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  1. This model comes with 3 backstraps. I have 3XL hands so that's a plus for me.
  2. SIG SAUER | P365-XMACRO This is interesting. Sig has stuffed 17 + 1 9mm rounds in the P365. They also redesigned the grip to add backstraps and it is compensated. Too bad I just bought a P320XC last month.
  3. I have a P320 in .357 Sig in full and carry size. The gun digests everything that I've shot through it without problems. I would state the size because the pictures look like it is carry size. GLWS
  4. She's a doctor of education. Considering that she can't even pronounce bodega correctly it makes you wonder if she got her degree in a box of Captain Crunch.
  5. Looking for plans for making a relatively sturdy portable shooting bench. Anyone got good plans?
  6. Yes, towing the EV's that couldn't make it out of the city guzzles gas.
  7. My wife and I decided to not resist the inevitable, so we are scheduled to get the Real ID BS next month.
  8. Tesla takes an even different charging station, so you are still mostly SCREWED.
  9. I love burning dinosaurs. If you don't then they died in vain, and I can't stand doing that to them.
  10. The premise of the EV was to save money. That is a total lie. That was just one example, so let's look at more. Another problem is paying $5,000 to $7,000 for a plug to be installed at your home. Cap that with the fact that their short range means you have to workout the logistics behind more than a couple hours of drive time. If the vehicle doesn't have sufficient travel distance then you have to stay somewhere for 10 hours while your vehicle recharges. So I couldn't take a day trip to Kansas City because the vehicle doesn't have sufficient range. I'd have to stay at a hotel that actually has available charging stations. Even if they had 600 mile range to get me to KC, I'd still have to install a charging station at my mother-in-law's house at another $5,000 to $7,000.
  11. Not that I hate them but their obvious lying about its advantages only to find that there are no advantages. Just heard on WTN 99.7 them telling of an instance where parent's bought a used E-vehicle for $14,000. A couple of months later it needed it's batteries replace. They wanted $14,000 for the batteries. That would piss me off.
  12. Bull ! They were all terrified!
  13. Makes you wonder why they don't take the HCP. Heck, you had to get fingerprinted and background checked to get it.
  14. @btq96r You might call up Opry Mills and see if Dell still has a booth there. Then call the booth (if it has a phone) if you can to see what they have before driving there. Dell has some pretty cool curved monitors they've had on display in their building, but that doesn't help you since you can't get in their without an escort.
  15. https://www.newsmax.com/newsfront/joe-biden-steve-dettelbach-guns/2022/07/12/id/1078455/ I can't believe no one is discussing this yet. I know nothing about this dude, What are your thoughts on him?
  16. I went through this exercise not too long ago. I ended up making my own kit that contained what I wanted it to contain. I worked on the premise of, if my wife was badly injured, what would I need to save her life if I was present. I put a bag with the same contents in both our truck and car. If you were to go a similar route, I recommend that you get all the items that you want to have on hand and THEN get the bag big enough to contain them. I went from way too small to too small, and then settled on one that's a little tight but carries everything. I certainly spent more than the prefilled bags but at least I don't have superfluous items in the bag. I actually had a thread on this. You might get some use out of reading it.
  17. I'll take this off the streets, (where I get angered by other driver's stupidity), and into the grocery stores: 1. People who don't understand to keep in their "lane" while they are coming at you with their cart. 2. The grocery store's order fillers and stocking clerks who park their damned carts right in the middle of the aisle. 3. People that navigate the store and are oblivious to the fact that other people are trying navigate the store also.


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