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  1. States like Mississippi that have enhanced licenses are actually enhanced licenses. You can carry just about anywhere in public legally with an enhanced license in Mississippi, such as K-12 schools and colleges. That obviously did not happen with this 'enhanced' permit name change that we got in Tennessee last year.
  2. In my opinion, the politicians pulled this new two permit system for a couple reasons last year. One, the politicians did not want to of course allow people to carry without licenses. That scares a lot of these fake 'pro gun' so called conservatives. Two, the politicians also did not want to make the current permit system better as in cutting the restrictions on where people cannot legally carry with a permit. Legal college campus carry was not passed. People still question "Is this a legal sign?" when people in most states do not have such a silly concern. A major gun lobbying organization probably failed and endorsed this junk instead of fixing what we already have and also getting permit free carry. The organization and the politicians got to look pro gun to everyone without accomplishing anything.
  3. It should not be the place for state government to add weapons crimes for people, especially people with carry permits, who are violating a property owner's weapons and/or human resource policies. Weapons policies are normally civil issues (such as workplace rules) and at most turn into trespass issues when an individual refuses to leave when a property owner/manager asks that person to leave. Tennessee is one of the few states in the country that has that sort of law on the books and applies it to people with carry permits. Constitutional carry would be great but does not fix the other places in this state that you cannot legally carry a handgun even with a permit. Many of those locations are legal to carry with a permit in other states, like college campuses.
  4. You would be better off spending the slightly extra money and getting what right now is called the handgun carry permit and will be called next year the enhanced carry permit. You may end up with better reciprocity in other states and also be legal to carry in a couple more places, such as public hunting land.
  5. The no guns posting law in this state is unnecessary and anti gun because it is a weapons crime, even for people with handgun carry permits. Most states do not have this sort of law on the books, especially for people with pistol permits, because trespass covers unwanted behavior on private and government property. A lot of people forget that those 'no gun' signs in TN do make it illegal to carry on some local and state government owned property.
  6. 'Pro gun' Tennessee Republican legislators failed again to pass an easy gun carry bill. The bill is only somewhat helpful and does not even get rid of the sign law. At this rate, it might get done in another ten years after half of the country has constitutional carry.
  7. The town probably has a human resource policy against employees carrying guns while working even though it is legal under state law to carry on the town's property. That HR policy is probably what is getting changed so that employees are not fired for carrying on the job. Changing an employment policy of their town may require some sort of vote.
  8. 300winmag

    SRO Law

    I don't think the teachers in Mississippi made a big deal when MS got enhanced licenses that legalized K-12 and college carry several years ago. I am not sure if K-12 school employees there can carry without breaking some sort of workplace policy. My opinion is that a lot of the 'conservative Republicans' in TN are not as pro gun as they claim to be when other states have legalized school and college carry. Of course many other states have now legalized constitutional carry. We instead get a so called enhanced permit from our Republican majority legislature that is not enhanced at all.
  9. 300winmag

    SRO Law

    The 'conservative Republicans' in the legislature would have been better off just legalizing carry for people with handgun carry permits or the 'enhanced' carry permits on K-12 school and college property. Then add some sort of employment law stating that staff at public K-12 schools can carry without getting fired from their jobs. That is too easy of a fix by adding a sentence or two to the weapons law and some wording to school staff employment law. It is better for 'conservative Republicans' to spend extra money in order to do something and even create more jobs. Police and armed guards are important at campuses, but one officer or armed guard cannot be expected to protect a large school campus with a thousand students.
  10. If you have a current handgun carry permit, you gain no additional carry privileges (similar to what other states have) by the permit converting to an 'enhanced' carry permit next year. The TN legislature did nothing for us as far as reducing carry restrictions this year.
  11. It is important to note that the slight improvement to the 'no gun sign' law did not even make it through the Senate again to be signed by the governor. So basically we got absolutely no reduction in carry restrictions this year. The NRA it seems like could not even get behind a simple modification to slightly making our carry laws better and seeing that bill passed through the legislature to the governor's office. Instead it looks like the NRA lobbyist pushed for a 2nd carry permit that saves people 35 bucks and could cause those of us with current handgun carry permits/now 'enhanced' to lose reciprocity with other states. Those of us with now 'enhanced' permits got no benefits that people in other states with 'enhanced' permits have, which include legal school, college campus carry, and in general ability to carry about anywhere without worrying about "am I legal here?" .
  12. There are states that do not even have training requirements for carry permits that have less carry restrictions than what we have in Tennessee for what will become 'enhanced' carry permits. It is pretty pathetic what we are getting for our now enhanced carry permit compared to a lot of other states in the country. The enhanced permit allows us to carry in a park where school groups are but the now standard permit does not in Tennessee is what I am reading? How stupid to even have that sort of legal trap for honest people. And this is how a Republican super majority helped people with a slightly cheaper carry permit instead of just getting rid of that law entirely?
  13. Mississippi's enhanced carry permit that requires the same live fire training class as Tennessee allows you to legally carry in K-12 and college buildings in Mississippi. You don't have to worry about criminal weapons charges over 'no gun' signs either with an enhanced permit in MS. We did not get that which makes this whole new 'enhanced' deal in Tennessee a complete joke. People who went through live fire training in Tennessee continue to get nothing enhanced out of it. If you don't want to pay for a permit in Mississippi, you can just carry a handgun without a license concealed with some restrictions. You can also get a license without any training that has some restrictions.
  14. Unless a bill gets passed quickly before the end of the legislative session, people with what the 'enhanced' permits get absolutely nothing 'enhanced' out of the deal similar to other states such as Mississippi. No college campus carry, no school carry, or any other reduced restrictions for the present carry permit/new enhanced that requires live fire. The whole deal is kind of pointless. Pay 100 dollars for one carry permit with restrictions OR pay 65 dollars for a permit with more restrictions. Did the NRA endorse and lobby for this bill instead of for reducing carry restrictions this year?
  15. Most states don't have weapons crimes for carrying past a sign like TN does for people with permits. The problem with the no guns signs in TN is that technically they can result in weapons charges not just on private property but also on publicly owned property, such as your state government owned buildings. A misdemeanor weapons crime conviction can result in you having problems with your handgun carry permit unless I am wrong. A misdemeanor trespass conviction I don't think would cause problems with your handgun carry permit. Luckily right now the law does not seem to be used as a criminal charge, but it could be used and would cause people with permits legal problems. Trespass works in other states for people who fail to leave when asked and would work here fine instead of this sort of law. Modifying the sign law is better than nothing. The best would be just to scrap it but the politicians are too scared to do that. This shows that the politicians may not do much pro gun wise this year for carry rights.

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