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  1. Generally I perform the Burwell DIY sear modification on my M&Ps. Usually, that's all that's necessary to get the trigger to a point I can live with. www.burwellguns.com/M&Ptriggerjob1.htm
  2. ATF won't issue a license unless you are in compliance with local zoning codes and such. If you can't get a business license where you are, you probably can't get an FFL either (C&R 03 FFL excluded).
  3. True, but knowing is half the battle. I'd rather know it's happening immediately rather than 8 hours later. And you can also buy a remote control water valve too, I believe.
  4. You can buy water alarms that are wireless enabled and can send you an email or text if they detect water. I'm looking into that for my own water heater.
  5. I received my gauge and my bolt checked out OK. S&W will send you a bolt gauge for free, but you can make one out of a piece of metal .035" thick or use a small feeler gauge. If the gauge sits flush to the bolt face, you're good. If it sits proud of the bolt face, it needs to go back.
  6. Did you mean Double Action Only on the PX4?
  7. You might want to list this over at 1911addicts.com.
  8. I never jumped into the piston AR parade because 1) the design is necessarily proprietary, 2) if I wanted something different, it was not going to be an AR, and 3) the potential performance increase just wasn't there. Nothing against pistons per se, but in the AR it never lit my fire.
  9. Most of my ARs will do around 1.5 MOA with halfway decent (M193) ammo, provided a good trigger, good scope and a bench. My 6.5 Grendel will do that with Wolf steel cased ammo, and well under 1 MOA with decent (e.g. Hornady) loads. That's good enough for me, since I no longer bother to load 5.56 for maximum accuracy. Most of my ARs are kind of like AKs, I tend to shoot the cheapest crap I can get away with.
  10. I hate to hear that, though I wish I could say I was surprised. The best performing Taurus designs I've heard are the PT92 and the PT111 G2. As to the shipping cost, about 10-15 years ago the carriers implemented a policy that handguns must go next day air, thus the premium cost. FFLs can still use USPS to ship handguns more reasonably, but A) it's only for FFL-to-FFL and B ) It's USPS
  11. ken_mays

    Sig 365 ?

    On the mag loader: the UPLULA is the best money I ever spent on a pistol accessory. It loads nearly everything I have except for some smaller pocket pistol mags and .22 LR mags. Even loads the P365 mags.
  12. ken_mays

    Sig 365 ?

    Someday came this week and I picked one up and put about 50 rounds through it today. It is the most accurate pistol of its size that I own. There is nothing I don't like about the features or design. I find the extended pinky rest floor plate useless and would rather have 2 flush fit mags because this will be a pocket gun.
  13. ken_mays

    Sig 365 ?

