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  1. I have the notion that fans of the .355 bore like shooting people multiple times making the experience more fulfilling. This must have originated in Europe with the metric calibers. Real Americans like drilling large less numerous holes before they ride into the sunset
  2. You are sure your pistol is made for 3 inch shells ?
  3. This became about $ as soon as they hired an Attorney. Time will tell where their heart is and what's important.
  4. Funny how family's kick people to the curb until something happens to them.
  5. I wouldn't worry about smokeless, but you should be mindful of Black powder
  6. There are a few of us that are 35 Whelen fans. I don't shoot mine a lot but just about everything I do shoot is based on a 30-06 case. Welcome aboard
  7. From the photo's I would take a hard look at the extractor often they can prevent it from going into battery. Many people put an extra power recoil spring in which in the case of a 10 mm is good thinking and rub a tiny bit off the extractor at a time. Also don't be afraid to use a little gun grease here and there
  8. Would someone please buy one of these I'm already Springfield poor and thought I was in the clear
  9. I have it from a reliable source that when you quit believing Santa stops coming
  10. I tried to sell off some of my good surplus 8mm a while back for $.40 and didn't get any takers or offers
  11. When you say the factory rounds grouped better makes me think that the reloaded rounds are not up to pressure. I will also tell you that old guns like old flat base bullets. In a 57 mm case I have had great results with AA 2520 and AA2700 with the heavier bullet weights
  12. Education and Information wise you have to have a warm place for the mash to work and when it stops working you either run it or add more sugar. You also need to make a trap of sorts with a bottom valve that goes between the cooker and the cooling coil otherwise if you get to really cooking the mash you will puke it and your whiskey will be milky
  13. My CVA Optima likes the Muzzleload Magnum products Sabots with a Montana Swagged 405gr lead above three Firestar triple 7 pellets.
  14. I'll take it. How far up I 24 do need to come?
  15. We have lost a couple recently that have provided a service for quite a few years. Sues and Lancaster's have called it quits. I had to hall my first one to Walkers in Lebanon formerly Lebanon locker. Roy is still there and it was good to see him. Many times I've seen them unable to accept more Deer because they were full to capacity. I feel certain they have been the victims of no one wants to work anymore and by their self are easily overwhelmed. Sumner, Trousdale and Smith have a need for few smaller operations to keep up the harvest quota.
  16. Striker fired is not the 1911 type platform


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