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  1. Me too, as I use it to fry hash browns. It gives great flavor to them.
  2. I'd be a hard pass on that, but I have a console safe in my truck. I rarely use it as it's a little slow to access. Basically, I use it only when I'm in a communist state like Illinois where you can't carry outside your vehicle and I need to stop for whatever reason. I try to plan my trips to avoid it.
  3. I am so glad that I didn't have any drink in my mouth when I read this!
  4. The very reason why my wife refuses to consider a semi-auto. She insists on a revolver.
  5. @jeff43 It's a line from the movie, True Lies: "And she's got the most incredible body too and a pair of titties that make you wanna stand up and beg for buttermilk."
  6. Odd, I suddenly have a hankering for buttermilk.
  7. I'm right there with ya!
  8. I thought the same - strictly from the title. I don't think their claws would do well in a trigger guard.
  9. This wouldn't happen with a VW Beetle.
  10. As a former police officer, I NEVER worried about losing my job, or even a suspension - from having a negligent discharge. Y'all seem to think that cops are highly trained with weapons. That is far from the truth. Most cops ONLY shoot during qualifications. Does that standard suck? Yes, but it's a reality.
  11. If it's genuine then I have no problem with it. From many I get the impression that it's just lip service. Why was no one thanking me for my service in the 80's? Because it didn't become a "thing" until the 2000's.
  12. Mine - accompanied by my avatar - is pretty much self-explanatory. I switched so that I could anonymize my digital footprint further. I have a pretty much so "useless" Master degree in Cybersecurity, but it did clue me in on what's probable as far as being hacked. It also was demonstrated when we sued a furniture manufacturer, (an NDA prevents me from saying which manufacturer), over an injury sustained by my wife. They were able to get into her Facebook postings even though she had it set to "private", and thought they were safe...not! It didn't damage our case, but it was a shocker.
  13. That guy is as "out there" as his hair style.
  14. For a rom-com, that movie was hilarious!
  15. Technically, US police can too. The Fleeing Felon laws were never repealed - as far as I know. I was warned by my chief not to use it back in the late 80's, but he said at the time it was concern over civil suits.
  16. I got one in Rutherford County. Went up by quite a bit.
  17. Thanks for that. I'm a little sensitive to this because I denied and suppressed my PSTD - mostly because I didn't get it from combat. I thought I would be viewed as a "wuss" if I admitted it. Then adding to that the talk on here about using PTSD as an excuse to take my weapons which didn't help. That was until I went for my C & P exam. The psychologist said that combat wasn't a prerequisite for PTSD. He said he's talked to thousands of vets who had it, and gave the following example: A service member that he treated for PTSD that didn't come from his 3 combat tours in Vietnam; it came from watching a little Vietnamese girl get murdered. He also said that another component was that I viewed the pilot and bombardier as heroes because they could have ejected from the plane, and leaving it to come down on my head. They had experienced a Foreign Object Destruct (FOD) after a bombing run. They had blown their canopy about a mile from our position, and the investigator told me that they must have seen me and part of my unit ahead of them, so they held-off on ejecting until it was too late. The plane turned on its side before they could eject, and they ejected into a granite hillside behind me. The investigator told me that I was lucky that the drop tanks were empty, otherwise, I'd be roasted alive. Fortunately for me, I had news stories about the crash on 10/3/83 to back me up, so the VA set a record and rated me at 70% disabled in only 5 months. I have been fighting the VA for 14-years over my back. The main reason is that my medical record book was destroyed in a fire at the storage facility, and the VA was violating the law by NOT giving me the benefit of the doubt when such records are missing. The appeals judge recognized that and granted service-connection. I am just waiting on the VARO to determine the percentage of disability.
  18. "The nation absolutely owes a lot to vets who were wounded in combat...." [emphasis mine] I think the insinuation was quite clear. PS: FWIW, the A-6E is an airplane; not a helicopter.
  19. Hum, so in your eyes the lifetime of pain and 2-surgeries that I've experienced from me herniating a disc in my back because the Marine Corps didn't think E-2s deserve any help in moving their family for duty shouldn't be compensated because it didn't happen in combat? How about the PTSD that I acquired by having an E-6E "Intruder" blowing up so close to me that I sustained 1st-degree flash burns on my face? It was also NOT combat-related, but I would have died had that plane not come from El Toro, and been loitering in the area - depleting its fuel before the explosion and its crash. Or the damage to my sinuses sustained when an officer ordered me into the area of the burning wreckage of that crash without ANY protective gear or training to secure the area and search for survivors? I don't deserve my 70% rating for the PTSD because I didn't get it in combat? That's a BS thought process you've got there. On another note, being thanked for my service makes me uneasy because no one was thanking me from 1982 to 1986 when I served.
  20. It's strange seeing you all discussing depriving people of their property without a hearing when the police already do this routinely. People have had their money taken simply because the police officer thought they had too much cash on them; therefore, they must be a drug-dealer. How about "emanate domain" as well? Guys, I absolutely hate this, but if we don't figure this out SOON then we'll be looking at disarmament once the MAJORITY of the people in the country get fed-up with the mass shootings.
  21. I have a console safe in my truck. Yes, they can open the lid and see the safe, but it would be hard to get it out/open. Hard = time, and most criminals want to move quickly.


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