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  1. I had one for a while. it was a good little, no frills at all gun. no customizing, no nothing but it shot just as good as my tricked out 10/22. After a good hand full of rounds it never jammed again. I sold it to a buddy for what i paid for it. at the same time i dont miss it at all.
  2. I have a 500a 28 inch barrel and a tactical 870 with the knoxx adjustable stock and ide take the 870 over the 500a any day. Sure they are setup for different things but as for smoothness of operation and over all comfort 870 all the way.I would however go with a plain tradition stock over the Ar style. I would sell the 500 in a heart beat any takers but not the 870!
  3. Actually they can sell glocks to civilians now. If they know you or like they way you look that day they might sell ya a sig or Springfield. They know I am not LEO but were willing to sell me a sig anyway(not that I even want one). Basically the only thing they wont sell civilians are light bars, sigs, and springfields. They do deal in SBR's etc... but I am not sure if they will work with civilians or not on theses. I havent purchased as many guns from them as Pie has but I have bought a few. and as he put so well they eat paste and hate you stay away from them
  4. its just a myth/ignorance about ammo in a GSG. I have one and have had only a couple of jams. I shot all day with no troubles and then handed it to a friend and he couldn't get it to fire worth a flip for him (limp wristing or holding the magazine)he then handed it to another buddy we were shooting with and he had no troubles and finally bakc to me with no troubles. Same story with any .22 ive had they all love federal bulk pack from Walmart. Ive even put around 15k rounds of bulk through my 10/22 with under 40/50 jams total if not less than that. I blame ignorant user!
  5. I have a barska 6.5-22x42 (or so I think, some where around that at least) on a 10/22. sure its only a .22 but I don't care I love the scope. I would not try it on a .50 by any means. There are scope snobs out there just like there are 1911 snobs around every corner and Evil Black Rifle snobs around the the next corner. Sure a big Leupold would be nice but I would not be able to afford to shoot the gun if I went down that road. give the Barska a try if it breaks send it back and get it fixed then sell it on ebay and go buy a different scope.
  6. Before deciding to build an Ar you really should watch the videos (free) from Brownells. Here is the one for installing a barrel. GunTech : Installing the Delta Ring Assembly and the Barrel Into the Upper Receiver - World's Largest Supplier of Firearm Accessories, Gun Parts and Gunsmithing Tools Here is the link for all the videos. Each category has sub categories. GunTech : How to Build An AR-15 Video - World's Largest Supplier of Firearm Accessories, Gun Parts and Gunsmithing Tools Sure it would not be a bad idea to check head space but an AR is more like a 10/22 versus many other rifles. The chamber is part of the barrel and not a barrel that screws into the chamber/typical receiver. As long as you are using mil-spec parts they will all fit together and checking head space is not really needed/required. People are paranoid about head space in an AR but if you read up on it and watch the videos before you jump into a project you don't know much about you will be much better off in the long run. Now if I was building a bolt gun oh heck yeaaaaaa head space would be a big deal. I built an AR 2 years ago and I did not check head space and mine has had not a single jam or foul up and it shoots really tight groups.
  7. I would rather pay the extra for the Beretta than consider a HP. Oh wait I did and I love the storm!
  8. I ordered a custom lower from them and had it sent to a friend who has a FFL. They were great to do business with! I ordered a lower with all the markings, spider, bullet diagrams in tan and a flag etched on the opposite side and a lower parts kit. This all took place late during the AR rush and they got it out to me in under a week.
  9. Ive never been a fan of the highpoint it just seems cheap to me. I do have a Beretta cx4 storm in 9mm and its a blast to shoot!
  10. 10/22 all the way. Trillions of options and extras. worth the little bit of extra $ Don't go to dicks sporting goods they are idiots and the prices are not that great. Go to Sportsman's warehouse they have a huge selection and you can compare alllll the guns you are thinking about all at once. Or go to one of the Walmarts that still carries guns and buy the wallyworld special 10/22. It has a longer barrel than any other factory 10/22, a nice stock, and a silver receiver/trigger group to match the SS barrel. All that for just a little bit more than a base model.
  11. With the extra safety features the 3's are harder to put back together than the 2's. Once you learn to put it back together its not that big of a deal.
  12. any way you look at it its still Taurus so its pure crap!
  13. I am 30 and a member of CRC. Actually they want a young crowd to take over someday. Sure there is a small waiting list but is that not a good thing when you think about it? renewals are in june/july then new people can join as depending on how many did not renew.
  14. PCR is sketchy! I will never go back there! I haven no idea how someone has not died from the abundance of ignorance that flows from that place. I joined the Chattanooga rifle club as a result. CRC
  15. gtssilver


