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  1.   Do you live near a cabelas? the one near me offers free reloading classes. It's best to learn from someone who already knows what they're doing--it will help boost your confidence. My wife got me a Lee Classic Turret press for Christmas this year and I love it. I use a Lee 4 piece die set (same as .40 sw cal), but adjustments will be made for seat depth and crimp etc. That sounds like chinese right now, but when explained it will make more sense. You can also familiarize yourself with Youtube videos, but keep n mind that you can be watching any old knucklehead, so read the comments and look at the "likes" to make sure the person is somewhat respectable.   The kit comes with most of what you will need to get started http://www.cabelas.com/product/Lee-Precision-Classic-Turret-Press-Kit/1374275.uts?productVariantId=3168168&srccode=cii_17588969&cpncode=32-376743071-2&WT.tsrc=CSE&WT.mc_id=GoogleProductAds&WT.z_mc_id1=03453429&rid=40   I would recommend getting a digital scale though. I use one from Hornady, doesn't matter who makes it so long as it has units in grains. http://www.hornady.com/store/GS-1500-Grain-Electronic-Scale   FOr the die set you want the 4 piece that includes the CARBIDE factory crimp (this prevents you from needing to lube cases and extend case life) http://www.midwayusa.com/product/622255/lee-deluxe-carbide-4-die-set-40-s-and-w-10mm-auto   Powder is preference. Right now handgun powder is very difficult to find. I'm currently using Bullseye, but, quite franly, that powder scares the poop out of me for use with 10mm. It's very dense (doesn't fill up much of the case) making it much less noticeable if you double charge. I will be switching powders for high pressure rounds when I come across some different brands.   Cases you will start collecting at the range. Ideally you will never need to buy new brass because plenty of people leave it on the floor for you to take home. eventually you will have a nice stockpile. Amortizing the cost of brass over time is where the biggest savings are for reloading. Although it's cheaper regardless.   500-600 bucks start up cost sounds like a lot, but when you consider the fact that 1000 rounds of 10mm factory ammo costs over 600 bucks, you can see it pays for itself after first 1k rounds. http://www.ammoman.com/10mm   To start a new caliber, all you need is the correct die set (~$50), brass you should already have (since your collecting at the range now), and projectiles. In some cases you may need different powders. But there are a lot of good cross compatible powders as well. Primers are either small, large or magnum so they cross function as well.     **keep in mind the ammo above is just standard 180grain factory. Not familiar with that ammo, but if it's watered down stuff your essentially just shooting an expensive 40sw. Look at the 10mm like it is a 40sw magnum (because that's really what it is). It would be akin to buying expensive 357 mag ammo that's loaded to the equivalent of it's ballistically inferior little brother, the 38 special. When reloading, you can basically load the super hot, real-deal Buffalo Bore type loads for not much additional cost.   good luck and Godspeed!
  2. Nice. Congrats on the new piece. The Glock 20 is my favorite handgun. The 10mm is my favorite round. You won't be disappointed.  Start reloading ASAP. Be careful with these though because they're a high pressure round. A double charge (of powder) in a big, slow, low pressure 45 won't necessarily blow up and destroy your gun, but the 10mm is very likely to.   Good luck, safe shooting.
  3. Or they just smile at you and think your REALLY happy
  4.   Is that the one in Opry Mills mall? If so that Bass Pro has much to be desired. Although it is conveniently close the Pepper Palace store :) Anyway, you guys have so many awesome gun stores. Why bother with the big box guys? Most of my LGS have much better prices than cabelas. They price their items high so they can have sales (that equal LGS price). Only reason I shop there at all is  because I get free money with my cabelas card. Get one of those if you don't already have one BTW. Its a visa rewards card.
  5. If I let my groomsman wear jeans at my wedding my wife would have taken his gun and shot at our feet like a cartoon with us all scrambling for the nearest suit rental store
  6. I'm going with dick move because he approached mother of the bride. I love talking guns and would have said something....to YOU. When you were alone or just with your wife I would have been like "what do you carry?" . Then the boring wedding (i find them boring) would have turned into a 2 hour convo about guns and mutual liberal hate.
  7. They (antis) are trying so hard to demonize the AR15 that they will go out of there way to throw in...   "Breaking news: School shooting! Shooter did not use AR15" or "was it an AR15?", "no word yet if it was an AR15", "AR15" "AR15" "AR15"...   or in the case of the navy yard shooting   "Tactical AK 15 shotgun assault machinegun shotgun"   Makes me throw up on the inside every time. The casual listener/watcher who knows nothing still hears the words," AR, 15, AW, dead people" and goes on thinking they were used. Shameful manipulation.
  8. Well heck, I want a grenade launcher...   Anyway, this guy sounds like a real POS. Selling drugs in front of a daycare center, threatening his neighbors among other felonies. Hope he gets it up the pooper in prison.
  9. Maltese. Gizmo and Pixie. They both love guns, freedom and America.
  10. 1) AR-15--5.56/223 (hopefully a Tavor after moving to TN) 2) Glock 20--10mm 3) Ka Bar Heavy Bowie or my wife off her meds
  11.   This is only partially true. I agree that in many cases this is a weak non-assertive manager who doesn't have the stones to give it straight to a prospective employee. Personally, I believe a good manager should offer advice to the candidate on what they could do to improve their resume for a future opening.   Anyway, the "over qualified" issue is not always BS, especially not in a bad economy. Companies invest a lot of financial,temporal and personnel resources into training a new hire and thus want to filter out people who are looking for a temporary paycheck. Essentially, it is in the company's best interest not to hire someone that will leave at the first opportunity they get. In my field, I have seen PhD's applying to jobs for entry level bachelor graduates...they don't get the job because, well, they're way over qualified and will leave for the first research position that gives them an offer.   I read a few mechanics in this post...If you were the hiring manager at Firestone, would you hire a mechanic with 15 years of experience in a senior mechanic role with a plethora of diagnostic equipment knowledge etc etc to be an oil changer? Probably not. It's clear he is over qualified and doing this until he can find something better.
  12. I generally practice defensive or run-and-gun type shooting, not target. My brother and I set up steel targets and engage at different distances. With my SW p99, I hit about 6-7/10 at 50 yards (10 inch round plate). With my sig p220 (45acp) about 3-4 at that same distance. With a Sig 938 about 2-3 at that distance. At 25 yards with my SW, I still only hit about 7-8/10, but my hits are much quicker with less time between shots. The same trend is true among the other guns as distance closes.   I don't know what my groups are, again, because I don't measure groups. I'm generally moving, taking cover etc and shooting at steel, so, "ding" means I hit and no ding means I didn't. 10 inch steel gong is a good center of mass simulator.
  13. Congrats on engagement and job interview. Very exciting (and stressful) times indeed. I was just there 2 years ago. graduated college, engaged/living together, the wedding, a house, a job...When you look back you wonder how you even made it through it all without losing your mind. There's no time to introspect when your life is that busy. Keep at it. In about a years time your going to look back and be very proud of all the milestone accomplishments. Good luck!
  14. Fearing a deadly creature within 50 ft of your house that could easily kill your 4 legged family members is hardly irrational. my fear of spiders in the other hand is. I hate every single one of them. If hunting purely for the sake of sport is justification to kill , then surely extremely venemous reptiles in proximity of your dwelling is too.
  15. You know your a gun nut when....your wife comes home and yells at you to "stop making gun holsters in my oven!" lol. Awesome. Good work. I look forward to the write up thread. THis is very interesting indeed.

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