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  1. The problem with these woke folks is that they're constantly out there looking for new problems to whine and cry about. They're like a bunch of kids running around with a stick in hand looking for a new bear to poke.
  2. WOKE: Being so open minded that your brains have fallen out.
  3. As far as I can tell, many new residents to Memphis come from places like Chicago and Detroit. For many of them there wasn't much choice as they left those places in a hurry. Its a known fact that among certain groups in various northern cities that visitation is available in Memphis when somebody needs to lay low for a while. Some groups swap members on a regular basis. Oh well, except for a few years visiting with Uncle Sam, I've spent pretty much my entire 68 years in and around Shelby County. Sad to see what this place has become. But, I'm gettin' too old to move away, my house is paid for and I guess I'll die here. I'll just keep my head down and try to make the best of it.
  4. I'm by no means an expert, but as I recall the stainless models used a 7XX model number. Best guess would be that your's is a Model 715. However, there were slight differences in the barrel shrouds such as full or half lugs and with or without rib vents that could make a difference. As mentioned, these guns were noted as being built to quickly and easily change barrel lengths by the owner. They were often sold as a "Pistol Pack" in a cased set with 3 or 4 different length barrels, tools and sometimes even several sets of grips. Many believed that the unique barrel mounting system resulted in greater accuracy. DWs were quite popular in the sport of Handgun Metallic Silhouette shooting. While Pistol Packs were popular, DW did also sell these revolvers with just one barrel just like any other brand. I think that may be what you have here. Regardless, these are excellent revolvers with a bit of a cult following. Take pride in owning it. edit: Ok, a little further research indicates that may well be a Model 715-V for vent ribbed barrel. Just ball parkin' here as the pistol packs are much more popular and attract the big bucks. Best guess is that gun with just the one 4" barrel would probably be worth in the $700-900 range.
  5. Might be. I don't recall as there's lots of road rage shootings in Memphis. Hard to remember one specific incident. However, those incidents seem to be more prevalent over on HWY 385. Another good place to avoid.
  6. Surely there's one organized person in this area? C'mon, speak up!
  7. I did some checking of the local news outlets and it appears that only Channel 5 thought this story was worthy of reporting. Just another day in Memphis.
  8. Absolutely wonderful revolver. Especially if you reload and can duplicate the original .38/44 High Velocity load. Whoever buys this, drop me a PM and I'll give you my recipe.
  9. The Sycamore View exit on I-40 is kind of unique. Its the last exit headed west into Memphis before hitting the I-40/240 interchange and the heavy traffic. Very easy access both off and on to the Interstate. Sycamore View is a heavily traveled street providing main access to both East Memphis and Bartlett. Lots of easy access to large, nondescript parking lots and motels. Frankly, if you're from out of town and looking to conduct nefarious business in Memphis, this exit makes the ideal place to hop off the interstate, do your thing, hop back on I-40 and be gone quickly. Likewise, as a very busy intersection, its quite popular with the homeless/ pandering crowd. They inhabit every corner of the intersection and ramps there. Its a rather colorful area.
  10. Losing so many prominent entertainers who I've followed most of my life is making me feel real old.
  11. I'm curious as to if any drugs or large amounts of cash were found on the victim.
  12. This is where I-40 enters Memphis proper. There are several cheap motels located there. Long suspected to be a popular un-loading zone for drugs entering the city and various deals by unscrupulous characters. From the description, my guess is that a planned meet turned into an ambush. Gang bangers killing each other.
  13. I'm really surprised this is still here. IMHO, the S&W Model 18 is the finest .22 caliber revolver ever made. Its the perfect understudy to learn proper DA shooting technique for any medium frame .38 or .357 revolver. Not to mention the ideal woods gun. I'd be all over this is I didn't already own two of them.
  14. We might be next door to memphis, but my little town has a reputation for having an outstanding Police Dept. The bad guys know this and we're generally pretty quiet. Gonna be interesting to see what happens with a soft on crime County DA. I'm betting it won't be good. Harris is a more or less do nothing County Mayor. He hasn't accomplished much, but OTOH he hasn't messed much up either. As long as he continues down that path, I'm not too concerned about him.
  15. Trump or Desantis? Really? That's all we got to pick from? Frankly, I can't stand either one of them. Once again picking the lesser evil. I really wish a good candidate would run. But who might that be?
  16. I washed my hands of both parties long ago. Both have gone completely off the rails and headed into crazy town. Both have become insane extremists who won't even discuss other options. I am a conservative and nothing more. I usually end up voting Republican simply because its the lesser of two evils. But its still evil. I hate what politics in this country has become.
  17. The lady opened many doors for black women in TV and inspired more than one real female astronaut. A fine actress and a great lady. She leaves a true legacy in her wake.
  18. Not saying I subscribe to it, but there was a conspiracy theory before the 2020 election that Joe would only serve a little over two years and for whatever reason Harris would become President. That way Harris would serve out his term and still be eligible to serve two more full terms. She may not be making much noise as VP, but Harris is a full blown libitard and would be an absolute nightmare as President. BTW: speculation already is that Joe won't run for re-election in 2024 due to age and health.
  19. I carried a Buck 286 the last few years I worked. 3" locking blade and nylon handle. Very light and very tough. This was my work knife and it led a hard life. Now retired, but still in fine shape. https://www.buckknives.com/product/286-bantam-bhw-knife/0286FAM01/
  20. It'll die in the Senate. I keep telling y'all this is all for show. They know it'll never pass. This is just so that they can cry, whine, wring their hands and claim "We tried!"


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