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  1. Still can't breathe on my own. Constantly on bpap.
  2. CRP means C-reactive protein test. Anything above 10 is a sign of serious infection, trauma, or disease. Mine was 30. So that is really good because the infection is going way down!!!!
  3. Doc here. Said my CRP is down to 8. It was 30. Big improvement.
  4. Lisa's out. The kids put her up in a hotel to finish self quarantine. We'll see what happens with me.
  5. Done nothing but sleep today. Yesterday was rough, today has been better. Looks like Lisa might get out tomorrow! I'm still on the machine.
  6. Doc just left. He says I'm doing better, I've managed to stay away from needing a ventilator. But, I have to spread the damage I do have in my lungs from just the back. I have to lay on my belly and my sides to move things around. I'm not out of the woods by any means, but it could be worse.
  7. Lisa: they say she is forgetting things and not completing thoughts. Could be Xanax exhaustion, mild stroke. They are checking. Me: no new numbers yet, but my 0² drops too fast when I get off this machine. I recover quickly, but that's still not good.
  8. Ok, new update. Doc just left. Lisa is doing fantastic, she is off 0² as of this morning! My news is not that positive. My inflammatory makers went up again slightly overnight, so I'm on 100% 0². Honestly, I'm scared.
  9. Update. Lisa is doing fairly well, she has a mild strain. I got the worst available. Add pneumonia, and the challenge increases. I'm improving, but my lungs are being slow because of the severity. I will be fine!! It's just a longer harder uphill battle. I could possibly be in here 14 days.
  10. Yes. Sumner Regional, CCU
  11. Prayer guys. Please. Miserable.
  12. Did the original have that stupid finger cut out on the bottom of the frontstrap?
  13. Finally got to see and fondle one. I wasn’t impressed.
  14. Thanks for the link! So, it was made in 1886, 11 jewel movement. The gold in it is probably worth more than the watch itself?
  15. 1st sentence: if everyone thought that, there would be none. 2nd and 3rd sentences: make a trip to Gallatin. We'll fix that.
  16. I have an old lever set Elgin watch, had it for years. In a bit of a money crunch thanks to Covid and the lack of work. I don't want to get ripped when I sell this. Wanted to reach out to my buddies here, I'm sure someone knows about this kind of thing.
  17. Gonna be anyone left for 2021??? Dang...
  18. I have seen all sorts of incidents. False denials, overturns in 4 hours, 4 months (which they have to resubmit since it was over 30 days), guy with 2 DUI's in 7 years (1 tags you 5 years, 2 for 10)... the angry vet that just couldn't understand... as he got to the door, turned around and said, "I only hit her once!"...
  19. Welcome from a fellow muso! Great place here!


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