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  1. TGO Embroidered Hats, Shirts, Etc.

    Thanks for finding a vendor that offers a few tall items. I ordered a couple of shirts and a hat.
  2. In my experience the courts have NEVER been about justice. We have a legal system; not a justice system.
  3. If you stole $10,000 from the city what do you think your penalty would be?
  4. I thought you also said that state law mostly follows federal law too?
  5. The irony is that there's no age restriction mentioned in the 2A. Many young boys died in militias and military during the early years.
  6. You are citing the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, and this is not an employment case.
  7. Courage is a choice

    I've always subscribed to the Marine Corp's definition of courage: Courage is not the absence of fear, it's not allowing that fear to control you so that you can do what is needed to be done. I've been lucky to have met quite a few courageous people in my lifetime, and not one of them said that they weren't afraid.
  8. Who would have seen that coming?
  9. Personally, I took his afraid of the NRA remark as just a friendly jab that wasn't delivered very well.
  10. Dick's Sporting Goods anti 2nd A

    It seems that L.L. Bean is following Dick's lead to an extent. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/ll-bean-raises-minimum-age-for-gun-purchases-to-21/ar-BBJMrVg?li=BBnb7Kz And Walmart.
  11. Context is everything. He prefaced the statement with "easily adjudicated" prior to that. He was saying that this kid was clearly a threat, and the police should have seized his weapons and let the court sort it out. Who here would argue - with the clarity of hindsight - that had this happened 17 people would still be alive? Who here have thought about how the HIPPA Laws are causing problems here?
  12. From what I have read he most certainly did make verifiable threats as well as throw his adoptive mother into a wall. Unfortunately, many people see "Domestic Violence" as husband beating wife.
  13. "Put what you want" does not equal "get what you want" particularly when he said that she wouldn't get everything she wants. He appeared to me to notice her gleefulness and checked her on it buy saying that she won't get everything she wants. I'm just saying that people shouldn't get worked up over a discussion. We should see the final bill and then judge.
  14. I did not hear ANY mention of an AWB in that conversation. In fact, the subject was background checks, and he clearly stated that they wouldn't get everything that they asked for.
  15. "Invalid Parameter(s) Passed to Filter" Linky no worky.

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