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  1. You might go back a bit farther in the 50's when Iran had a democratically elected government that didn't want to play ball with Washington, so the CIA sponsored a coup, got the Shah installed as "king for life", and the Shah, with plenty of American support, jailed, tortured or executed any opposition to his rein.....that went on until folks finally rose up, pitched the Shah out and took the embassy in a rage against the 20+ years of dictatorship in which our government was deeply involved. People don't just get a wild hair and do things like that....there is always a history to go with it. You ought to learn it.....and who the players were. Eisenhower warned of the power and control of the military industrial complex, and where this was leading down the road, in his farewell address. Iran is just one example of that involvement, and the eventual blowback. Maybe we ought to start listening to some of these ex-presidents.
  2. No, a direct attack is when you drop bombs on a nation like Iraq that hasn't done anything to you except talk a big line of crap. To say that the American empire is reaching the end is merely an astute observation of a nation that has to borrow 2 billion dollars a day to fund it's lifestyle. Urging the next administration "to limit their interference to their own borders" sounds a LOT like the same advice George Washington gave in his farewell address.....advice we didn't take, as we now have troops in more places than I can count. The guy may well be an a$$hole, but that doesn't mean he is wrong.
  3. Look at this map of Palestinian land in 1946 and in 1999. Do you think MAYBE they have a legitimate beef ?
  4. There are times when a photo simply says it all.....ahahahahaaaaa
  5. mortgage meltdown

    Keep that in mind when what passes for money now inflates away the last of it's value in a Wiemar/Zimbawaen whirl. What they have done is simply trade some pain today for a whole lot more pain tomorrow......but then, that's what politicians do best. Get ready for 20 buck gasoline and 5 buck/loaf bread....it's on the way.
  6. Gon into an argument

    I opened an account for a CD the other day at a local bank....sat in the branch manager's office to fill out the paperwork for a new account and she noticed my carry permit in my wallet right next to my DL. She smiles real big and says "Glad to see THAT.....got your weapon on you now ?".....I said yep....she says "Me too.....I think EVERYBODY ought to carry when they leave the house".....and we proceeded to discuss the pros and cons of revolvers over autos.........great little gal. If I didn't have a wonderful 'permit carrying' wife of 38 years at home, I'd have been tempted to ask her out.....ahahahahaaaaaaa

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