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  1. I've been lurking on here mostly. It has been the Summer of weddings for me. I've also been dealing with buying a new house. It's just been way to busy. I've gotten to teach my little cousins how to shoot a pistol though. It's been fun. I personally don't like a .45 for carry. I just don't think that I could fire it well with my weak hand if necessary. I have a .380 and a .40 for carry.
  2. I guess my post got deleted. I can probably do this during the summer when I'm out of school. I'm working weekends right now, and haven't had a chance to shoot since Christmas break.
  3. hustle


    Hello from the East side.
  4. hustle

    new job

    Just a note. I would have been safer working at a gas station. We had an armed robbery at work last night. He didn't want money, just drugs.
  5. I have a mossberg 500 and love it. If you get the one with the optional pistol grip, I wouldn't even consider putting it on. If you live around the Roane County area, I'd be glad to let you try it.
  6. Did they do it on your computer, or where they accessing it through a shared server in the classroom? I opened itunes in class the other day to find my professor's music showing up in a folder on the side menu. I'm not tech savvy enough to know if this could be and "in" to the itunes account. I wasn't even aware that you could do that with itunes.
  7. hustle

    new job

    I hope my first customer looks like Mimi off of the Drew Carey show.
  8. I went out after class today putting in applications. I got offered a job that is about the pay I expected, but not quite the job. I'm going to be selling cosmetics at a drugstore! I have makeup that's 10 years old in my house. This is going to be hilarious!
  9. I'm like-able if you think Helen Keller jokes are funny
  10. Do you have anywhere to shoot at? I know she can't go to a range since she's so young, but it sounds like she needs to at least try a few guns. You should take her out with your g/f's gun and any other guns you can manage to scrounge up from your friends, and then see what she thinks. Most importantly though, have her try on your g/f's holster if she carries that gun. She might enjoy shooting a glock or xd, but it might be a pain in the butt to carry concealed if she's that little.
  11. My boss has drug his feet for a month now after telling me there was a possibility of going part time at work. I really need to go part time because of school during the day. There are very few decent part time jobs in the evenings (I'm definitely not coordinated enough to be a waitress), and I live very close to two gas stations. Which one of these stations seems like the lesser of two evils. I assume that I will not be allowed to carry while I'm working, or have one stashed behind the counter. I would obviously just hand over anything a bg could possibly want anyway. Both gas stations are across the street from each other directly off of the interstate at an exit with very few other businesses. I don't know how to check local crime reports in my county, so I'm not sure about their track record. gas station #1: small store, fairly well lit, few pumps, customers come in spurts, easy to see everyone while they're inside the store, open 24 hrs (which could be of benefit to me) gas station #2: large, well lit, sign on door that says I can't open safe, several pumps, stays busy, closes around 1am I think, cashier is in middle of the store in an island that leaves 25% of store not visible to the rear while facing front. Each one has its advantages, which could also be considered a drawback in a different light. Which station would you consider the safer choice? I seriously need some help with this decision.
  12. What kind of guns has she already tried shooting?
  13. *Get another female relative interested in guns* (preferably one she talks to often) Send her to a class with a girl friend or female relative. Keep your gun cleaning crap picked up. Make her see that you enjoy your guns. I remember my mom always saw dad hunkered over the dining room table with a frown on his face cleaning his gun, and that did not make it look like something enjoyable. If you take her shooting don't hand her a gun that is going to scare the out of her. Try to incorporate what she's already interested in. If she's into handbags, show her some carrying purses. That's an excuse for her to go out and buy more bags. Or, one day when you're fooling around with your guns in the house look at her for a second and ask her to hold a gun of yours. Then say, "Damn baby! You look so hot with that gun!" If she really doesn't want to shoot or carry, then get her some good OC spray and a taser.

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