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  1. This has been one of my concerns for a while now. The vaccination question is pretty much split along party lines. Liberals take it willingly and without question. Conservatives, for the most part, are the ones fighting it for a variety of reasons. I fear that this will be a deciding factor in the next election. It ain't looking very good for conservatives.
  2. You might have better luck selling these if you post them on the S&W Forum.
  3. If using a live trap, put it in a box or cover it up tightly with a tarp or something. Also, best to put it in a dark place. Coons are smart and know what a trap is. But they are also extremely curious and like to check out any strange opening they may encounter. An old trapper taught me this trick. He had wooden boxes built that were a perfect fit for a live trap to slide into.
  4. With the cost of ammo these days, you might want to start with a .22. A Henry is reasonably priced and readily available. That way you can find out if you really like 'em or not. I was just waiting for Greg to chime in. I've seen the pictures of his guns before. I'd love to add a Savage 99 to my collection. Just haven't come across the right one at the right price yet.
  5. A possum is too slow and way too stupid to be a predator. Years ago when I was working with the Cub Scouts we had a district camp event. I got a live possum from animal control to display for the kids. When it was over, I took the cage to the edge of the woods, opened the door and walked away. Two hours later I returned for the cage and that idiot possum was still sitting in it. Too dumb to walk out the open door. I had to pick up the cage and shake him out. I had a Wildlife Officer tell me that possum is so nasty and greasy that predators won't touch 'em unless absolutely starving. Their only natural enemy is a car.
  6. If you know this, you probably have gray hair. I first saw it in the theater.
  7. I've been meaning to take a picture of mine for a long time. Just never got around to it. This thread has prompted me to get off my butt, dig 'em out of the safe and do just that. Left to right: Browning 1886 SRC .45-70 Winchester 94 .30-30 Winchester 9422 .22LR Winchester 94 Trapper .45 Colt Winchester 94 Trapper .44 magnum Rossi 92 Trapper .357 Magnum.
  8. I love lever guns. I have 6 of them ranging from .22LR up to .45-70. I like the Winchester style rifles. There's just something about the way they feel and handle that suits me to a "T". I'm also partial to the 16" Trapper rifles in handgun calibers. However, original Winchesters can be expensive these days. Fortunately, there are some very good clones out there. For what would basically be a range toy, I'd suggest something in a handgun caliber as it would be cheaper to feed and easier to shoot. I have a Rossi 92 Trapper in .357 magnum that I really like. Excellent little rifle and could take up to deer sized game if you wanted to. Of course a nice .22 is always fun and a great way to get into the lever action game. Trust me, you won't stop at just one. Henry makes some great rifles in a wide variety of calibers. I've never owned one, but their reputation is outstanding. The Marlins are legendary and used ones are pretty easy to find. Then there are the various clones by Uberti and others. But to me, nothing equals the classic Winchester 94 .30-30.
  9. Somebody mention the .38/44? I got a couple of those laying around. A 6.5" Outdoorsman and both 4 and 5" Heavy Duties. I use the same as Leroy's load of 158gr lead bullets over 12grs of 2400 for 1200 fps. Standard .38 Specials out of these big N-frame revolvers are pure cream puffs. Target 148gr Wadcutters are almost like shooting a .22. The original .38/44 High Velocity load actually ran closer to 1500 fps. But they were notorious for leading the barrels and were eventually cut back a bit. to 1200. Although more or less replaced by the .357 Magnum in 1935, S&W continued to make and sell .38/44s well into the 1950s. Wonderful revolvers!
  10. There's an article on it in this month's American Rifleman. The article says its a Competition model. Heavy threaded barrel, comp. trigger, adjustable stock, all the goodies. That's probably why it costs so much.
  11. OOPS! I posted the above in the meme thread over at big blue and got my hand slapped. Gotta take a 3 day vacation from their site. Some people just ain't got no sense of humor at all.
  12. That's my point. Politics shouldn't have anything to do with this pandemic. And yet, that's all anybody wants to talk about. So wrong on so many different levels.
  13. The press conference was basically one big "Can't get into that. Its an on-going investigation". So they ain't talking. At least not yet. Another press briefing will be tomorrow morning. Police say it was NOT a terrorist attack. A reported 14th victim checked them self into a Collierville hospital, was not shot. It was an anxiety attack. UNCONFIRMED: Local news reports the shooter may be an employee who was fired earlier today.
  14. Just reported: 9 victims taken the Regional One Trauma Center. 4 in critical condition, 5 non-critical. Two victims at Methodist University Hospital. No word on the others.
  15. Several witnesses report 12-15 gun shots in rapid succession. No info on weapon yet. Witnesses report shooter had "a very large gun." Police will hold news briefing at 6:10 pm.
  16. For those who may not know, Collierville is a small town on the East side of Memphis. Not much info at this time. Shooter is a male and is dead. Victims sent to various local hospital. Reported some have serious injuries. Shooting was reported at 1:30pm. First officers arrived at 1:34pm. Well done Collierville PD.
  17. I got curious and did a little searching. Found this one . But it ain't cheap. Ranger Point Inquiring minds want to know, What have you got in mind?
  18. All well and good for a young man. But at my age, "RUN" is no longer in my vocabulary.
  19. The problem is that there is way too much information. And worse, there's way to much contradictory information. This all boils down to he said, she said. Everybody has "proof" of their opinion. But in the end, it is just an opinion. Science can prove whatever you want it to. Its just a matter of what info you chose to believe. I have good doctors. I know them and they know me. I choose to go along with them.
  20. The gun shows honest wear. The trigger housing looks to be an aluminum alloy and would require a completely different process. Probably anodizing. There are companies that can do a wonderful job of restoring that gun. But they ain't cheap and would require shipping the gun to them. Ford's come to mind, Refinishing is an art unto itself. Many excellent gunsmiths can fix almost any problem, but can't refinish worth a chit. I would be very leary of any local gunsmith unless they specialize in hot blue refinishing. Even then, I'd want to see examples of their work. My concern with a local gunsmith would be that nice engraving. If you mistakenly give it to some hack, he'll likely polish the gun on a power wheel to save time and ruin that lovely scene along with the rollmarks. If you want to try a DIY finish, I go along with xsubsailor, Blue Wonder is an excellent product which can give amazing results. Be sure to read and follow the directions to the letter. Hand polish all metal surfaces being very careful to not damage the markings or engraving. I already mention that trigger housing. Personally, I'd leave it alone. Its honest wear showing a history of use in the family. Edit to add: I understand that your friend plans on keeping the gun. But be aware that a refinish, especially a poorly done refinish, always lessens the value of a gun by half or more. Collectors like all original guns and will pay top dollar for one even with a badly worn finish. I have several rare and valuable guns in my collection that I was only able to afford because they had been refinished.
  21. Guns are like hot rods. You can sink a fortune in upgrades and add ons, but it means nothing when its time to sell.


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