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  1. It won't matter if the super power conferences only play each other and set up their own playoffs like the AFC and NFC, then meet in what will become a kind of College Super Bowl. That's the ultimate threat from the SEC and Big10 breaking away from the current structure. They're looking to froth up leverage and revenue in TV deals and what not, so that when they want to go independent, the NCAA and CFP aren't a planning factor in their operations. The NCAA is already a paper tiger when it comes to college football. The best analogy I heard a while back is the five power conferences are like the old mafia families of New York city. They each run their own shows, feud from time to time, but have the NCAA act like The Commission of old to regulate things. They run The Commission, not the other way around. The SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey has way more wasta than Mark Emmert the NCAA President.
  2. Oh, it is know what they consider important...TV ratings and how well fan bases travel. It helps to understand when you view this as a production first, and a meritocracy second. The week to week ratings they release are just to gin up content, and interest. Putting in 2x SEC teams is usually a high bar, and one they'll use spur ratings in the regular season. This year has been fantastic for such. Bama and Tennessee taking 2 losses made a TSU or USC bid likely. If Bama had won out after the Tennessee loss and won the SEC Championship, both they and Georgia would be in. With the SEC teams really eating their own this year, the Big XII and PAC-12 have a good chance to each get a team in. Clemson's current abilities finally out-stinking their past glory facilitates this as well.
  3. People who forget or don't think they need to scale admin proportionally with operations usually wind up regretting it. Sure, some organic growth can be absorbed, but it's not long before you need another bucket to catch the overflow when you're making those big leaps like you exampled during the Obama years. I have a hunch that taking the plea deal before any IRS investigators got into the mix was probably the best legal move to make. Those guns that weren't properly accounted for and added to other folks 4473's may well have gone out the backdoor to various sources for straight cash that wasn't reported.
  4. Wow, very dumb. They were either very lazy, or doing shady things with those missing guns. The punishment here is not anything approaching serious (to me, anyway)... I'm no fan of the ATF, and it's debatable how much should be logged by vendors, but what they were doing seems so far out of bounds this doesn't appear to be sufficient. Yeah, they'll lose their business, but that needed to happen anyway it seems. No significant penalties aside from a federal conviction, which I know ain't nothing...but still.
  5. One step at a time is correct since that kind of philosophical shift takes time. Their having guns and realizing they aren't the scariest thing on earth if handled correctly is a big first step into winning people over. Nothing negates ignorance like experience.
  6. $2.969 in Hendersonville this morning. #ThanksBrandon
  7. Easily one of the best upgrades I put into my ARs, and it was sale periods I took advantage of to do it. I know the price is hefty, and I can't honestly say they are abundantly superior to say a LaRue option at about half the price...but I'm not regretting the money I spent on my Geissele triggers for one moment.
  8. Oklahoma State ruined a six team parlay I had at +1817 by completely failing to cover against a MAC team.
  9. Enjoy it until Saturday, September 24th.
  10. So painfully obvious that it's been done again and again over history. Having a FRED account lets me play around with this stuff, so I took a quick few minutes to chart the two basic metrics of the Federal Funds Effective Rate, and Inflation on an annual frequency. Basically anytime inflation has gotten out of control, or in some cases even out of line, the Fed has had to raise interest rates up to or higher than the prevailing inflation rate. So, I don't know what hopes people have for some magic wand solution instead of tough medicine by the spoonful. Here's a spoiler of how the Fed meetings are going to be for a while longer.... As "Joliet" Jake Blues said, hit it.
  11. Sooooo many shenanigans have to be afoot. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/sureal-story-20-year-old-student-acquires-6-bed-bath-beyond-makes-110-million-3-weeks
  12. Depends on risk tolerance and goals. Long-term, the US market is where it's at, and that's where the vast majority of my capital is parked. I just don't think we're done with the bumpy ride yet. But I've made peace with that.
  13. Yup...misread what you had typed. Yeah, if you're hitting 21 on day trading, or riding the order flows...you're likely to have a good supper tonight to celebrate.
  14. I think it's a bit of a premature celebration, and could be a dead cat bounce kind of thing. Some of the reason inflation seems to be plateauing comes from the price points of consumer and commerce being maxed out. People can't spend more, and business can't keep a profit margin if they stay in the consumer limits. Both of those things portent a broader economic slowdown (ie: a recession) coming up on the horizon. As much as bonafied recessions can suck, we probably need one to help sort out all the shenanigans of the last decade plus. The markets need to get back to sustainable health after binging on the Fed's near zero interest rate policy for way too long.
  15. That's a looker for sure. Enjoy!
  16. Condolences to his family and friends.
  17. Wanting to update this with my decisions, and thank @MacGyverfor helping me find a great monitor. I went with the BenQ PD3205U, and it's about perfect for what I need. I had considered getting a 24-27" companion to have in portrait mode, but I don't think that will be needed. I also got an Uplift adjustable desk and while that was a chore to setup, it's already feeling great. Once again, this site delivers as a place to bounce ideas, and get new one. Here's what the new setup looks like. I have the built in KVM working my work laptop via USB-C, and my personal desktop through HDMI (I may get froggy and try Display Port).
  18. Great memories of watching Star Trek as a kid...and adult. She inspired a lot of young women from that generation. The story of how MLK asked her to not quit when she felt the network wasn't treating her fair is worth looking up. He made her realize the impact she was having, and the rest is history.
  19. Beautiful looking couple, and event. Congrats to both families on the big day!
  20. I admit I was wrong on the chances the prior gun bill would pass...but that one was little and less to worry about. This one is essentially the wet dream for an anti-gunner. I really can't see it passing the 60 vote threshold. If somehow it doesn't get subject to cloture, it could pass if Democrats really wanted to have a win on this. This close to a mid-term election they're on the defensive, but have some windows with recent court actions...it could really hurt. I think they want the issue to campaign on more than the win here (for now). The no sunset was a lesson from the 1994 bill. The severability part is standard legislative fare. Requires congressional actions to die by a few blows. Basically trying to avoid a thermal exhaust port scenario.
  21. At least one of us kept in shape after getting out of the army. Hope it's a blast for you and everyone else attending.
  22. That looks quite nice. Add in a small and medium paring knife, and a good block...that would make a great gift set.
  23. Oh I'm way too lazy and cheap to switch out the speakers. I don't drive enough for it to be worth it.
  24. I've been debating that for my 2002 Ford Ranger. But I like local radio.
  25. Every time I see a new model car (ICE or EV), and notice more and more being done through some kind of data connection...I sigh. Maybe I'm stuck on a worst case scenario that isn't likely, but I can't help but think that "right to repair" is going to have a wide meaning. The battle over such a concept coming to everybody's individual conveyance in my lifetime worries me.


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