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  1. JohnC

    Ruger 57

    I've had a 5.7 for a while and done my due diligence on ammo for it. What I now is blue tip Fiocchi and Federal ball ammo are light loads and those rounds won't penetrate much soft armor. To me, they're just plinking ammo. Example: But a lot of the after-market stuff has the velocity to penetrate body armor. Example: Buffman on YouTube has tested a lot of 5.7 ammo out of the pistol: https://www.youtube.com/user/BuffmanLT1/search?query=5.7 That said, I love my Five-seveN and wouldn't hesitate to carry it for self defense with good ammo (n
  2. I've been with USCCA a good bit now. Thank God I've not ever had to use them. I have chosen John Harris, Executive Director TFA as my lawyer through them should I ever need one. Good to know the lawyer you choose is actually Pro 2A to the core.
  3. Got to keep the trans cool so... Went with the Holley / Earls fan cooled trans fluid cooler. This one is the same, just without fans. Oil thermostat-180F Fan wiring harness Some of the fittings and Bowler -6AN manifold Got two 20ft boxes -6AN line Rear main seal and rear main seal cover gaskets Case of fluid ZL1 trans support and mount plus driveshaft safety loop
  4. Post your chili recopies here too!
  5. The custom aluminum 3.5" DSS driveshaft came.
  6. Got my Tim King Stage II 1,000 HP built 6L90 yesterday along with the Circle D LS Series Pro Billet Triple Disc 3200-3400 stall. Can’t tell much by the outside of the trans, but there it is. Lots more to come!
  7. I test drove and almost bought this mosaic black ZL1. Just couldn't work out a deal. https://www.carlblackchevy.com/inventory/new-2018-chevrolet-camaro-zl1-rwd-2dr-car-1g1fk1r66j0166972
  8. Now that’s impressive! Two ZL1 1LE’s! I’m probably going to get a ZL1 1LE with the 10L90 in a year or so.
  9. Trans started slipping, so... I got a Stage 2 Tim King / TK Performance built Cadillac CTSV 6L90E that is 1,000hp capable. A custom Driveshaft Shop 3.5” Aluminum 1 piece DS. Circle D 3400 Pro III Billet multi disc converter. BMR Driveshaft Safety Loop Black Hammertone Should be a nice setup that will hold power and last if I can find a good trans tuner. Working on getting larger trans cooler, trans mount, and trans cross member. 2012 CTSV 6L90 trans I bought for the core. Really wanted to keep it as a spare since it was a good condition 4
  10. Sorry for the delay. I've not had a day off all month. Tried to get the weekend off, but it didn't happen. The Leupold scoped TC with short barrel is 45 Colt and my ruler tells me it's 10". The scope mount is also a Leupold and I assume the rings are, too. The scope is a Leupold M8-4X Extended E.R. scope with rings The spare barrel is the same as above and they're both TC barrels. Only difference is one has iron sights and the other has the scope. The Long Barrel TC is a 44 mag and has "Super 14" on the barrel which means 14" barrel. It has a Buehle
  11. Sorry for the delay, all. I've been slammed at work with no days off on 12+ hour shifts. I didn't know the value of these when I first posted the thread is why there was no price, but after researching, I have an idea now. I'd like to try to sell them all as a group first, so I'm accepting offers via PM on them as a package. If that doesn't work out, I'd be willing to separate and sell them individually. So just PM me your offers and we'll go from there.
  12. With 3.9” pulley it made 723rwhp @ 14.5psi on 93 pump. Timing dialed back to 13 degrees peak for daily driver reliability. Shop said e85 will be around 800rwhp.
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