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  1. Honestly, I've never worked with either product. So I don't know what kind of residue they may leave behind. I doubt they'll do any damage to parts. Just dry it out real good. If possible, blow it out with compressed air. Then lube it well.
  2. Valid point. Fake headline for sure. Its about name recognition and getting attention. Very few people have heard of American Outdoor Brands or even Thompson Center, but just about everybody knows Smith & Wesson. Its an outright lie now that AOB has split S&W off into a completely separate company.
  3. Well it looks like a 10/22. Its made to use aftermarket 10/22 parts. I'd say Ruger probably has a case. OTOH, I've heard that patent law can be real tricky. I guess we'll just have to see how it plays out.
  4. jhc77: what you need are some good quality gunsmithing hollow ground screwdrivers. Well worth the money. Never use standard screwdrivers on a gun. That's just asking to bugger up the screws.
  5. Congratulations on a fine pistol! Back in the early days of CCW I carried its blue brother, 3914, for a couple of years. That's one I really regret selling. I think you're right. Probably just needs a really good cleaning and some use. Field strip it and take the grips off. Soak it if possible or otherwise hit it with a good spray cleaner in all the nooks and crannies. If you know how, detail strip it. Excellent idea on changing the recoil spring. If that grittiness doesn't go away, give it a little time, shoot it and see if it'll work out on its own. You might also try the old trick of just dry firing it a lot to work the parts in. I've known people who would just sit in front of the TV and sort of absent mindedly keep cycling the trigger for hours to smooth out a DA action. If that doesn't work, it may require a gunsmith's attention. But anyway, you've made an excellent choice. enjoy it.
  6. On the 4473 it says the SSAN is optional. That's federal. Every dealer I've ever purchased from in Tennessee required it. And I do believe I've overheard NICS calls where the dealer read it off to them. Maybe its just a state thing. If your dealer doesn't require it, more power to ya. OP: I'm still curious. Which is your actual state of residence? Did you move to Tennessee permanently or do you maintain homes in both states?
  7. Which state is your primary residence? That's where you have to buy the rifle. Also remember that you have to pass the NICS check and in TN you have to provide your social security number. If they check that number and it says NY address, you'll fail. There's a whole lotta paperwork involved in moving from one state to another. You need to get on that.
  8. If your bank account was the same numbers as your Social Security number, how rich would you be? Believe it or not, I saw where somebody posted this on one of those social media sites and people actually answered. "Only two things are infinite. The universe and human stupidity. And I have my doubts about the former." Albert Einstein
  9. I checked the Walther USA website and the pictures there clearing show the slide stamped "Made in Germany". Just curious, what difference does it make to you?
  10. I don't blame you. Usually just the same old plastic pistols, ARs and useless taticool junk. But I do go to almost every one. 99% of the time all I might buy is a Dr. Pepper. But every once in a while you do run across a real gem that makes it all worth it. So I go expecting nothing, but hoping for the best. Besides, its a good way to kill a few hours on a Saturday.
  11. Why does anything I like have to be at the other end of the state?
  12. S&W took a lot of heat because they tried to "improve" the PPK. It didn't work. No, S&W won't be making them again because they pissed Walther off. The S&W PPKs are the red headed step child of both companies. Neither will provide any info at all about them. You can't check serial numbers, production numbers, dates or anything else. The Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson (AKA the S&W bible) has exactly two paragraphs about these guns that basically just admits that they did make them and nothing more. Walther simply says they have no records on them. They're actually excellent guns once you get that safety recall done. I have one of those too.
  13. Technically they are. Umarex owns Walther. They're made to Walther's specs and sold by Walther under their own name. The internals are pretty much pure Walther PPK. Many parts will interchange. The frame is slightly different on the sides in regard to the shape of the mag well cut outs. If you want to change grips you have to get the ones specifically for this model. But have no doubt, this IS a Walther PPK/s. Moped, that trigger is terrible. But it will smooth out with use. The center fire PP series has a terrible DA trigger too. The thing is that most of us only fire the first shot DA and all the rest are SA. We also know not to dry fire a .22. So it may take quite a while for the trigger to get better. Umarex also makes the .22 Caliber 1911s that Colt sells under their name and make a highly rated .22 copy of the Beretta M9 as well. These are good guns.