    There's a shop in Memphis who has them in stock for $450. I'm still planning on picking one up someday.
  14. I have this one and it works pretty well for most guns, front and rear sights. There are some designs it won't work on just because the sights won't line up with the pusher block, but that's par for the course on most sight pushers. It was well worth the money. http://a.co/d/bPcH1Tf The only complaint I have is that everything is done with hex set screws, which takes a while to get the pusher set up for the gun. Just a lot of fiddling and adjustment.
  15. Not that I've ever had to; in fact, I'd say the Brown I own is flawless. But you can't even talk about Brown with other 1911 guys without someone moaning about Brown being mean to him on the phone.
  16. It's an Ed Brown in all but name. Looks like the primary benefit is that you may not have to deal with Ed Brown.
  17. Now.... this! BRN-1911 Inspired by the Classic Custom 1911 of the '80s - Built by Ed Brown & Available ONLY from Brownells The Brownells BRN-1911 Retro Custom Government Pistol is the first handgun in our Retro line of vintage-inspired firearms. We developed it in partnership with Ed Brown, a legendary name in custom 1911s, a maker of second-to-none 1911 parts, and a longtime Brownells partner. The BRN-1911 harkens back to classic custom 1911s of the 1980s, when customization of the "Forty-Five" moved beyond simply installing target sights and really took off. The BRN-1911's classic '80s features include the two-tone color scheme, Bo-Mar type adjustable sights, fine checkering on the front strap, crisply checkered double-diamond Cocobolo grips, and an overall uncluttered, elegant appearance. With the BRN-1911 you get a full-size Government Model with a match-grade 5" barrel. The slide of blued carbon steel looks like a classic military 1911 slide with the skinny, vertical serrations at the rear - but forget about the looseness and sloppiness of an old G.I. 1911! When it comes to fit and finish, the BRN-1911 slide is pure Ed Brown. To underscore our pistol's clean appearance, there are no markings on this slide. It's topped with a fully windage/elevation adjustable Bo-Mar rear sight (still the best in the eyes of many 1911 aficionados), paired with a square-profile front sight with crisp anti-glare serrations on its rear face. 416 stainless steel frame 4140 carbon steel slide, blued finish 416 stainless steel match-grade barrel & bushing Adjustable Bo-Mar rear sight Adjustable target trigger Internal parts: all Ed Brown, all the time! Two 7-rd magazines included Comes with padded pistol case Down below, the frame of natural-finish stainless steel contrasts handsomely with the slide, a popular look in the 1980s. The frame and ALL of the internal components are CNC machined - no penny-pinching MIM stuff here! Of course, the fire control group parts - hammer, trigger, sear, disconnector - are ALL Ed Brown, resulting in one sweet trigger pull. The high-grip extended beavertail grip safety protects the web of your hand from dreaded 1911 "hammer bite," while the 25 lpi checking on the front strap gives you excellent "purchase" for recoil control. Each BRN-1911 Retro Custom Government Pistol ships in a Brownells Signature Series pistol case. Modern-day raceguns offer still more bells-n-whistles, but we dare you to find a 1911 that is more comfortable - and fun! - to shoot. The pride of ownership in possessing a superb custom 1911 from one of the premier custom shops is just a bonus.
  18. I'm a big 1911 guy and I've dealt with the CMP in the past, but these 1911s hold no interest for me. I already have a couple of specimens that are representative that I never shoot anyway. I suppose it would be smart to buy a few for investment purposes but I just really don't feel like dragging myself through the process.
  19. Yes, it is awfully light. A friend also has one and he's loading 80 or 90 grain .380 bullets for it. The powder charge is very light as well but he told me he's going to go a little higher because when the charge is that light, ignition is inconsistent and he'll occasionally get a stovepipe.
  20. I've had one for a few months. The notable thing about it (other than the general "well-thought-out-ness" of it), is that it will run reliably on really light loads. I ran a batch of 115gr FMJ on top of 2.2 grains of Titegroup (this is about half of what my standard 9mm load is for pistols) and the Ruger was still ejecting cases 5 feet away. I have a Tasco PDP5 red dot on mine for Steel Challenge and it's just the ticket IMHO.
  21. I see them in a couple of pawnshops from $250 to $280 routinely. With the introduction of the 2.0 models, the Shield 1.0s seem to be have lost some value.
  22. The Glock 26 seems to be very accurate given its size. Many folks have found themselves shooting tighter groups with G26 vs G19 or G17.
  23. My only experience with the Phoenix was about 10 years ago when someone brought me one to fix. The hammer had worn a divot in the underside of the pot metal slide, and it was causing a noticeable hitch when the slide would move forward or back. There wasn't much to be done about it aside from telling the owner to contact the factory for repair. I never heard whether they replaced it or not.
  24. When it isn't difficult to find used M&P Shields for well under $300, I would give Taurus a pass. The PT111 gets some positive reviews but there are also plenty of complaints, and for years I've heard Taurus may or may not end up fixing the problems with a particular gun. I wouldn't mind owning a PT92 but I'd rather not take a chance on any "native" Taurus design. If you are still interested, you can often find the PT111 under $200 on the used market.

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