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  1. I made the mistake of riding a couple days ago. It was warm when I rode to work, but dropped to 22F on the way home around 5am! I made it from Briley Parkway on the west side of Nashville to Mt Juliet. I had to hop off for fuel and to warm my hands as they were going numb and tingling. lol While I fueled up, I kept my hands in the gloves and kept them on the motor. Once I got the feeling back, I headed on the Lebanon. Next time, I'll make sure to check that weather app really well!
  2. Nice bike! My next will probably be a sport touring since I was originally a dirt rider and they're plenty capable of off roading. These are on my list to research... https://www.harley-davidson.com/us/en/motorcycles/adventure-touring.html https://www.bmwmotorcycles.com/en/models/adventure/r1250gsadventure.html https://powersports.honda.com/street/adventure/africa-twin
  3. So I'll be down for some group rides when the weather get's nicer. Bought a 2022 Harley Davidson Fatboy in 2 tone Midnight Crimson and Vivid Black last month. Vance & Hines Eliminator 300 exhaust will be here tomorrow! Maybe it'll sound like a Harley then instead a Honda. LOL I already had the CBR1000RR you see in the back. Mods on that are full titanium Akrapovic header and GP muffler, de-restricted tune by KCS, ram air restrictions removed and Yoshimura fender eliminator. Eventually I'll do the S&S cam Chest kit and might do a full exhaust so the Harley will sound more like this:
  4. I know little about it, and I have no time to do one myself. We’re so short at my work, I’ve been working 13 out of every 14 days 12 hours a day. I did hear you want to get a rain sensor, and the system that can be winterized. Not sure if that’s just a push button deal on a higher end programmable setup or what.
  5. Me, too. Neighbor told me his ram like $7k and he has a small yard, so be ready to spend some money! I’m probably going to do mine next year since we’re close to the end of summer now.
  6. JohnC

    Komrad 12ga

    That’s the plan; to have some fun with it! Might need a better trigger to do it, but I’ll test it out before I change the trigger.
  7. JohnC

    Komrad 12ga

    I don't really need a breach. But if the brake reduces muzzle rise and recoil, it'll be worth it.
  8. JohnC

    Komrad 12ga

    Sexy when you see a picture of it and just as sexy when you hold it and see it in person! Can't wait to take it out and shoot it!
  9. JohnC

    Komrad 12ga

    Got my mags and breach brake yesterday.
  10. Seen one in person and it was so ugly and cheap looking I didn't bother tying to see what model it was. But I wasn't impressed. Actually I was disappointed. Kind of the same feeling I had when Ford came out with the Mustang Mach E. That aside, I'd rather have a real 4x4, so a Tacoma TRD or Tundra TRD. Only other 4x4 I'd rock is the Raptor.
  11. You assume way too much... smh I never had to go triple digits. He got stuck behind traffic. I'm well aware of the law... It's not illegal for me to get a license number and report road rage, carless / reckless driving. The picture is a crop and I assure you I wasn't tailgating,. My vision and camera is good enough to maintain safe distance to get his license plate info. Obviously, he was doing more than just speeding because I don't waste my time trying to report speeders. Like weaving in and out of traffic dangerously at a high rate of speed, then get's in my lane and slams on the brakes and illegally uses his white LED's. Fwiw... I have seen the guy driving dangerously before down I40, but since this incident, he must be taking a different route as I've not seen him in a couple weeks. So any Lebanon, Mt Juliet or Metro LEO's on here, bolo. I think this guy in the crown vic is one of these types... https://www.newschannel5.com/news/police-man-posing-as-cop-pulled-gun-during-nashville-road-rage-incident
  12. Right here… this clown.
  13. Oh, and bolo for the wannabe cop that rides from Lebanon toward Nashville on I40 that has an old unmarked black Ford Crown Victoria police interceptor with a commercial license plate that was going over well 100mph cutting in and out of cars . He had a Nissan Titan trying to follow -- probably trying to turn him in as well. Once I got close to get a license plate, he kept slamming his brakes on and flashed white LED's. First time he slammed the brakes on, I was on the bridge at the damn on I40 and I about ate his ass end. I was in an old Tacoma and that POS doesn't stop or do anything well. Friggin' idiot. When I think he noticed I had GoPro cameras and was in my uniform, he floored it just past Stewarts Ferry exit ad disappeared. I did call it in and gave them his license number (TN# CP74949) [H1-9000 down where county should be]).
  14. I use GoPro in the front and back after an incident about 3 years ago.... Guy in a red Dodge Neon with temp tag tried to run me off the road multiple times for no reason at all in Old Hickory. Then when he pulled over by the baseball field in that church parking lot, I was trying to get a picture of his license plate, he pulled a knife. When he jumped out of his car and pulled the knife, I was rolling down the window. He seen my uniform, jumped in his car and took off. If I had a camera, I'm sure he'd got caught. I called Metro Police and they were no help. They told me stop following his car and then they just took a report once they finally showed up. They never caught him to my knowledge because I never got a phone call.
  15. JohnC

    Komrad 12ga

    I ordered four Kalashnikov 10rd mags and a Kalashnikov brake for it last night. Should be a nice firearm for home defense once I test some ammo and make sure the gas setting is correct. Komrad: https://kalashnikov-usa.com/firearms/komrad/ Brake: https://kalashnikov-usa.com/product/kusa-12ga-tactical-muzzle-brake/ Mags: https://kalashnikov-usa.com/product/12ga-10-rd-magazine/ When it comes back in stock, I'll get this: https://kalashnikov-usa.com/product/usa-12ga-auto-gas-regulator-plug/


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