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  1. chances R, did you find anything on this? The way I see it, the property is merely public property owned by the city, whether one can call it a "park" or not. It's not one of the types of places off-limits under state law. Just because the city contracts with a private company to manage it doesn't make it "private property". Has anyone gotten a copy of the contract? I'm surprised they haven't been sued yet. Are any gun-rights groups there doing anything about these violations of state law? Has anyone with a permit ever been excluded or ejected from the Zoo while carrying openly? I know most people conceal, and that's fine, but open carry is the only way you'll know for sure whether they are following state law.
  2. Brenna Spencer had her photo taken outside the museum, and someone commented it was a "gun-free" zone. I've tried to look up who owns the place. If it's publicly owned by the city, they can't legally ban guns there. So, anyone able to find out if the city owns it? And if it is city owned, anyone challenge them on their gun ban? http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/04/10/tennessee-college-senior-defends-posing-for-graduation-picture-with-gun-in-her-waistband.html
  3. Well, I carried there openly. Read here to see what happened: http://pursuitofpatriotism.blogspot.com/2016/06/memphis-zoo-right-to-carry-violated.html
  4. Anyone lately carry openly at places made legal by the new parks law? Specifically, those publicly owned places that still believe they can ban guns? It may be getting to be about time to start showing them they cannot defy state law. Finally, is the Memphis Zoo posted?
  5. Any updates on this? Are they still posting signs and denying entrance to armed citizens?
  6. I just now emailed this to three key Tennessee General Assembly lawmakers:     Dear Tennessee Lawmakers and Sponsors of "Guns in Parks" bill.   First of all, thank you so very much for honoring our Second Amendment Rights and introducing this bill and helping to get it passed!   Now, there is the related issue of cities such as Nashville and Knoxville continuing to thumb their noses at state law. They continue to prohibit licensed citizens from entering certain public properties such as parks and the buildings that are part of them, while lawfully armed.   Would you please introduce a bill that gives real teeth to state preemption so that officials will be subject to civil fines for violating the preemption law?   Or a bill that adds additional language to the weapons code that specifically states that citizens have immunity from prosecution with regard to any city law, rule, ordinance, or resolution that bans weapons at any public place which is not off-limits under state law, and that they may not be denied entrance or ejected from said property merely for being lawfully armed under state law.   Tennesseans should not have to wait for years while this drags through the courts. It can be easily fixed this year.   Please let 2016 be a historic year for liberty as you quell the arrogance of local officials who continue to infringe on the rights of free citizens to defend themselves from criminals where they are legal to do so under state law.   Please defend the honor of the great state of Tennessee from lawless tyrants in local government.   Thank you and God bless you!   Warm regards,   Phil   Phillip Evans Member NRA Member Georgia Carry Member BamaCarry Member Florida Carry Member Grass Roots NC http://PursuitOfPatriotism.Blogspot.com
  7. http://www.ascendamphitheater.com/policies   Ascend Amphitheater is located inside Riverfront Park, a public park. By what authority do they believe they can ban firearms and knives that are under state preemption?   These arrogant city officials that thumb their noses at state law sicken me.   Is there any movement toward strengthening state preemption to include civil fines for officials who violate state law?   How do you believe the lawmakers are going to address the issue this year?
  8. So what are the burning issues you want addressed by the General Assembly in Tennessee?   For example, are you pushing for public school carry - K12 through college? If not, why not?