  14. These are actually made by Umarex. A well known and respected maker of airguns in Europe and Walther's current parent company. Its made of a material called Zamek. While it is a zinc alloy, it is NOT pot metal as the internet so often wants to claim. Its a much more refined alloy and plenty strong enough for .22 pistols. Umarex also makes several .22 caliber copies of centerfire pistols for other companies. I have one of these .22 PPK/s and its a fine little pistol. The DA trigger sucks, but it also sucks on the real PP pistols. It does smooth out a bit with use. Its also suppressor ready. A $20 thread adapter and you can screw your 1/2X28 can right on. These are fun little guns! Totally reliable and plinking accurate. Oddly enough mine really loves cheap Remington Thunderbolt ammo. I like mine!
  15. Its all political. Shelby County (Memphis) is a liberal cesspool. Its about looking like you're doing something when you actually aren't. That's the Democrat way. And the doll shows, jewelry shows, bead shows, etc are promoting agriculture in such a big way. You're much more likely to find a gun on a farm than any of that junk.
  16. Apparently Agricenter management has already made the decision. The politicians just want to take credit for it. The Agricenter management has a very long history of being anti-gun. Years ago they cooked the books to make the old County shooting range look like it was loosing money just as an excuse to shut it down. Truth is that range made a good profit. Honestly, I don't know how gun shows have stayed there as long as they have. But I have no doubt that RK will find another venue. I remember back in the 70s and 80s gun shows were often held in the large meeting rooms at big hotels. I'm sure somebody will be happy to make that money.
  17. Ancient history. No need to rehash this or any BS lawsuits filled about it. They're just trying to stir up race issues again. We've all known for quite some time that the justice system has nothing to do with justice. Its all about winning. Both sides will coach witnesses, tamper with evidence, pull dirty ticks and flat out lie to win. Its not right, but that's the way it is.
  18. My thought is that I already have more guns than I need or can shoot. I've told my sons that when I'm gone to pick some they want to keep and sell the rest. They need the money more than the guns. However, of late I've been thinking that I'm the one who knows all the details of my collection. It would probably be better for me to go ahead and thin the herd rather than dump that problem on them. But, I'm in no hurry. I'll wait until I'm in worse shape and the market is better. Even then I'll probably get a couple of tables at a gun show and try to sell a bunch of them at once just so I don't have to drag it out.
  19. The standard recoils spring for a .45 acp 1911 is 16 lbs. I like to run the Wolff 18.5 lb springs in mine. The guns just seem to run better with them. I'd say try that next.
  20. The standard model. I could probably get along with a 22/45 just fine. But I have Buckmarks to cover that.
  21. I voted for the Model 41. I have one with both the 7" and 5.5" barrels. Absolutely amazingly accurate pistol. I just can't praise it enough. The Rugers are excellent guns, but I've found that the grip angle is wrong for me. I just never liked the feel of 'em. Yep, you can save a lot of money by buying the Ruger. But then somewhere in the back of your mind you'll always have that nagging thought, "But what IF I had bought that Model 41?"
  22. Sign? What sign? I ain't seen no sign. Maybe you mean this sign? Or how about this one?
  23. Sounds to me like the extractor is the problem. Is the bottom edge completely square or does it have a slight bevel? It should be beveled. The 1911 uses a controlled feed system. The rim slides up under the extractor as the cartridge feeds. Improperly adjusted extractors can cause all kinds of problems. Take the slide off and slip an empty case into the breech face. Does it go in smoothly just just a little effort? Shake the slide. Does the extractor hold the case in place? Then try with a loaded round. It should be held in place, but may come loose when shaken. Tuning an extractor is pretty simple and you can do it yourself. Plenty of info and videos on the internet to show you how.
  24. I never have liked Glucks. Or any other plastic toy for that matter. Never could understand the rabid fan boy attraction for these things. Handgun perfection is the 1911. But since everybody is on pins and needles anticipating the big announcement with baited breath, I'll let the cat outta the bag. Glock is gonna build the prefect AR-15.

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