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  1. Bump for this, not looking for trades at the moment but am open to reasonable offers!
  2. Waiting! You're not too far from Nashville...
  3. I'm looking to upgrade my trigger as well but haven't started researching yet (even finding what trigger I want). If you run across any good videos would you mind sharing? Sorry I can't be of more help!
  4. I'm with you. I'll be hunkering down this weekend/next week (thankful to be able to WFH) and hoping everything remains civilized.
  5. Hi! I'll admit I'm an occasional visitor and don't participate as much as I'd like. I can't even remember if I introduced myself back when I joined. I hear you on the allergies. All the COVID questionnaires ask about runny noses and I'm like... uh... we live in Tennessee. My wife has it worse than I do. Hope the surgery went according to plan.
  6. SOLD Images (let me know if you'd like additional): https://imgur.com/a/Rc2S4yC Hi all, selling the first 1911 I ever bought as I've moved on to different things. This Super Carry Pro has the following specs: .45acp 4-inch bushingless barrel and full length grip Carry melt treatment for rounded and blended edges Ambi thumb safety Two-tone color scheme Tritium night sights Upgraded VZ grips (original grips included) Upgraded NDZ Performance takedown kit (the spring upgrade is awesome + easier takedown) 1 magazine Original s
  7. Every time I consider open carrying (at least once a month) I remember that I'm going to get a LOT of unwanted attention, especially in Hipster-capitol-of-Tennessee East Nashville. I also worry about being targeted because of it. Between those two things, it's not worth it to me.   That being said, after a few years of carrying I don't worry about printing at all. I'm not gonna let it be super obvious, but if someone's watching me enough to notice the shape... oh well.
  8. Thanks for this info. I had never heard of the Charles Daly variant and definitely didn't know Dan Wesson finished the first run. That's really cool!
  9. Thanks for that list BigK! With the growing number of oblivious hipsters in Nashville, it's no surprise we're so low on the list of permits per capita.   In all seriousness, as Nashville has become more popular for the younger generation of professionals over the last few years, I've noticed more people I come in contact with being averse to firearms. If recent activity just in my neighborhood in East Nashville is any indication, this is a boon to criminals and one they'll keep taking advantage of.
  10. Reminds me of a conversation I had with a coworker while we were driving to lunch the other day. He's from New York and is constantly fascinated by anyone who owns firearms. He kept trying to convince me that by having guns in my house, I was astronomically more likely to be shot by one (as if they point at people and fire all on their own). We had fun going in circular arguments until we got to where we were going.   Re: using kids to push anti-gun propaganda, did you guys see this? I feel sorry for that guy. http://www.kaaltv.com/article/stories/S3586421.shtml?cat=10151
  11. Hey gravedigger,   Are you clicking the TGO Store link at the top? http://www.tngunowners.com/forums/store/
  12. For others looking, I personally bought a PistolWear PT-2 awhile back for my Sig P239. I liked that it kept sweat away from my gun but I didn't like how hard it was to access the gun and I found it hard to find a spot where it didn't look painfully obvious I was wearing what is essentially a fanny pack under my shirt/pants.   I've since switched to a generic belly band with a Ruger LCP. It disappears at the cost of the gun being covered in sweat after running. That will probably be the case with any belly band if the gun isn't fully encased.
  13. The last two times I've been stopped (I ride a motorcycle maybe a little too fast sometimes) I didn't hand it over and wasn't asked. It's situational though, if I felt like the cop was on edge I probably would. But these last few times the cop has been pretty cool.


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