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  1. Hey, morons need to be reminded sometimes else they'll never get off the short bus.
  2. 200 gallons? Forty per-cent of drivers are buying two hundred gallons of gasoline every time they go to the gas station? Since Nov. 4. Really?! This sounds like fodder for that SNL skit, "Really! . . . Really?!" 200 gallons! Son of a biscuit eater! That's a dang lotta gasoline, as in maybe ten times what most larger cars hold. "Really! . . . Really?!"
  3. I finally found some Blazer Brass in 9mm today at WW, probably because they are limiting buyers to 6 boxes. I was happy with the six and said as much.
  4. I might make fun of them, but there is NO way they're getting my tin foil!
  5. +1 Although what I like to carry is Remington Golden Saber 124 gr in a standard pressure. Used to be able to find them for $15 for 25 on-line; lately the prices have moved up to the buck a round range; but if things continue I'll be using whatever I can find that will feed reliably and fire consistently.
  6. I've visited both the Nolensville WM and the Charlotte Ave WM on two separtate occasions each, in the last two weeks and they've had some rifle ammo, including .22, and plenty of shotgun ammo, but I saw only a handful of pistol ammo - one box of .25; one box of .357; I think I a saw a box of .380. But it's no better on-line, at least not for 9mm. Even ammo to go showed nothing in hp as of this afternoon for 9mm.
  7. Second that. Also, based on the size pistol you reference, the Ruger P94 - which isn't exactly a compact - you might want to consider the FNP .40. It's actually a bit lighter and has a slightly smaller footprint than the Ruger. I have the 9mm in the, alas now discontinued compact 9, and it's real fine. Comes with 3 magazines and interchangeable backstraps. No external safety - decocker works fine for me though. Most places - if you can find one, G&L often has them in stock - price them at around $500 but you know how that goes. http://www.fnhusa.com/le/products/firearms/family.asp?fid=FNF019&gid=FNG001 If you want an all-metal pistol I'd say one of the Sigs, P239 or P229, as someone mentioned already, if your budget allows.
  8. Judge spares builder who kidnapped burglar after police told him: 'We can't come for two days'. My favorite part is where the actual burglars, the C-R-I-M-I-N-A-L-S, are 'cautioned' while the guys whose property was getting burgled got a 'twelve-month suspended sentence.' http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1164451
  9. Nearly 40% more expensive than it was there 6 weeks ago, but at least they have it. On a side note, and just fyi: the last time I placed an order they notified me that they were actually out of what I ordered; I cancelled the order and got a confirmation; they charged my card anyway. I contacted them about the error and got an apologetic reply. Hopefully by now they've credited my card. Just sayin' . . .
  10. Lotsa hot words. Only thing missing are the exclamation points. recipe for death(!) A gang of lawmakers(!) dangerous brew(!) gun-toter(!!!) fantasyland Wyatt Earp one flare-up, and you’ve got a fight worthy of Billy the Kid(!) stop a speeding bullet(!) . . . .?? Does one black eye justify death by gunfire? Is that justice? This legislation makes a gun-carrier judge, shooter and executioner.(!!!!!) “Three die in restaurant shootout, but gun owner loses permit.”(!) outrageous(!) bone-chilling development(!) wake up and smell the gunsmoke. This is a recipe for tragedy. (!!!!!!) Just serves as a reminder: "when you can't dazzle 'em with brilliance, baffle 'em with bulls**t." Wake up and smell it indeed.(!)
  11. Well. obviously, it's a Hobson's Choice, isn't it? What does 'gun control' mean? We <i>have</i> gun control. People who are felons, underage, mentally unbalanced and such can't legally buy weapons. The operative word being 'legally'. So if I choose 'yes' to that poll, I'm being disingenous. If I say 'no', I risk sounding like one of 'those people'.

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