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  1. Dammit is mighty rite. Let them have plenty of line before you set the hook
  2. Pretty sure every Locker in the mid-state area is full to capacity. If someone knows one that has some room message me.
  3. Good luck to everyone today. Keep safe
  4. What have you got to trade for some? Message me
  5. Ask that lady down at the end of the hall she'll let you have a little sheet
  6. Thats a whole lot of gun for the money. If it was in a caliber I already owned it would be mine. GLWS
  7. The brain-dead thing shows up every 4 years because it's burnt into their hard drive
  8. Rob, you'll need some good plastic tape and follow the instructions about the release agent. I can't help you with the pillar part because I don't use them.
  9. It's not a one-shot deal. You can grind it down and add to it.
  10. You can do it. Buy one of those acra-glass kits from Brownell's. I would only bed the action and free float the barrel. I have one rifle that I full contact bedded and it shoots great but it's quite a bit more work. Be sure to follow the instructions about the release agent. You will need to knock it apart with a rawhide hammer to get it apart
  11. Sunfish


    Mine are RCBS FL Dies. There are other brands available, but they get the job done. The 9.3 x57 is the hard one the only thing out there is Hornady and they are really hard to come by. Good luck and don't worry about it being ugly because pretty is what pretty does
  12. Sunfish


    Rob the data in my notes with the 270 gr. Speer was for the 9.3x57 the data I have for the 9.3x62 was with a 286 gr. The Western Powder BIG GAME is the best of all that I tried, and I tried 4350, 2520, 4064, 4895 and RL 15. I started at 45.5 and went to 47 with no signs of over pressure but it works the best where I started. The groups began to open up a little as I increased the charge. My gun has a long throat so be very careful with that new three groove until you see how it's going to act. Quite a few people think that the 9.3x62 is the GOAT medium bore. My rifle is pretty light and about 4 or 5 shots will get your attention. Have you bought any dies yet?
  13. Sunfish


    Both, The S&B is great and Prvi is good. Speer makes a hot core 270 grain spitzer that is a fine bullet if you can find them. I'll look in my notebook and get back to you on charge weights and propellants
  14. Dude jumped the wrong display case
  15. Sunfish


    There are quite a few Husqvarna's around and CZ chambered them for a time. I also own a 9.3 x 57. Both of mine are 98 actions but some are the Swede 46 that are cock on close actions. The 9.3 x 57 is a fine woods cartridge where the 62 is more of an open country round. The huskys have the correct drop on the stock for open sight shooting and when I asked why I was told they drive game in groups and most of the shooting is at running moose. You shouldn't have any trouble killing anything in North America with a 9.3 x 62
  16. Sunfish


    I have had one for some time. They shoot 286 gr mostly. They are slightly ahead of a 35 Whelen. It would kill a cape Buffalo with a solid just make sure you're in a very large tree when you shoot him.
  17. You have to know where something is before you can come and get it. I can't remember much after about a month ago
  18. I agree with the 2400. If you compare it with 357 Magnum and don't try to load it to hot, you will accomplish your mission. I promise you will know when it goes off.
  19. Are the XD-9 magazines available?
  20. Reading through this thread has caused me to re-live the many inconsiderate acts of people who cannot walk or drive. What ever happened to people who are paying attention to what they are doing. I drive about 75 miles per day 5 days per week and not a day goes by that someone doesn't try to run over me. My favorite handicap is the ADD people at 4Way stops who cannot stay focused long enough to remember who's turn it is to go
  21. I have an 8-06 Mauser that I've hunted with for many years. Mine started out a 29 inch Persian barrel VZ-24 and cut it back to 25 and step crowned it. It loves 200 grain Speer Hot Core bullets and 4350 with standard primers. Anything you shoot with 53 grains of 4350 troubles are over. When you're putting them together? make them as long as the magazine allows. If it flattens the primers back off a half a grain and don't push the shoulder back to far


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