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  1. WTN is reporting that President Dementia has pulled the supplky of monoclonal antibodies from red states of Tennessee, Mississippi, Florida, and Texas to redistribute to blue states. Gov. Desantis has gone straight to the suppliers to buy it directly.
  2. I wonder if the shooter got pissed at Kroger's crappy services and bad attitudes?
  3. He's got too much on his plate and declined.
  4. A friend of mine expressed interest in having his own fish tank. I don't think he was thinking 120 gallons, but I'm checking with him nevertheless.
  5. So far it's moving out this morning. Got my windows open but it's still a humid mess.
  6. I would second asking around the car show guys. They may recommend someone expensive but that's better than paying twice because some dolt had at it the first time.
  7. Your paranoia has worn me out. I'm done. I've given my warning to others not to listen to crap like this.
  8. I haven't practiced in over two decades, and I don't want to. I know that there's a lot of confusing information put out there by both sides that's complicated by politicization thanks mostly to the left during Trump's last year in office. There are valid reasons for not getting the vaccine, and I wouldn't suggest otherwise. What annoys me is people posting information on this forum who's source is a so-called expert citing anecdotal cases as if they are derived by the scientific method. In the case of treating humans, the gold standard of the scientific method is the double-blind study. That means neither the administering party nor the recipient know whether they are getting a placebo or the real drug. Those studies take time, and unfortunately, the virus (the D variant), proves VERY contagious and seems to be killing younger people who aren't vaccinated because this was a disease killing old or disabled people. Unfortunately, anecdotal news reports of people falsely reporting COVID infections really invalidates CDC's mortality numbers. Any good physician weighs the risk versus the reward with EVERY patient before acting. Example: my disabled daughter did not get the vaccine because her neurologist did not know how it would affect her condition. Luckily, she survived her encounter with the D variant after a considerable stay in the hospital, but what if she hadn't? Not knowing the true mortality numbers complicates that decision. What we DO know is that the FDA has NEVER had a pool of vaccinated people this large with which to pull data. I would wager that the medicine cabinets of the people posting bull information on this forum are full of drugs who have had less of a test pool than the COVID vaccinations. The smaller test pools of the FDA explains why you get drugs that have been on the market for decades but then get pulled because serious issues come up. One example is Zantac. It's true that we do not have any long-term studies of these vaccines, but they were derived by proven scientific methods. My heart hurts for Phil Valentine and his family because he made a bad risk assessment when he decided not to take the vaccine. I don't want people on this forum doing the same damned thing because they were listening to some alleged expert spewing anecdotal information to the world to see how many people they can fool.
  9. You forgot to mention those that are either too lazy or too busy to keep up with current research.
  10. I'm tired of the rain. My yard's going to be a foot tall by the time it drys out. We're supposed to get a lot tonight into tomorrow. I'm considering looking into the cost of Gopher wood to start my ark.
  11. At least she's not a hypocrite. Let's just hope neither of you go the way of Phil Valentine.
  12. Yep, maintenance meds is all that I use them for now. A couple of years ago, I went to the urgent care for pain in my left leg and a stomach virus. Turns out I had phlebitis and said stomach virus, but the doctors coming into my room couldn't keep straight why I was there. They also claimed that I tested positive for a highly contagious disease that they diagnose with a stool sample. Some friends came to visit me and they were gowned up from head to toe, and I asked them why. That's when they told me about the disease. I called the staff in to ask about it, and they confirmed that my stool sample came back positive. You should have seen the look on their faces when I told them that I did NOT have a stool sample taken to render such a diagnosis. My wife told me that I was never to come back to the hospital ever again.
  13. One of their older doctors in the urgent care missed the fact that I had a large pulmonary embolism that nearly killed me by the time I went to the civilian ER where they diagnosed it pretty quickly.
  14. Dude! That's your "evidence'?? LOL! This is so subjective it's incredible. Loosen the tin foil.
  15. That's so true with the exception on my primary care doctor at the VA. I trust him but it's the others that I do not trust.
  16. My wife of almost 42 years and myself - along with my training.
  17. You are wrong. The science has been there for quite some time. It's just being used for the vaccine - except the J&J which is older and less effective..


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