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  1. my worst ones on radio any of the first things first w/ julie bumguardner. the absurd and asinine senarios shes trying to tell parrents to talking to their teens about just get on my last nerve. yeah, every teen who goes to prom ends up at a cocaine induced hotel orgy... right.... ok lady, go jump of a bridge so you better understand the experience and you can then teach chattanoogs youth about it. the other one that makes we want to carve my hammer anvil and annulus bones out of my ear canal is the rhinoshield... its so annoying.
  2. what is the difference between a 12 round p226 40/357 magazine and a 12 round p229 40/357 magazine? am i missing something?
  3. Thanks for the reply's guys. first off i have noticed something else about this new cable box. it appears to up convert everything to 1080i. previously when you would change the channel from a standard def to hd channel the tv would go black for a second or two while the tv would reformat the picture. i noticed this when i was changing channels on the cable box while the tv's channel display was on, in the old way it would show 480i, 720p, 1080i depending on what you were viewing from the cable box. i have been all through the standard menus and tried all of the options within those and those just make it worse. i have some pictures i have taken of the tv with various imputs. straight cable standard def cable box standard def progam(but up converted to hd) cable box HD (menu screen to show curve) ps3 hd now previously i had this thing set up so that on standard def i had vertical letter box(i can't stand stretched and distorted picture.) and on hd the screen would be full with no cropping. the Tv would do all of this automatically.
  4. i have a 34in sony Wega HD flat screen tube, yes it's a heavy Edited to Remove Profanity ----Edited to Remove Profanity ----Edited to Remove Profanity ----, it appears to be missing part of the picture. on an HD channel it appears like its trying to put a 40 in picture on a 34 in screen. on standard def, the the picture it vertical letterbox which is fine, how ever the edge of the picture is curved in at the middle like an hour glass. this is a problem particularly while playing playstation last week we had to get a new cable box from charter and according to my wife the cable guy had to "stretch the screen." but thats all the info she can offer. i have been though all of the standard menus in the settings and haven't been able to come up with anything. after a bit of google fu, ive come across "service mode" they have all kinds of warnings about messing with it if you don't have a manual or know what your doing.(which appearantly the cable guy had neither) on the back of the tv there is a plug behind a cover flap that looks like a usb and says "service only" so what do i need to do? i'd like to fix this before i have to call the cable company back and give them a piece of my mind for messing with things they shouldn't be.
  5. i lurk on there every day, but never have joined. this makes me wonder.
  6. not not marry me marry me, but perform the ceremony. im getting married in july in cleveland, to my wonderful fiance. its an outdoor wedding, and we are looking for a non denominational ceremony/officiant. if you are a minister, or know one who fits the bill, please post here or pm me. thanks. Josh
  7. welcome, i too am a N. Ga guy who works in TN.
  8. thanks for the input guys. i had been thinking going the com-tac route, but the kholster looks promising. even with my cheapie holster i don't think ive ever been "made." im 6'3'' 230 i wear my pants/shorts a size bigger so i can hide it well. does the kholster work with a p229 rail? i don't see it listed
  9. So getting ready to got to Easter services this morning i realized i need a tuckable IWB holster for my carry piece. i normally don't tuck my shirts in so my cheap uncle mikes IWB is fine, but with a shirt and tie not so much. so what do yall recommend for a tuckable IWB holster for a sig P229 w/ rail. i generally carry at 3:30-4:00 on my right side. What say you?
  10. yeah stay the heck out of brainerd. ha ha. id say go downtown and stay down there.
  11. when you go to Wal-mart and see that they don't have any of "your" calibers. But with what they do have you go through your phones contacts list muttering to yourself, "hmmm, he has a .40 i wonder is he needs any?.. i know so n so could use some .357 mag... i think i'll call 'em"
  12. so whats the self life for gasoline, and whats a good/ideal way to store between 15 and 50 gallons? this is for TEOTWAWKI/ SHTF senario.
  13. In GA your car is also considered an extension of your home. so it is legal to carry a loaded weapon in your car, but i think it is supposed to remain open.
  14. well my dad did get the gun, and it is a model 190. it looks to be in pretty good condition. i cleaned it up for him and we shot a few rounds through it. it has an old weaver scope on it which could probly use some adjustment. right now its hard to focus the sight picture. the only "bad" thing about it is is the charging handle was broken at some point, and now there is like a thumb screw thing-a-ma-bob in its place. the thumb screw, is slightly bend and turns but don't unscrew. but everything functions like "butta" the good thing about being the family "gun nut" is he told me anytime i wanted to shoot it just buy my own ammo one of these days i'll get some pictures and post. thanks for all the information guys
  15. do they have any 7.62x39 ammo? and how much is it?
