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  1. Stolen Colt

    A car burglar with cable cutters? Methinks they knew what they were after.
  2. Happy Birthday, Marines

    Thanks Doc! And thank you for your service.
  3. Happy Birthday, Marines

    Happy birthday, Marines! Semper Fi!
  4. Veterans Day sales

    I've seen the same thing: however, the CEO said that he wants to get to where he can compete with Amazon. I'm sure you'll start seeing price decreases otherwise he's piss'n up a rope.
  5. Veterans Day sales

    Now Lowes wants you verify your veteran status online with their MyLowes app rather than showing them your VA or military ID. When they scan my card it automatically deducts 10%. Home Depot does a 10% military discount too but I show my card for that.
  6. Question for a Glock armorer

    I ended up doing this. They have an assembly that's reduced by 2 lbs. Not much, but the one for the .40 was only 3 lbs so 1 lb should make a difference.
  7. Question for a Glock armorer

    I mentioned that, and the reply I got was that he liked what he had.
  8. Mass Shooting at Texas Church

    There are numerous reports that the ME has stated that the fatal wound is consistent with a self-inflicted gunshot.
  9. Mass Shooting at Texas Church

    Has anyone confirmed that he was wearing body armor? I've only heard that he was wearing a helmet with a dark face shield and "tactical" outfit.
  10. Mass Shooting at Texas Church

    The "facts" that they presented in text are factually wrong. He hit the shooter twice, and he died from a self-inflicted gunshot.
  11. Mass Shooting at Texas Church

    Governor Abbott was just on FOX ad said that the LEOs are telling him that the good guy with a gun did shoot the bad guy with a gun which appeared to cause him to drop his rifle. It is not clear if this wound is what caused him to crash and die.
  12. Crazy things my wife says

    My favorite comeback is the using her words back at her, "Because it was on sale!"
  13. .357 sig

    I have two Sig P320's in full and carry size. It's nothing more than a very hot 9mm, (approximately 200 fps faster). I don't find it particularly snappy nor having anywhere near the same recoil of a 230gr .45 in my old Ed Brown Kobra Karry which had a lot more weight to absorb the recoil. You should also consider the fact that there's a direct transfer of recoil into your hand from a revolver versus a semi-auto. If you were in my neck of the woods I'd let you shoot mine.
  14. NFL - Politics

    I find that I have much better ways to spend my time now.
  15. Question for a Glock armorer

    I have no idea because he's in Kansas City. I'm going to show him how to adapt when I go up there for Thanksgiving.

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