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  1. Quote from the article...I guess she's shooting<--(I know, bad analogy) for gender neutral..??
  2. Obviously a very troubled human being... Many just like her all over the world... This is why I keep Ruger and his 7 little friends with me at all times...
  3. She is a female, that now identifies as a male...
  4. She is a black transgender... Snochia Moseley.... http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/harford/aegis/news/bs-md-moseley-20180920-story.html
  5. Trump was colluding with Elvis, and the big giant head, so naturally they shut it down..
  6. The chiggers have been absolutely horrible this year round my parts.. I was out surveying my sons new house/property about a month ago, didn't even get into the woods, just around the edges of it, and ended up with 50 chiggers all over my legs lower torso..Jeez, I thought I was going to scratch my legs off.. Never been frog gigging though..
  7. I've made it one my life missions to kill every. single. wasp/hornet I encounter, hate them with a passion..The ground hornets on my property are pretty docile, it's the paper wasps that I've had the most trouble out of on the homestead...Very aggressive, and seem to hold a grudge after I swat at them with my hat lol, they have even gave chase a few times.. A can of carb cleaner on a nest will kill them faster than any bug spray you can buy...They curl up and are dead literally in seconds after contact with carb cleaner.. I have found gasoline too volatile/explosive for use on nests, kerosene is easier to use, and burns longer..
  8. I'm thinking about camo'ing the ole bowtie too...
  9. Decided to camo my el cheapo Savage 320 today..Spent $10 for paint...I could not find any rubber bands at wallyworld, so I just wrapped it in paracord, then used some foliage from around the land for the camo effect...I think it turned out pretty decent for my first time doing a camo job..
  10. I've been told not to fall for the rhetoric...Democrats love guns, freedom, and our Constitution... Yeah, I'm not buying it..
  11. Well, were all safe now, some judge in Seattle issued a temp stay on the release of this lol.. https://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/federal-judge-issues-temporary-restraining-order-stopping-release-56950260
  12. Yep, political gatherings always do, no matter which side it is..
  13. He said someone showed up and started waving a confederate flag around, he left shortly after that..
  14. According to Hickok45 about 75 people showed up..I guess the rain kept most away..
  15. Great review I occasionally use a Galco ankle lite holster for my lcrx..Great holster, very comfy..
  16. This made me feel a little better today https://www.wftv.com/news/local/rockledge-high-school-students-stage-walkout-in-support-of-second-amendment/724372993
  17. I could not agree more with the media part of this...We can hold a thousand huge rally's all over the country, and not one single national network, and most local big city networks would present them in a positive light..Not that most of the folks at the rally's wouldn't be just normal 2nd A supporters, but more that the media won't show them, they will find and interview every single nutjob group within the rally/s and show them, clad in old military gear, waving flags, waving AR15's around, while screaming death to liberals.. We won't see one bit of positive coverage out of this..
  18. You be sellin all dem old bell bottoms?
  19. The hypocrisy of the gun grabbing left runs deep, real deep... http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/03/27/al-sharptons-half-brother-charged-with-capital-murder-in-alabama-shooting.html
  20. Getting closer and closer... http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/03/27/retired-supreme-court-justice-stevens-says-second-amendment-should-be-repealed.html John Paul Stevens, the 97-year-old retired Supreme Court justice, is calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment and is encouraging anti-gun protesters to do the same. Stevens, once the leader of the court's liberals, said the “schoolchildren and their supporters” who have been demonstrating against school shootings should “seek more effective and more lasting reform.” “They should demand a repeal of the Second Amendment,” Stevens wrote in an op-ed for the New York Times on Tuesday. Stevens argued that the amendment – which states that “a well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed” – is a “relic of the 18th century.” Repealing the Second Amendment, he argued, is the most effective way to stop school shootings. Stevens retired from the court in 2010. “That simple but dramatic action would move Saturday’s marchers closer to their objective than any other possible reform,” Stevens said. “It would eliminate the only legal rule that protects sellers of firearms in the United States — unlike every other market in the world.” Repealing the Second Amendment would be extraordinarily difficult for anti-gun activists to do. That would require both houses of Congress proposing the amendment with a two-thirds vote, or two thirds of state legislatures calling on Congress to hold a constitutional convention. It would then have to be ratified by three-fourths of the states or state legislatures. In his op-ed, Stevens also railed against the 2008 Supreme Court District of Columbia v. Heller decision that established an individual right to bear arms. “That decision — which I remain convinced was wrong and certainly was debatable — has provided the NRA with a propaganda weapon of immense power,” Stevens said. “Overturning that decision via a constitutional amendment to get rid of the Second Amendment would be simple and would do more to weaken the NRA’s ability to stymie legislative debate and block constructive gun control legislation than any other available option.” There has been a renewed push for gun control since February's school shooting in Parkland, Florida. But there has been no serious push by Democrats to repeal the amendment. But speaking to conservatives last month, President Trump said he believes Democrats would try to repeal the Second Amendment if they take back control of the government.
  21. Agreed, I was reading this story out of knoxville this morning thinking the exact same thing..Why is this person even out on the streets..? https://www.knoxnews.com/story/news/crime/2018/03/25/knox-county-man-accused-kidnapping-raping-woman/457067002/ This part of the story just absolutely infuriates me.. Copley's criminal history spans Knox County, Anderson County and Detroit, Michigan, and includes charges of aggravated assault, kidnapping, DUI and arson, according to the release. What is the point of having laws/punishments for these types of criminals if they are going to be just let back out on the street in a few years..This person should not have ever been a free man again with a rap sheet like that..


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