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  1. Its a little on the light side of velocity. Made for Cowboy competition. Less recoil for faster times. Should be fine for range ammo and paper punching. You don't reload?
  2. Looks like RK Gun Shows has found themselves a new Venue in Memphis at the Shriner's Temple. Next show is March 7. This just off HWY 70/Summer Ave in East Memphis. Pretty easy to get to and a whole lot closer to my home. RK's web site shows a map. I've seen this building before. I think they'll have plenty of space for vendors, but I'm not sure if there's enough parking. I guess we'll find out. Al Chymia Shriners Building 5770 Shelby Oaks Drive Memphis, TN 38134
  3. There's an old saying that goes: "We have the best government that money can buy". Bloomberg is out to prove it.
  4. Congratulations! Love and appreciate a good woman while you can.
  5. Never pass up a good opportunity to shut up.
  6. I don't think road racing is popular enough around this part of the country to support such a track. Now if they were to build it and then add a big NASCAR oval around it, it just might fly.
  7. So much for "Green" energy. I swear, saving the planet is going to bankrupt and kill us all.
  8. HOLY CRAP! Uh-uh Bubba, no way I'd do something that crazy.
  9. Grayfox54

    9 mm revolver

    I love revolvers, but never could understand the attraction of a wheel gun in an semi-auto cartridge. There are lots of smaller pistols in 9mm available today and they hold more rounds. Frankly, I consider the .38 Special a better round in a short barreled revolver and no moon clips to fool with. BTW: I bought a case of the Federal 158gr SWHPs just about a month ago. I checked and they are roll crimped.
  10. Nope, much more comfortable than you'd think. He'd put it on in the morning and wear it all day, every day.
  11. A friend of mine used to carry in a belly band. He'd wear it high on his chest with the gun positioned under his left arm similar to a shoulder holster. He was also very fond of western style shirts with snaps instead of buttons. If needed he's just do the "Superman" thing and could access the gun quickly. BTW: his EDC was a 6" S&W Model 29. He was a big old barrel chested guy and if you didn't know it was there, you'd never spot that cannon.
  12. They aughta sell Hoppe's #9 perfume. Guys would love it!
  13. I'm old school. I was taught that if you can hit a 9" paper plate out to 25 yards, that was good enough.
  14. Its not that I don't like it, its just impractical for me. I don't have the luxury of shooting on private land. I have to go to my club range where there are usually other people shooting non-suppressed firearms. I still have to wear ear protection. So what's the point? Besides cleaning the thing is a real PITA. So I don't bother to get it dirty.
  15. I spoke to my younger son about it and he completely understands. Most likely it'll end up with the BATF. At that point I won't care anyway. Since its not worth much and doesn't take up much room in the safe, I've decided to just keep it. Who knows, maybe someday the zombies will come?
  16. I tried calling a couple of the places Capbyrd mentioned. Nobody is very interested and the folks at Arms Fair said that they would buy it, but I had to pay the transfer fee. WTF! Now I regret ever buying the damned thing. I'll make the situation known to my sons and they can deal with it however they want. Including surrendering it.
  17. Well hell, I was hoping to get more for it. I don't know. I need to think about it. Maybe I'll just tell the boys that if they don't want it, just surrender it to BATF.
  18. Ok, back to the original question. Who's a good Class III dealer in Memphis?
  19. This is my only Class III item. Honestly, I'm not sure just how to go about selling it. That's why I was asking for the name of a dealer. Capbyrd: Can we really sell this legally between two individuals? Just how does that work? As for my sons, both are shooters and gun owners. But neither is into it like I am. Neither wants to own the suppressor and while the transfer may be easy, its a lot of hassle and time involved to get the few hundred it would bring by one of them by selling it. I just want to save them the trouble. I bought this back in 2011. A good friend of mine had just gotten his Class III SOT added to his FFL. Honestly, I bought it on a whim trying to help my friend get established as a Class III dealer. While it was fun at first, the thrill wore off pretty quickly. I haven't used it in years. That's why I'm considering selling. The maker, Long Range Precision, was just trying to get started in the Class III business with suppressors and AOW shotguns. They offered these items to my friend at great prices. Unfortunately, they didn't make it and soon folded. A couple of you have asked, so here's the details: Maker: Long Range Precision Model: Ghost Caliber: .22LR K baffle design 1" diameter 1/2 " X 28 threads. Very early production with a single digit serial number: LRPG000X It works extremely well. On my 10-22 I can hear the bolt cycle. I've fired about 200-300 rounds through it. I'm hoping to get $250-300 for it. Do y'all think that would be a fair price?
  20. I'm thinking about selling my .22 cal suppressor. I very rarely use it, absolutely hate cleaning it and don't want my sons burdened by it if something happens to me. Its an off brand. Small company was trying to get started and offered them at a very good price. But they failed and the dealer I got it from has since retired. Who's the best dealer in Memphis to move this for me?

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