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  1. Guns do not kill, people do. Guns do not have NDs or ADs, people do, because they broke 2 or more of the four rules. Does anyone have a report of a spontaneous discharge of a GLOCK? Because it can't be said too often... RULE I:ALL GUNS ARE ALWAYS LOADED RULE II: NEVER LET THE MUZZLE COVER ANYTHING YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO DESTROY RULE III: KEEP YOUR FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER UNTIL YOUR SIGHTS ARE ON THE TARGET AND YOU ARE READY TO FIRE. RULE IV: BE SURE OF YOUR TARGET AND WHAT IS BEYOND IT.
  2. I second what rabbi said. I don't care how experienced and trained you are there is nothing anyone says that is going to convince me that you are not human and thus subject to error. The reason there are 4 rules is so you have to break 2 of them before someone gets hurt. To put this thread back on topic, this trigger safety is a bad idea because it requires fine motor skills to operate. If you are in fear of your life, and you need to use a gun equipped with this, you will have difficulty disengaging the safety. When humans get scared, your body's fear response kicks in and you will experience among other things, a loss of fine motor skills. http://www.lwcbooks.com/articles/anatomy.html
  3. This reporter should flip burgers for the rest of her life. http://www.breitbart.tv/html/6905.html
  4. http://www.fbi.gov/ucr/06prelim/ucrtable4index.htm Is where I got the data for the original post. The Latest and final data is available at: http://www.fbi.gov/ucr/cius2006/index.html
  5. The official 2006 numbers are out and Memphis wins! I would like to thank all of those that have made this possible. To our incredibly effective leadership at city hall, this could not have been possible without you. To the corrupt members of our city government, you should be proud! To the people involved in thuggery and savagery on every level, it is you that make this city what it is. The rates are per 100,000 MSA residents. Violent crimes include homicide, rape, aggravated assault, and robbery. Source: 2006 Uniform Crime Reports, Federal Bureau of Investigation. Metropolitan Statistical Area Violent crime rate Rank Memphis, TN-MS-AR M.S.A. 1262.7 Sumter, SC M.S.A. 1244.0 Shreveport-Bossier City, LA M.S.A. 1187.9 Florence, SC M.S.A. 1160.6 Saginaw-Saginaw Township North, MI M.S.A. 1089.8 Alexandria, LA M.S.A. 1067.4 Gainesville, FL M.S.A. 934.1 Anchorage, AK M.S.A. 932.3 Flint, MI M.S.A. 929.6 Salisbury, MD M.S.A. 907.6 Take that Nashville (20), Jackson TN, Orlando FL (13.5), Chattanooga (59), and Knoxville (106)
  6. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/comment/columnists/guest_contributors/article2409817.ece
  7. Tungsten you are right... should have read The point of my thread is that we, as a group, are better than this. The quality of this thread is not indicative of the quality of this board. I misspoke when comparing this thread to the site.I could care less about James Yeager's experience in Iraq. My post wasn't about him. I was agreeing with hero gear and ramtough. I was criticizing Marswolf when he started name calling. JD Chocolate is good but Key Lime is superior.
  8. How did this thread go from "I took a class and here is what I learned" to an armed chair commando analysis of some event in which no one here has direct knowledge? Is this what this site has come to? Name calling, second guessing and sarcastic remarks based on rumor, third or forth hand information, and a grainy internet video from one day in Iraq years ago. "I would have...", "He should have..." To those that have served in combat, my deepest heartfelt gratitude. But this is how you use those skills forged in training and honed in combat? On this? Second guessing a civilian contractor for a single event that took place in the fog of war several years ago? Really? Maybe Yeager screwed up, maybe he didn't, I don't know I wasn't there. I don't know the totality of the circumstances, and neither do you. I am not defending Yeager, he can do that himself if he wants. But I am criticizing TGO. You people are better than this. *I have taken one of Yeagers classes and it was a good product at a fair price. That is the extent of my bias.
  9. By Chris Conley The Commercial Appeal July 12, 2007 The man who shot two robbers who showed up at his party – killing one of them – will not be prosecuted, police said Thursday. The slain robber was identified as Terry Anthony, 22. A second would-be robber, who has not yet been identified, likely will face aggravated robbery charges once he is released from the Regional Medical Center at Memphis. He is in stable condition. Advertisement About 1:30 a.m. Wednesday, Anthony and the second man approached several people at a party at 6530 Birchwood Lane in the Greenbrook Apartments off Macon in East Memphis. Anthony pulled out a handgun and the two announced a robbery. The resident of the apartment was armed and shot both robbers, killing Anthony. The two robbers crashed the party earlier, then left. When they returned, the resident of the apartment noticed at least one of them was wearing gloves, and got his pistol. Thursday, the District Attorney General’s office said they will not seek charges against the shooter.
  10. By Bret Weaver Contact July 11, 2007 Two robbers were shot by one of their intended victims at a party at an East Memphis apartment complex. The altercation took place at the Greenbrook Apartments near Macon Road at around 1:30 this morning. One of the robbers was killed at the scene and the other was taken to The Med in critical condition. The two armed men approached party goers and demanded money when they were shot by a resident of the apartments. Memphis police are still investigating this incident. http://www.commercialappeal.com/mca/local/article/0,2845,MCA_25340_5624358,00.html
  11. Most kits come with the upper assembled. If all you need to do is assemble the lower, it is not difficult at all. I did mine with a hammer and some screw drivers. I thought it was going to be a lot harder than it was. After it was finished, I was a little disappointed because it was so easy. The hardest part are the roll pins. Take your time and go slow. Here are the instructions I used. http://www.ar15.com/content/guides/assembly/lower/ Good luck.
  12. The 2006 Preliminary Uniform Crime Report came out recently. Once again Memphis came in as the 4th most violent city in America. There was one violent crime for every 50 residents of Memphis. That means 1 murder, shooting, stabbing, beating, robbery or rape for every 50 citizens. There is at least a 2% chance that this will happen every year. I say at least because this only includes crimes reported to police. Many crimes are not reported. Memphis (4) --- Population(680828) / Violent Crimes(13536) = 50.3 Nashville (13) --- Population(560813) / Violent Crimes(8561) = 65.5 Chattanooga (29) --- Population(156730) / Violent Crimes(1926) = 81.4 Knoxville(49) --- Population(182421) / Violent Crimes(1890) = 96.5 Clarksville(71) --- Population(114314) / Violent Crimes(1021) = 112 Violent Crimes are murders rapes aggravated assaults and robberies.
  13. I kept the original barrel instead of cutting it down. I wasn't 100% sure about the legal way to measure it and did not want to risk jail. I also wanted to keep the other barrel for hunting. I thought about getting a used 870 at at pawn shop but couldn't find any bargins. The 870 parts came from Guns and Ammo in Memphis. The barrel was a little over 100 bucks, the most expensive and unnecessary part if you have the guts to cut yours. I bet you could find a used 870 for near this. The mag extension and spring was 30ish. The barrel clamp was around 10. The side saddle was 30ish. The fiber optic bead sight was $5. The Krylon was $4 bucks a can and I have enough for a lifetime of touch ups. Both came from Walmart. As far as time, prepping the metal took the most time, maybe an hour. Painting took 45 minutes, I really took my time. The biggest part was the waiting. The nice thing about this project was that is is reversible. I can change barrels back, strip paint, and take off extra parts and be pretty close to box stock. I bought a sling from Walmart but it didn't work out. These instructions on ar15.com on how to make a 3point sling from webbing looks like the ticket. I am going to try that. http://www.ar15.com/lite/topic.html?b=3&f=19&t=252462

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