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  1. Too bad we don't know anyone with a substantial botnet to perform a decent DDoS attack on his IP Address.
  2. When I went through the police academy, (in Missouri in 1989), we were taught that anything outside of the curtilage, (the land that was mowed) was fair game for whatever police activity we wanted to conduct although I never had need to do anything concerning it as a police officer in a suburb of Kansas City. Today, I have mixed feelings about it - probably because I now own acreage in the country. I do think that TWRA needs a judicial knot jerked in their power tail, but I also have problems with people poaching or doing other things outside of the hunting laws that we have.
  3. I used to be all for the death penalty, but no longer. There are way too many stories of mistaken identity or outright misconduct like this. The detective should be criminally charged.
  4. From what 99.7 is saying he was anti-mandate; not anti-vax. I will also point out that, given the timing, he died from Omicron which is infecting vaccinated people. He's also had multiple failed back surgeries making it impossible to do any serious exercises.
  5. Sorry, but incorrect. "Marvin Lee Aday, better known as Meat Loaf, has died at the age of 74, a representative for the musician confirmed to Fox News." Apparently, he died from COVID. Also, Louie Anderson lost his battle with cancer too.
  6. When I lived in Lavergne our house was on the flight path of the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds when they would do their show in Smyrna. Those planes flew so low over our house that you could differentiate the rivets on the planes, and they must be exempt from the rest of the military's 1,000 foot minimum for a flyover because they were barely above the mature white oaks in my back yard. I would stand on my deck and watch them so that I could keep a better eye on them. I am sooo glad that I did NOT attend the last Blue Angels show were Captain Kuss crashed and died. I think that would've sent me over the edge.
  7. https://www.upi.com/Archives/1983/10/04/The-Marine-pilot-and-navigator-of-an-A-6E-jetfighter/9063434088000/ It's amazing what can be found online these days. I witnessed this plane crash up close and personal like as it damned near killed me that day. The plane blew-up to the front of me so closely that my face and body felt the heat from the blast. I would have been killed had the plane's drop tanks been full. Fortunately, they came from El Toro and had been flying enough to empty those tanks. One landed a few feet to my right, and the other a few yards to my front. A piece of circuit board landed right next to my right heel. We were on a training exercise where my unit was playing the Russian aggressors. The plane experienced a FOD (Foreign Object Destruct from a rock or bird strike), as it came off of a bombing run a few miles away. They had blown the canopy to eject about a mile from us, but we who lived it, (and the investigators who interviewed us), believe that they saw us down the road and held off ejecting until they were above us as the momentum would have carried the wreckage beyond us. By that time it was too late as the plane turned on its side, and they ejected into the side of a granite hillside that are so common in 29-Palms, CA. I never mounted a 5-ton as fast as I did that day when the Lieutenant told us to go to the wreckage. When I got to the impact zone I was first struck by the desert being on fire from the fuel. When you kicked it then it just lit your boot on fire. I ran up the mountain where the cockpit was to search for what I don't really know, (bodies, I guess), to find the nose and joystick there. I came back down just to be told by an Army Brigadier General that had been flying in a Huey nearby when the crash occurred to climb up a hill to retrieve the pilot's helmet's to identify them quickly, I had been told that one of the men's head had been mostly cut-off and rolled up in his skin to his groin, and that the other one had his head ground off. When I got to the second helmet I realized that I was walking through the guy's grey matter as I went to pick-up the helmet. Fortunately, the helmet was empty. For years I have denied having PTSD from this incident. Why? Because many others have dealt with far worse in combat, and I felt like a pu$$y for thinking that I'd have it from something like this: however, my wife pointed out a huge difference: It was peacetime, and because of that I wasn't prepared for such a horrifying experience like I would if I were going into a combat zone. TO this day I do not like planes flying above me. My son lives in the landing path of planes taking off and landing at Nashville airport, and I can only stand being at his house for a short time before I'm telling my wife that we have to leave. I live in an area where the instructors from Murfreesboro airport take their students to practice. Apparently, part of their training is to turn off their engines and then restart them. I can't tell you how much this bothers me. I finally decided to tell the head-shrinker at the Murfreesboro VA that I think that I have PTSD from the experience. I hope others may read this and decide to take action too if they've suppressed their feelings as well.
  8. Heck, it wasn't that long ago that someone was murdered on one of those trains by a stray bullet.
  9. My grandson is graduating from the Navy's boot camp on Friday, February 4th. I'm looking for restaurant recommendations for the Chitcago area, (yes, I know I'm risking my life). Preferably, not a chain restaurant, or a place that specializes in fish.
  10. Because he funded part of the "research" through another organization. There is plenty of evidence out there on this topic.
  11. I'm glad that my kids are all grown up. Four of my grandkids either graduated from good high schools or attend them. The remaining two I worry about because of where they live in the Nashville area.
  12. John Wayne would jump all over this if he was still with us.
  13. "The fingerprint reader unlocks the gun in microseconds, but since it may not work when wet or in other adverse conditions, the PIN pad is there as a backup. LodeStar did not demonstrate the near-field communication signal, but it would act as a secondary backup, enabling the gun as quickly as users can open the app on their phones." Mr. Criminal, please wait for me to unlock my gun with the keypad because it's raining. Oops! Wait, I need to pull out my phone. Yeah, riiiight.
  14. Well, damn...I was going to ask to come out and see them. The link you gave does not list them.
  15. You must watch a lot of TV Land.
  16. You have to be fairly old to get that one.
  17. Do you think they are mutts? I can't get a handle on what breed they are predominately.
  18. Me neither. Most adoption centers charge a fee to support the adoption center, but I've never heard of a re-homing fee.
  19. Man! Am I glad that I work from home!
  20. Several things are wrong but that's to be expected from today's journalists.


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