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  1. Thanks Dave, sorry for the slow reply. This has been a horrible summer for the Mrs. and I. I am going to try and get to Haynes Bottom to look around, hopefully in the next 2 or 3 weeks if the wife is back on her feet.
  2. Thanks fellas. I don't have dogs, and I don't mind walking for an hour or two.
  3. I have been looking for a good spot to hunt the wascally wabbit. I have been to Cheatham WMA a few times, but no real action. Any suggestions? I have been thinking of trying LBL or Cross Creeks.
  4. Fantastic post Whiskey!! FYI: Lyme disease is no joke. I put a passanger on one of my flights, 28yr old woman with a hubby and 5 yr old son. She was unable to walk, get herself to the bathroom etc due to lyme disease. Please take this seriously if you are outdoors as much as most of us are.
  5. Ok, so a delayed end to this story. I was called on July 25, to tell me my gun was finally in. I called Sat am, July 26th, and was told they do not have it?!? After a couple of phone calls, it was determined that, in fact, it was in and I could come pick it up. Very sad to say my dealings with that retailer have come to an end.   The rifle shoots great, and still likes Federal ammo. I still have some work to do with it, as I am not the most proficient rifleman around. I can tell you, at 100 yards, I can keep groups at 1 inch and less. But again, I have some work to do on my mechanics to become a more consistant shooter.
  6. I bought a Marlin XT-22m last Dec.. I love it! First time to the range, a buddy had his brand new Savage out also. (He bought the Savage when he heard I bought the Marlin)...There were 4 of us shooting, the other 3 are very experienced with firearms. All I heard while they shot the Savage was a lot of cussing. There was a problem with the mags, when the bolt was opened to load the chamber, all rounds came flying out and onto the table.   The Marlin shot flawless.   Best part, the gun was $129 at Walmart in Whitehouse. I tried to buy it from a family run gun shop, but they were not interested in helping me with the purchase. A second gunshop, up in Springfield, actually suggested the Marlin over the Savage in 22mag. He said if I wanted a 17HMR, he would def go Savage though. They could order the Marlin at $169. Either way, your out the door under $200.
  7. Yeahhhh, I wish I could blame the anti-Dbaggers. This time, it is not them. This guy is very disappointed and let down at this point, but this is one of those things I guess?
  8. Yep, guess who STILL does not have a rifle? Yep.....This guy! AWESOME!
  9. Looks like Ruger is replacing my rifle, new .270 comming my way! Thanks to Metalhead and G&L for all your help man!
  10.     Me either, but that is a conversation for another time.
  11. Angus

    .22 1911

    Your fine RC3....Glock guys get their feelings hurt easier because it drains ones emmotions to spend that kind of jack on a plastic weapon.... :rofl: :rofl: jk kids....hahaha?
  12. I used the email method with Remington a few years ago, but apparently UPS will not allow this anymore?
  13. No sir. UPS now issues the tracking number when they come to pick up the weapon. Since I let G&L ship it back for me, they would have the tracking number. I have talked to those folks, but they are unable to give me a tracking number for some reason?
  14. Yeah, I aggree 10-ring. I think Ruger is a great company, and I have absolutely no beef with them!
  15. Angus

    Ruger American 308

    I have a 270 in for repair on a sticky bolt problem. All I have read about the 308 is great. If they need to replace my rifle, I may go to the 308.   John


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