  9. Thanks monkeylizard for the detailed info. And Dawgdoc's advice seems very sound to me.
  10. Most will ignore the sign because they won't know what the word means. Sorry, but it's the truth.
  11. I mean no harm and no offense to those of you who fight hard for your rights in Tennessee. I applaud you for what you have done and give you two thumbs up. I am truly proud of you my Southern brethren!   I would never ever do anything that I believe would be harmful to the cause, as I would be affected as well. I love Tennessee and visit as much as I can. I also thoroughly enjoy exercising my 2nd Amendment Rights.   For years I carried my pistol concealed only. Even though it was comfortable in one sense, being the somewhat shy person I am, in another sense it did not feel quite right. Why should I be sneaky and have to hide my rights, was my personal feeling on this. For those who desire to only conceal, more power to you, I'm glad you carry in the manner of your choice. There are pluses and minuses for both ways of carry, I suppose, so carry on as you wish.   Now that I open carry in public, it feels like true freedom to me, and I enjoy the knowledge that it deters crime, in my opinion. So if I attend a public zoo or any other public place that is ok under state law to carry at, it will be as an open carrier of a holstered pistol. No rifles and no orange paint, LOL. Though I suppose rifle carry is appropriate in some places, but I will not attempt to judge those situations.   Public places violating state preemption is a sore spot for me, as I have dealt with it much here in my own state. Should one of you desire to open carry at a public building here that is not off limits, I wouldn't want you to be hassled, ejected, or denied entrance. You would have as much skin in the game as I do, since all states should honor our rights and we should have the enjoyment of traveling back and forth from each other's states.   I was able to convince Zoo Atlanta via email that their weapons policy post Georgia's HB 60 was not compliant with state law. They finally emailed me that they changed their policy, and I have openly carried there a few times now. I was only questioned by their security the week before Halloween and gladly showed my weapons license even though I did not have to, and was friendly and polite with them. I then carried on and enjoyed the rest of my visit there.   I openly carried at the Chattanooga Zoo Halloween evening with no issues.   "Poking the bear" is sometimes needed when local government officials refuse to follow state law. These public officials are often entrenched in their positions and if a little email pressure is too much for them to bear, well just follow state law then! To me, it's that simple.   So far none of my work in Georgia (actually, the bulk of the work is done by the good folks with Georgia Carry of which I am a member) has caused us to lose any of our gained ground. But gained ground that is not recognized is hardly victory being enjoyed. We fight to get laws passed, and we fight to get them obeyed. State preemption is something I take seriously, and because of the fight we have gotten illegal signs removed and local ordinances repealed.   Should I have the pleasure of visiting the Memphis Zoo, should I change my customary manner of carry just because I might offend officials who no longer have the authority to regulate the carrying of firearms? The people in general certainly don't mind me open carrying. Not a soul in Chattanooga minded that I know of, and Chattanooga was one of those cities that had their firearms ban grandfathered in, and it was in effect for years.   Surely, the Tennessee Legislature knew that open carry would be practiced by some carriers when the "Guns in Parks" bill was being debated, but it passed, so it must be ok with them. Are they then going to repeal it just because a Georgia boy sends an email to the Memphis Zoo and maybe open carries there soon? Are things that precarious there? Goodness gravy, I hope not!
  12. Here's some recent email correspondence I had with them:     Oct. 28th From: Memphis Zoo <MZoo@memphiszoo.org> Thank you for your email.  We will take it into consideration. ________________________________________ From: P. Evans Sent: Tuesday, October 27, 2015 11:22 PM To: Memphis Zoo Subject: Weapons Policy - Memphis Zoo Dear Memphis Zoo Officials, As you may know, Tennessee state law regarding firearms carry has recently changed. Local governments and officials may no longer prohibit the carrying of firearms by licensed persons in and on public property used for recreation, including buildings on such property. You current weapons policy is therefore without the force of law. Should someone's rights under state law be violated while carrying a firearm on public property, they would have the right to sue all parties involved and recover damages and attorney fees. In light of this, you may wish to revise your weapons policy to come into conformity with state law. Best regards, Phillip Evans
  13. Of course, they now have to follow state law, but they have not yet modified their website.   From http://www.memphiszo...g/planyourvisit :   ZOO RULES Persons ages 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult age 21 or older. The Zoo does not allow balloons, glass containers, alcohol, weapons, bicycles, rollerblades, skates or the popular roller shoes, Heelys, on its property. Coolers and children's wagons are welcome. Appropriate dress for a family-friendly institution is required. Attire not permitted includes, but is not limited to, visible underwear and clothing that promotes or displays profanity, violence, drugs or alcohol or criminal activity. Profane language, fighting, or any acts of violence are strictly prohibited. To protect the health and safety of our animals and visitors, the Memphis Zoo is a smoke-free facility. Pets are not allowed inside the Zoo. Please make arrangements to board your animal before visiting. NOTE: Special accommodations will be made for certified service animals. Please call 901.333.6500 or e-mail zooinfo@memphiszoo.org for more information.  
  14. Did a quick road trip from Georgia, and for Halloween we took the kids to the Chattanooga Zoo. They had their Boo Zoo event from 5:30-8:30pm. It was our first time at the zoo. Got a little sprinkled on with light rain from time to time, but had a good time. The kids loved the large inflatable slide, and both did the pony ride once. Crowd was down because of the weather, so we ensconced with about $100 worth of candy. They almost begged us to take it, as they had too much and not enough takers. I was openly carrying my Glock 23. They had a no-guns policy prior to the new law, but now they are following state law. Had no issues, all was cool. You Tennesseans are a pretty good bunch of folks.

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