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  1. I do kind of find it strange that, for awhile, nothing like this was going on (reported, etc). And then...bam!
  2. ^ That's exactly what I was just thinking. When states adopt constitutional carry, they still need to offer a permit for interstate travel use.
  3. If I do offload something, they have to have an active TN carry license and the meet is in a very public/visible place (I'll be armed as well).
  4. I agree that the training aspect shouldn't necessarily bar ownership, but I think it's a very, very important part (whether for carry or home). I think a lot of people out there give too much power/credit to the gun - or whatever tool - thinking it's ultimately what saves them. However, the real weapon is them (combination of brain and body). Our security lead pounded the basics into us from the beginning and while it starts to sound a little repetitive, you begin to understand the reason. It sinks in and is never something that can be overstated. Not being in the right mindset around any kind of tool can produce disastrous results.
  5. I wrote an email to both reps the other day. Haven't heard anything back, but not necessarily expecting to.
  6. I think it's a great idea as well. However, I think I read somewhere that someone did this in TN and received a response from a senator or rep basically stating that it's already been brought to their attention and they are considering it. That being said, it certainly can't hurt to make that voice louder - I think it needs to be in light of all that's going on.
  7. I hope it doesn't pass. However, I don't feel like the previous argument saying "it will never" isn't quite as valid anymore. This was also said about Biden getting into office and Republicans losing control of the Senate. Both happened. Unless the minimum number of Democrats see the danger in this, it will have a high likelyhood of getting through.
  8. Ban all machetes! <eye roll> In all seriousness, I agree. People are acting even crazier with the current state of the world. Be aware of what's going on and keep your tools close.
  9. Thanks for the feedback, Dave! I agree about being mindful about who is around when taking the shot (rule #4). The problem is keeping the attacker outside of the facility (ie. stopping them in the parking lot). This, given my typical distance to their potential cover, makes the RDS seem attractive (unless of course the event ever warrants closing the distance). Especially if my effective range shrinks due to adrenaline. Being able to threat-focus in this situation seems like it would be better. You definitely can't beat experience. I've never been shot at before. The closest I'll come to understanding my possible reaction is how I behave in force-on-force.
  10. Hey all! I'm part of a church security team and we do lot of training; including force-on-force/scenario. A lot of the time, I’m posted at an entrance to one of the facilities that is about 25 yards from a parking lot. This is about my max effective range at the moment with pistol irons and, unless things go to hell, none of us will be carrying carbines. Because of this, the idea of adding an RDS to my pistol seems like it may be a wise option. It would allow me better engagement at that distance and be more accurate dealing with the cover provided by the cars. The other option, which I know others already do, is to keep a carbine somewhere fairly close. Unless I’m roaming the parking lots, I’ll have access to proper cover at most of my post locations. However, retreating inside to retrieve a rifle allows the adversary time to get closer to the goal. And we all know how bad it becomes if they ever enter the facility. Thoughts from current pistol RDS users or others in the same decision path?
  11. The controls, accuracy, and ergonomics. I've run the G19 for a few years and it's been perfectly fine, but every time I played with the P30 as a rental, there was a noticeable change for the better. It's more comfortable, controls feel more natural, and my groups improve (I get similar results with a 1911 too). The first time I shot one, something kind of clicked. But due to the price and unfamiliarity with DA/SA at the time, I ignored it as a contender. Since then, I've tried various options and have had much more training which has helped surface the attributes I prefer for a defensive/combat pistol.
  12. Picked up an HK P30 V3 the other day : ) Replacing my Glock 19 as primary (but the Glock isn't going anywhere; I still like it).
  13. Most recent shot of my two 5.56 builds (16-inch LW middy and 10.3-inch SBR). Still need an optic for the shorty, but it's awesome as is. I'll try to take a few more fun pics outside soon . Part Summary Aero Precision receivers Daniel Defense bolts, barrels, iron sights Troy SOCC rails and CQB grips MFT stocks YHM Phantom flash hiders Aimpoint T1 w/Larue LT660 mount Weight X15 16-inch LW middy (loaded): 7.8 lbs X15 10.3-inch SBR (loaded): 6.8 lbs (7.2 lbs w/optic)
  14. Conceal a P229 at 5:00. It's a little heavier and thicker than my 19, but I'm much more accurate with it.


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