    my gsg has never had a problem with the bulk pack. I know a few people that have them as well and they shoot the cheap stuff really well and accurate. I am thrilled that mine will hit a target 75 to 100 yards out using factory sights and standing up (cheap ammo).
  16. gtssilver


    I think it was sometime in November that they had to stop importing them and what was/is here has be distributed by early jan and that's it.
  17. The price on the LCP is not that great. In Chattanooga I can go get one any almost any day of the week for $249.00 And for the buy one get one 1/2 price at dicks that is still more than the every day price at walmart!
  18. Or look at it this way all the good stuff .45,9MM,.38 special and so on are never on the shelf B/C they are the true quality ammo (forget packaging method). While .40 S&W is somehow always available (crappy ammo). Maybe they package the .40S&W all fancy like to confuse you into buying it! Also until 2/3 years ago .45 and 9MM were packaged in the styrofoam as well. I guess they decided since they are the best ammo they could package it anyway they want and it will still sell and function as it should.
  19. I HAD a first get 9mm and the pins in front and behind the trigger fell out within the first 500 rounds. I sent it back and sold it quick! Complete garbage will never own a Taurus again
  20. I have a 16 ga bolt action sears and roebuck actually made by H&R and I love it. I dont think they are worth a whole lot but they are good guns. If you are needing any parts check out Welcome to Numrich Gun Parts Corp. they have most everything for older guns.
  21. gtssilver

    I'm shocked!

    I placed an order for a hand full of parts in early march. one being a standard bolt carrier group. I waited 12 or 13 weeks and I finally called they told me another month at least. I said screw that and placed an order with Rock river. RRA said max of 10 days till it shipped but I ended up having the parts in hand in less than 8 days. In the end I paid $20 more for the parts from RRA vs Del-ton. Oh well... On the other hand I don't really blame Del-ton for their way of doing business. Instead of going out and hiring a mass number of employees to get all the MANY EXTRA orders filled. They just kept their regular staff for the most part. They may have added a few employees. And now that everyone in America has ordered 2 AR's and extra parts what would happen to all those extra employees? Once all theses companies get caught up there is going to be a huge surplus of parts. As someone else posted about lowers already going down in price. Sure the trigger group is hard to come by and rather expensive right now just give it a few more months.
  22. Brownells has hands down the best videos for building an AR-15. I used them a few months ago and could not be happier. They have then broken down in to categories with sub categories. BROWNELLS: How to Build An AR-15 Video
  23. Saw a guy shoot a 300 whisper with a suppressor at the Chattanooga rifle club last fall. It was cool and all but I would not want one for myself. oh and yea it was that quiet!
  24. I have had a P3at for a few years now. I carry it every day in my back pocket with a pocket holster (designed for a front pocket). It fits flat so it looks like a wallet and dose not come above the top of the back pocket on jeans, khaki's, or carharts. I dont know of anywhere around you that has them but here in Chattanooga GT distributors has them for $259.99 or the ruger LCP for $289.99 G T Distributors Product Detail G T Distributors Product Detail
  25. I experienced the exact same thing when I started shooting. Also make sure your trigger finger is not too far wrapped around the trigger. That plus learning to not offset the recoil made a big difference for me. Also you can get a buddy to load snap caps randomly into a mag. When you compensate and the firearm dose not go boom you will see how much you are fighting the recoil.


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