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  1. Depends on risk tolerance and goals. Long-term, the US market is where it's at, and that's where the vast majority of my capital is parked. I just don't think we're done with the bumpy ride yet. But I've made peace with that.
  2. Yup...misread what you had typed. Yeah, if you're hitting 21 on day trading, or riding the order flows...you're likely to have a good supper tonight to celebrate.
  3. I think it's a bit of a premature celebration, and could be a dead cat bounce kind of thing. Some of the reason inflation seems to be plateauing comes from the price points of consumer and commerce being maxed out. People can't spend more, and business can't keep a profit margin if they stay in the consumer limits. Both of those things portent a broader economic slowdown (ie: a recession) coming up on the horizon. As much as bonafied recessions can suck, we probably need one to help sort out all the shenanigans of the last decade plus. The markets need to get back to sustainable health after binging on the Fed's near zero interest rate policy for way too long.
  4. That's a looker for sure. Enjoy!
  5. Condolences to his family and friends.
  6. Wanting to update this with my decisions, and thank @MacGyverfor helping me find a great monitor. I went with the BenQ PD3205U, and it's about perfect for what I need. I had considered getting a 24-27" companion to have in portrait mode, but I don't think that will be needed. I also got an Uplift adjustable desk and while that was a chore to setup, it's already feeling great. Once again, this site delivers as a place to bounce ideas, and get new one. Here's what the new setup looks like. I have the built in KVM working my work laptop via USB-C, and my personal desktop through HDMI (I may get froggy and try Display Port).
  7. Great memories of watching Star Trek as a kid...and adult. She inspired a lot of young women from that generation. The story of how MLK asked her to not quit when she felt the network wasn't treating her fair is worth looking up. He made her realize the impact she was having, and the rest is history.
  8. Beautiful looking couple, and event. Congrats to both families on the big day!
  9. I admit I was wrong on the chances the prior gun bill would pass...but that one was little and less to worry about. This one is essentially the wet dream for an anti-gunner. I really can't see it passing the 60 vote threshold. If somehow it doesn't get subject to cloture, it could pass if Democrats really wanted to have a win on this. This close to a mid-term election they're on the defensive, but have some windows with recent court actions...it could really hurt. I think they want the issue to campaign on more than the win here (for now). The no sunset was a lesson from the 1994 bill. The severability part is standard legislative fare. Requires congressional actions to die by a few blows. Basically trying to avoid a thermal exhaust port scenario.
  10. At least one of us kept in shape after getting out of the army. Hope it's a blast for you and everyone else attending.
  11. That looks quite nice. Add in a small and medium paring knife, and a good block...that would make a great gift set.
  12. Oh I'm way too lazy and cheap to switch out the speakers. I don't drive enough for it to be worth it.
  13. I've been debating that for my 2002 Ford Ranger. But I like local radio.
  14. Every time I see a new model car (ICE or EV), and notice more and more being done through some kind of data connection...I sigh. Maybe I'm stuck on a worst case scenario that isn't likely, but I can't help but think that "right to repair" is going to have a wide meaning. The battle over such a concept coming to everybody's individual conveyance in my lifetime worries me.
  15. Monthly subscriptions are where the vehicle companies are hoping the gold is. They will be very aggressive in this area to recoup the costs of converting plants and supply chains to the EV side. Alongside and after that, it'll be to prop up the share price and distribute dividends, or keep a growth story alive. What's worse is that 25% accepting is going to creep up as generations shift. Gen Z and Millennials are used to subscription models for plenty of things as a normal part of their life. Gen X has prefected the art of griping and moving on. Microsoft Office becoming a subscription instead of a new version you could ride out buying every other release is a great example, your smartphone being amortized as part of your monthly service plan is a other. The C-Suites aren't waiting for the boomers to exit gracefully before they flip this switch. They don't need as many people willing to endure a subscription model as some may think, and 25% now isn't a bad metric for where the technology is. The ones who hate it will be drug along kicking and screaming for lack of better options once they have between 50-55% compliance. Griping in a survey is different from voting with your wallet. The future has a lot of cool stuff we haven't even conceptualized yet. It will also have the same style of merchants finding creative, often insidious ways to get you to fork over money to them just like it's been since antiquity.
  16. The PD3205U rotates. I just watched an unboxing and setup video for it and the guy demonstrated the rise, tilt, and rotation. He had to tilt then rotate, but it goes 90˚ into portrait mode.
  17. For the Dell Latitude laptop I have from work, 90W is plenty of power; the charger that came with it is only 65W. I honestly don't think I need two monitors for the house given my work requirements and desk space...but if I get froggy, I really don't do much too graphic intensive from an application perspective. At home I just use the one monitor, and open the laptop for a small screen to have my Spotify account up on. The built in KVM in either model is a huge plus for me right now. Would be great for my desktop PC with Linux or another non-work laptop if I pick one up again. I can just HDMI or USB-C that one to the monitor easy enough. No macOS for me to worry about. Right now I have a TESmart KVM that can handle four devices. It's given me a Yeoman's service since I snatched it up back in mid-March 2020, but it's got enough cords to tie down everything on the Clampetts' truck. In the department...according to the specs on the website, the PD3205U has a 90˚ pivot and one of the pics on the BenQ site shows it in portrait mode. That would be quite the mistake to publish if it didn't do that.
  18. Quick question, what do you know what the the non Thunderbolt 3 is? Looks like the PD3205U if I'm reading the specs correctly. Thunderbolt power from a monitor plugin would be great, but since I have a company issued Dell WD19S 180W docking station, it's not on the essential list.
  19. Or until we ride out the down slope of the Hubbert peak. I get that EVs aren't ready for use en masse yet, but time and technology are on their side with oil being a finite resource. Look at the leaps we've made from the time they were a concept to being able to see Tesla's out and about. Now the conventional companies are getting into the market. We're realistically only a generation or two from this being a workable concept given how fast technology can evolve, and industry can rally.
  20. btq96r

    Real ID

    Secure Flight Passenger Data. The airlines are required to share the personal info you enter for your reservation with, which lets them have all that on hand. It's not as Orwellian as you think...especially since you're not giving up any new info, or anything really private aside from your travel plans (if you consider those personal). It does show how interconnected private companies and .gov entities can become.
  21. The reported level of accuracy with a pistol is way too good to have been learned from military training.
  22. What a validation of the change in law. Hate that it happened, but this vignette has a clear takeaway that the new law is a good one.
  23. Market economics will correct this eventually as EVs become more widespread. It's hard to see why battery failure in an EV isn't under some kind of warranty. Maybe it was declined, or just isn't standard in purchasing contracts yet. But if this becomes widespread enough in fact or story, it'll have to happen or people will gravitate towards brands that it's not a factor from. To be sure, there is going to be some planned obsolescence with these things. I think it'll come more from firmware upgrades and the computer parts of the car having a lifecycle than the mechanics. The proprietary nature of all that is where the maker will keep a firm grip on things. But I also have to assume that battery replacements as a comparison to a new car purchase are part of the financial model of the production lines.
  24. We can debate tactics, gear, and spend countless hours on 9mm vs. 40 S&W vs. .45 ACP...all that is just filler. Nothing determines an outcome more than the mindset of an individual who acts when human instinct is to freeze or flee.
  25. Third story in on the sliding headline picture thing for me.


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