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  1. The famous "its not my fault" defense. It ain't gonna fly. Not only do I want to see Baldwin lose the lawsuit, I hope he gets charged criminally.
  2. So not only did a felon sell this guy a gun, he knew that the buyer intended to threaten someone with it. A criminal act in itself. They're gonna bury this guy as well they should.
  3. Howdy and welcome to the free state of Tennessee. We have some good folks here. Jump right in.
  4. The other end of the state. Every damned time there's something I like, its at the other end of the state.
  5. I saw some nice stuff that caught my interest. Just wasn't willing to pay the crazy prices they were asking. Ammo seems to be in good supply. But prices are still high. Basically, the stuff is out there IF you're willing to pay the price.
  6. The Girsans are still new and haven't become widely available yet. So there are few reviews out there. It seems to be a good gun, but I'm holding out for a SA-35.
  7. My older son called yesterday. He tested positive. He is 42 yo, vaxxed and boosted, but is also diabetic. Says it feels like a bad sinus infection. Called the doctor today. They called him in some pretty heavy meds. He's dosing and hiding out at home. Talked to him today and he is feeling a little better. Hopefully this is as bad as it'll get. He shares a house with a married couple about his age. Apparently, the wife started a new job on Monday and came home with the Covid that same day. Now all three of them have it.
  8. Don't knock the Raven .25s. Cheap? Low quaility? Absolutely. But the darn things are also completely reliable. They work. period.
  9. Anybody going? RK Show at the Fairgrounds. I'll be there early. Probably right at opening.
  10. Good grief! Celebrities are dropping like flies!
  11. The best safe word is "Meatloaf". It means I would do anything for love, But I won't do that!
  12. Holly Crap! I didn't realize he was that old! One Hell of an entertainer. I always liked him. He'll always be "Eddie" to me.
  13. There's already an existing thread about the EEA/Girsan pistol.
  14. I have two with rails. I didn't buy them for the rail, they just came that way. One does have a light on it and serves as my "house" gun. I'd never carry it as the light makes it bulky and awkward. Honestly, I prefer the light being separate from the pistol. But I do have it so what the hell? And once again a thread has been sidetracked from its original point by a completely unrelated discussion. Seems to be a bad habit around here. Can we please just get back to bashing FN's new monstrosity? IT AIN'T A HI-POWER!
  15. Well I'll be damned! I hadn't even noticed that. People have spelled it both ways for many years. Oh well, just spelling. We all know what they mean. Still trying to trick people with a classic name on a pigs ear. Marketing at its finest.
  16. Exactly my point. HOW DARE FN call that morphodite a Hi-Power.
  17. I've been thinking about this and realize that my whole objection to this thing is its name. It is NOT a Hi-Power. Not even close. I feel downright insulted that FN would call it that. But because they did, I felt obligated to nit pick it to death. Which actually wasn't too hard to do. I do believe that if they had called it anything else, I just might like this gun. It does seem to be well made. Not like it enough to buy one, but at least I probably wouldn't hate it.
  18. Actually I DO like it. I got nothing against modern upgrades. Not really my thing, but I can appreciate it for others who want them. I admit, I could be tempted if I run across one. After all, it is still an actual Hi-Power. Ain't nuthin' wrong with that. WOW! 2022 is turning into the year of the Hi-Power!
  19. I've never really understood the whole hi-cap thing either. I do own a number of handguns that hold a lot of ammo. But for most of my life my usual EDCs have held 5 to 8 rounds. I've never had a problem with that.
  20. Oh yes, the Disciples of JMB are a quite dedicated bunch. Even though it was the Master's Padawan who had to finish it, the Hi-Power is considered JMB's crowning achievement in pistols. What I want to know is how the Hell do ya make an all steel gun look like a piece of cheap plastic? I mean look at that ugly thing. The frame looks like something molded from poop.
  21. Whatever this thing is, it AIN"T a Hi-Power.
  22. You're runnin' a little late there Dude. The SA-35 has already been discussed quite well. There's currently a thread bashing the brains out of the new FN. The Girsan has been mentioned, but is kinda background player. The Hi-Power is one of the most copied pistols in the world. Its been standard issue in more Armies than any other pistol ever made. There are millions of 'em out there made by more companies than I can remember. I don't think interest ever really faded.
  23. IDK, Maybe you should buy one. Keep it unfired, NIB and tuck it away. 30 years from now it'll be worth a fortune because so few were ever sold.


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