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  1. I was sitting on the fantail of the USS Sellers DDG-11, tied up to the pier in Guantanamo Bay Cuba. We'd done engineering drills all morning and a bunch of us went topside to watch. It was pretty shocking to see it happen. We got underway a few hours later to join the search effort.
  2. Ive had over 40 bikes since I started riding in the early 70's. All brands and styles, Motorcycles are my lifetime passion. Don't street ride a lot anymore because of all the distracted drivers, usually early morning blasts up the mountain. I still ride dirt every week and race a hare scramble once in a while. Ride a bunch of bikes and pick what fits you and your style. Theres tons of info out there theses days tohelp point you in the right direction. I had to chime in when the sportsters came up! Ive got a 1999 1200S, Ive owned it longer than any other bike Ive had. Its been through several rebuilds and upgrades. Ive thought about selling it, but just cant let it go. Ive put a lot of time and money into the engine and its my back road cruise missle lol.
  3. dave, it was on sale. I think its through june 30th. it was 224 prior to the sale.
  4. 300 rounds so far, see my 1st post Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. This is the one I purchased, it came with flat magazine plates in the box and I swapped one to take up less room in my pack. Overall very happy with it, light accurate reliable so far, easy to take down and clean, and a lifetime warranty. Didn't want to add a caliber so I wanted another 9mm.
  6. Hi, I rarely post, just lurk a lot and take in the info! I had been looking for a pistol in 9mm or .45 to carry in my hydration pack when riding my dirtbike. Ive got several handguns, but wanted something that wouldn't be too heavy or too nice to get banged around. I picked up a sccy cpx-1 at the Outpost earlier this week for 200 bucks and took it to the range this morning. I put 150 rounds of speer lawman 124 grain and 150 rounds of Remington umc 115 grain through it. It performed perfectly, no jams, no fte's, nothing. It was pie-plate accurate out to 10 yards, which is all I expect from it. Recoil is a little snappy but not bad . ( my 13 yo daughter shot about 50 rounds and didn't complain), I have several other high-end pistols, but this is one that suits my needs perfectly. I guess my reason for this post is Ive read pros and cons, watched videos, etc , but it far exceeded my expectations. If I only had a budget of 200 for a pistol, this would be the one.
  7. I was on the USS Sellers,DDG-11, we were in the Med when it happened. Very somber news that day.
  8. usnbud


    Sent from my XT1096 using Tapatalk
  9. usnbud


    I rarely post here, but felt like throwing in my 2 cents. Find a class and take the course. Its worth it. I've ridden for a long time, (42 years lol), and the biggest dangers in my opinion are texting/distracted drivers. Situational awareness! Enjoy the ride but keep your head on a swivel. I've had more close calls in the last five years than all the previous years combined and I chalk it up to cell phones. Congrats on the bike! I've got a sportster 1200s with a few mods. Sent from my XT1096 using Tapatalk
  10. I've lived about a mile from the main gate since before it existed. I would be happy to see it disappear. Sent from my XT1096 using Tapatalk
  11. Ive been using a cpap for 9 years, Ive always used the mask that just covers your nose. My pressure was set at 17.5 and to keep the mask from blowing off I had to keep it pretty tight! Ive got a small callus? on the bridge of my nose from the mask tightness. But I had rather have that than feel like I did before the cpap!. Since my original study 9 years ago, Ive lost 110 lbs and was having problems tolerating the high pressure. I had another sleep study done a few months ago and my pressure is now at 11, so thats a big improvement. I still need the machine and to be honest, I cant sleep without it now. One of the best things I found to help with getting used to it, especially if you sleep on your side is a pillow made for use with a cpap. The company that provided my machine didnt try to sell me on it, I just happened to see one in their office one day when I was getting a new filter and mask, It cost about $65 and is made of memory foam. It made a HUGE difference for me. Good Luck with it and stick with it, being able to get REAL sleep is a life changer!
  12. Stephen Hunter, Clive Cussler, John Ringo, Larry Correia are some of my favorites. Im an avid reader and will read just about anything though!
  13. usnbud

    3rd Shift

    Been working 7pm-730am for 12 years. ( 2 on 2 off plus every other weekend) My body has NEVER gotten used to it. I learned to not make any big decisions until after a day of "normal" sleep. I use blackout curtains, earplugs, and a noise machine. Take extra vitamin D.
  14. I had a set of V&H Short Shots on mine and it was extremely loud from idle up to the rev limiter! It was a deep tone and not a metallic rasp like some of the cobra pipes.

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