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  1. I left neutral feedback on their profile with an explanation of the events TL:DR: User e-mailed an offer, I accepted, ghosting insued. Edit: PM's replied to.
  2. Re-bumping, had a user here send me an offer for both pistols that I accepted then didn't answer email, or messages for 10 days so am making them available for sale again. Also, do I leave bad feedback for this person? They have active ad's published and previous negative feedback...
  3. It states .38S&W. I have a breakaway frame .38S&W and have been able to find ammo for it. Usually big box stores like cabela's will have a few boxes but haven't bought it in a few years so I don't know.
  4. Week 1 on the market bump. Am I off on price? Couple intriguing trade offers but it has to be something that really tickles me to 'pull the trigger' on a trade. I assumed these would turn over quickly. Open to reasonable offers, especially if you want both. Cheers! -Mike
  5. For sale I have a Springfield Armory 1911 EMP 4" Commander (sold pending meet first week of novembner) bought on this site from a fellow member. Also for sale is a 911 9mm bought at budsgunshop.com for which I am the original owner. The EMP has a factory stainless slide as well as 7 magazines. Low round count by wear though true count is unknown. The 911 is LNIB, carried a dozen or so times in the sticky soft holster pictured. Has roughly 50 rounds through the barrel. The 911 is the same as this one here, MSRP of $555.00 The EMP4 is similar to this one here, MSRP of $1,220.00
  6. Hey churnard... I PM'd you wanting to buy. Could you please check your messages or send me an e-mail at my username here @gmail.com
  7. Did I miss another contact method? Sent PM and replied over a week ago.
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