. Text me for pics but it is standard. Asking $500, located in Nashville. I travel so I am in and out. Text 615-335-5759. TN HCP preferred. Things I would consider, 1911's, SW Revolvers, Ruger Revolvers, SW 9rd Gens, Glocks, CZ pistols or 22 rifles
  5. Wound up getting the CVA Hunter i 45-70. It shoots well. Ran through a bunch of mid range Loads plinking. Lot of fun and not much kick compared yo a Ruger Number One. Very pleased. May buy morr of these if they expand the caliber choices.
  6. Yep, I have plinked with 375 HH, 458WM and 300 Weatherby. I don’t even hunt. I just love to shoot.
  7. Oh no, seen that done, I love the 45-70, especially since I discovered 5744 powder
  8. Yeah, I'm with ya on the mild loads. I have had several Ruger #1's and Marlins in 45-70. The Rugers were too light weight and were painful even with light loads. I had a 28" Marlin Cowboy and sold it in a moment of weakness. I have also had the Guide gun and standard over the years. I want to get another lever, probably a 1886 Winchester knock off, but in the mean time I saw how cheap the CVA's were. I should settle on the Hunter but the extra weight of the Scout plus being SS, really looks like it might be more shootable. I plan to use a scope so sights are not an issue. I considered the Henry, but the weight of the CVA plus lower cost has it ahead in my mind...just want to plink anyways.
  9. Really been thinking about one of these in 45-70 ever since they came out. Looks like a 8 pound rifle with a 25” bbl. anybody tried one? I’ve got lots of 45-70 brass, bullet molds, bullets etc. need a gun to go with it but don’t want to break the bank.
  10. Just wanted to say hi...I have taken a pretty long hiatus. Joined back in 2008 and used to get in the site a lot. Just got busy and drifted away. I really need to get back in the swing of things. i love to shoot, do not hunt anymore. Been reloading for 38 years and casting nearly as long, though have not done much in the few years. Really looking to get into powder coating, I could ramble on and on. Glockster157 Nashville/Ashland City/Joelton


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