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  1. Although I understand where you are coming from I’m of the belief that if you own land ( or anything else for that matter) you should be able to do whatever you wish with it.
  2. As a NYer who moved down here I’d say your problems aren’t from transplants like myself. It’s gonna be the youth. I look at the stuff going on in Johnson City, liberal attitudes, gay pride parades, etc. it’s almost as bad as CA there. For myself, I bought land in the hills, built some AR pistols that I couldn’t own in NY, unpinned my stocks and put A2 birdcages back on. Rocking the standard mags and putting in for a few suppressors. I love this place.
  3. I'll be up front here and admit that I do not regularly attend church. Having said that. One has to take into account the translation from language to language the Bible has gone through. In addition the time span of the writings. Words can take on different meanings over the years in a single language, much less the same word meaning different things in the same language but different countries at the same time. Fag is a perfect example of this. In England it's a cigarette, something entirely different here.
  4. I find comments such as this, “Let's face it, most people don't need an AR15 with a 30 round mag or a semiauto pistol with a 15 round magazine to defend themselves and their homes.” to be the biggest problem with keeping our 2A rights alive. In one fell swoop you managed to throw under the bus what our rights are all about. It isn’t what we need, it’s about what we should be able to own. Case in point, your 15 round mag comment. Have you ever needed to fire at someone under a stressful situation? Have you ever needed to fire at someone who was returning fire? If the situation ever arose, I’m certain you would want maximum capacity for the firearm. I for one don’t want some politician deciding for me what I might and might not need. As gunowners statements that include “most people don’t need” only serve to hurt us. It’s what Fuds say.
  5. To even touch a handgun in NY without having a license is against the law in NY. Having said that at the very least I would put in a locked box and stay quiet until the TN line.
  6. I wouldn't use Fram filters. But that's just me.
  7. Two weeks ago we were down there and I wore this shirt. Stopped at Lowes on 11E near BMS. It was funny how many people said they like the shirt then had a puzzled look when they heard my accent when I said "Thank you."
  8. Got an email today saying my two are on the way. You might wonder why a damn yankee is buying these. 898 more days till I make my move down there. I promise, no NY attitude is coming down with me.
  9. I've got a stupid question. If if he didn't try to log in how did he know he was banned again?
  10. Here's an ice cream truck. Wait for it at the end. http://youtu.be/umtKrDjSv0M
  11. We have a private road that is approximately 2000' long and 16' wide. There are a few drainage issues that need to be addressed and gravel to be laid down. There is no gravel now. If anyone has a suggestion for a good honest contractor in the area please let me know.
  12. I've always been fond of this saying that comes to mind when I see some dremel work on guns. Guns are like women. When you start thinking of taking power tools to either one, you need to step back for a second.

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