  16. i think the asking price is $150, and i told my dad that for that he could go buy a brand new mossberg plinkster, maybe a marlin, or for a lil more a ruger 10/22. but my dad is a lil odd sometimes so who know...
  17. so here's the situation, my dad is wanting to get a .22 rifle. he knows less about firearms than i do. one of his customers is an older gentleman who has an older Winchester .22 semi auto rifle. my dad is wondering about what it would be worth. the only info i have at this time is this: its a semi auto winchester .22lr. the guy bought it new over 40 years ago at i believe western auto? it holds fifteen rounds, so im guessing its a tube magazine. does anybody have an idea what model it could be? aproxx. value? are these winchesters even worth having shootin? i know i don't have alot of info but any help or a point in the right direction would be great. thanks
  18. i have dabbled in fly fishing some. i have the basic gear and all. but i cant fly cast for nothing. i have been wanting to head up to caney fork sometime but im not familiar with the area and don't know where to go. maybe we should get a tgo fishing trip up one weekend? i was actually bass fishing off the bank sunday on the TN river and had my waders on and ran into an gun related quandry. im fairly new to carry and i carry my sig IWB normally. but with the vest, waders, and wading belt, what should i do with my weapon? its not easily accessible as is, but id rather not just put it in the vest, and if i take a dip i don't want it getting wet. what do yall think?
  19. darn it! if i had only known hixon had some. i have had to resort to getting my buddy who lives up near Kentucky to pic me up about 5 boxes of wwb value packs. apparently its a lil more expensive in Kentucky, when he called me he said they were $21 and some change. oh well, i guess that just means more for yall around here. now if i could only find some 7.62x39 (on the cheap preferably)...
  20. im envious. i have been wanting one of those for a while! they look sweet. but I have yet to be able to locate one to fondle let alone buy. im thinking a TGO chattanooga shoot is in order, you know to "break in in right"
  21. collapsible like an AR. most of the ones i have seen are folding and collapsible, and they have this big button/knob right on top which is what i don't like. clear as mud eh?
  22. i recently got an Egyptian Maadi AK. it has this IMO gawd awful looking composite "fiberforce" stock set. i don't care for the stock/pistol grip, it does its purpose but i don't like it. also the fore grip is freaking massive. it actually gets in the way of the sites a lil bit. this is my first ak, so its a learning experience. does the Maadi have the same stock mounts and your more common varriants? if not whats the differnce in them? so far i've seen some tactical stock sets but they all have folding collapsible stocks, i just want a plain jane collapsible, pistol grip, and a fore grip that i could later add a red dot or something to. any thoughts or ideas or links? thanks!
  23. well we made it out there around 3 eastern. i met up w/ a friend of mine that i met on another forum. it was nice when we got there, there was only one group on the 50yd range, and us and another group on the pistol range, and that was it. my buddy was shooting his new xd 40 for the first time, and he couldn't hit anything for crap. and i wasn't doing too hot through my first 50 rounds. but once i got my head about me and focus on the sights i was able to to get some good groups out of my sig p6 and irritated him when i showed him up on the xd. thats about the 3rd time ive shot an xd, and they are good shooters for sure! we moved on up to the 50yd range and got the "big iron" out. thats when he showed me up. i couldn't hit much of anything with my "new to me" MAADI AK 47, or at least as far as i could tell. from what i could tell it was shooting to the left about 8-12 inches. i didn't fair any better w/ his wasr underfolder but he told me his sight was off. he has a sweet lil mini-14, and it was pretty nice. but i did redem myself when i broke out the nagant, like old faithfull for me i was able to get my useual groups. all in all it was a fun day at the range, it got a lil busy later on. we did encounter the typical pretice cooper idiots today. they called range cold, and as i was about to step out som older guy let one off on the 100yd range. and this other guy had 2 lil boys about 4yrs old, and lets just say he wasn't paying attention like i thought he should be. some people just shouldn't have kids!
  24. heck all you have to do is be around to watch the last 15 laps which take an hour or more to complete...ha ha ha
  25. yeah i just don't do NASCAR, and i just got me a new to me MAADI. so i am itching to try it out. anybody wana go? im heading up to prentice cooper between 2 and 3 eastern, that is unless anybody is a member at cleveland or something like that. anyone?


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