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  1. Actually CTD was once a good company. Well known for mil-surp ammo and equipment at good prices. I remember years back buying 1000 rd cases of 7.62X39 mil-surp for $75 each. IIRC somewhere about the time of the first serious ammo shortages of the 90s, they changed ownership. The new owners realized that they had warehouses full of cheap mil-surp ammo and gouged the hell outta their customers for it. CTD had ammo in stock when nobody else did. But you would have to pay dearly for it. Since then its been all about making as much money as possible and the hell with the customer.
  2. I remember the story of the bear eating the cocaine. But I don't remember anything about it going nuts and attacking anyone. IIRC the bear OD'ed and died on the spot. IDK, maybe it'll be stupid enough to actually be good. But I'm not counting on it.
  3. One of CTDs tricks is if you order multiple items they will ship from separate warehouses. I believe they have 4 or 5 different warehouses which all stock different items. They will charge separate shipping from each warehouse. Shipping often adds up to more than the items themselves. And yes, CTD is well known for scalping customers badly. I'm amazed that they are still in business. Especially considering that much of their merchandise is the cheapest of imported garbage.
  4. I didn't make it yesterday, but I did check it out this morning. Pretty much your average show. Not much in the way of good used guns or reloading supplies. Lots of brand new guns. Everything over priced. Actually it was better than average for a Great American show. Kinda gives me hope for this promoter. Otherwise, same old, same old. I did spot the deal of the day! One dealer has the brand new S&W CSX 9mm priced at $559 and no sales tax. This is the best deal I've seen on one of these yet. If you want one, ya got about 2.5 more hours before they close.
  5. I just found out about this one this morning. Great American Promotions show at the Shriner's Temple 5770 Shelby Oaks Dr, Memphis, TN 38134. Great American ain't real big on advertising. Their shows just kinda pop up outta the blue. Honestly, I've never been real impressed by them. But, the place is only a couple of miles from my house, so I guess I'll go take a look. Never know, might get lucky. Just thought I'd post it here in case anybody else wants to check it out. $1.00 off coupon on their website.
  6. I've used them in a number of .45acp 1911s that see a good bit of use. Ran them regularly in my IDPA guns. I believe they do help prevent excessive battering of the frame and slide. I also believe they lighten the felt recoil just a tad allowing slightly faster follow up shots. The trick is to replace them before they wear completely out. Trying to be cheap and push them too long is when they start coming apart. I have never had one come apart and cause a malfunction. I do not put them in defensive guns. Just in case as you never really know. I just don't take the chance. I see no reason to use them in standard 9mm or .38 Super guns. However, if you are shooting Major Power Factor loads, I do recommend them as there is quite a pressure difference there. If I had a 10mm 1911, I would probably at least try them in it. But I don't have a 10mm and can't really say. I've never tried them in the Berettas.
  7. I've watched since the beginning. I'm happy with the way it ended. Although I was surprised at Pamela's fate. I really expected her to have a gruesome death. Oh well. I do think the seriously screwed up the very end. They should have cut when Daryl rode away and never bothered with that useless spin off promo.
  8. Grayfox54


    Marlin 99M1. Got it for Christmas when I was 12. Its the same action as the Model 60, but with a 16" barrel and made to resemble a M1 Carbine. Great little rifle. I fell on hard times in the 80s and foolishly sold it. But I have replaced it since then. This one ain't going nowhere.
  9. The spam filter does catch it and send it to the spam folder. But I still have to clean that out. I had been opening them and un-subscribing, but that didn't help at all. But then someone told me that all that really does is show that the account is active and they just continue to pass it on. Now I just hit the delete all button. But its still annoying as hell.
  10. I have one I might part with. How much are you looking to spend?
  11. Yeah, I know. But if enough people gripe to their Congress Critters, maybe, just maybe we could get something done.
  12. About two months ago I bought an item off of e-bay. Well it seems that they sold my e-mail address to the spammers. I checked my e-bay account and sure nuff there's a setting in there to prevent them from doing this. In my case, it was not on. I didn't even know it was there until I went looking for it. Ever since then I've been receiving anywhere from 50 to 100 spam e-mails every single day! My e-mail is personal and confidential information. Nobody has the right to just sell or share it without my permission. This is a real PITA!. I've even taken the time to un-subscribe from each and every one. So far it hasn't even made a dent. And what ever happened to the "Do Not Call List"? I get several phone calls a day from people wanting to buy my house, extend my car's warranty or sell some BS or other. Enough! I just sent blistering e-mails to all my Congress Critters saying a law really needs to be passed to prevent this stuff. I'm here asking all of you to do the same. If we raise our voices loud enough maybe, just maybe, we can get something done about this mess.
  13. Moped: my technique is very similar to your's. However I eject the empties with my left thumb while the right hand reaches for the spare ammo. This is just a hair faster as it saves that ejection movement of the right hand.
  14. Have you considered a revolver? Just point and pull the trigger. For a right hander, the left is only used for support and to hold the gun during reloading. My wife had arthritis in her hands. When her .38 became too much for her, she switched to a S&W Model 30 in .32 S&W Long. She could shoot that just fine. Not exactly a man stopper, but it sure beat harsh language.
  15. I got fed up with the commercialized greedfest known as Christmas many years ago. I have no grandchildren yet. I live alone. Plus my late wife passed away in December. I don't decorate at all. BAH! HUMBUG! And a Pox on anybody who decorates before Thanksgiving.
  16. Grayfox54

    .40 Cal

    The .40 has turned into a niche round. It has a small, but very loyal following. I tried it, didn't care for it.
  17. It depends a great deal on the gun and the collector. Collectors can specialize on a specific make or even a specific model. Some even break it down to certain years. Its all a matter of what you like. Believe it or not, there are people out there that collect Hi-Points and even RGs. In general the older the better and condition is everything. However, a hard to find gun in rough condition can be much more valuable than a brand new one. Another big consideration is originality. Modified or refinished guns lose a great deal of value over one in original condition. Even if that condition is rough as a cob. The exception being guns worked on by well known Master Gunsmiths. EX: an early Kings Gun Works full tilt target conversion can bring big bucks. I collect S&W revolvers. My own tastes are for early 1900s thru the 1980s. I have no interest in any that have MIM parts or that damned lock. I simply will not own one. However, many S&W aficionados will happily grab the newest thing to hit the market. Especially Performance Center or Limited Edition guns. Again, its all about what interests you. OTOH, I tend to accumulate 1911s. Make, model or caliber doesn't really matter. If it strikes my fancy, I'll buy it. There is no pat answer. Its all about what you like.
  18. You might also mention what ammo you have. That stuff is bringing a pretty penny these days too.
  19. Gun Show promoters have schedules on their web sites listing where and when. RK Shows and Great American Promotions seem to have Most of TN covered. At least in the west end where I live. There may be others in other parts of the state. They're easy enough to look up. BTW: There's a RK Show in Jackson today.
  20. Call your power company. Most of them will do a free "Energy Survey" of your home and tell you what you can do to cut down your bill.
  21. The link brings up what appears to be the whole collection. I must say, your Dad had good taste. I'm afraid I can't help on the FN. However, you may want to do some research on that Argentine Mauser. I'm no expert, but as I recall, it was popular to rechamber those to .308 Win and there was some doubt as to if the action was strong enough to handle it. I can't remember just how that turned out. Otherwise, you have some very good guns there and they should sell pretty quickly.
  22. The guy on the left appears to be Gary Merrill. Probably in a guest star role. Then of course you have Clint Eastwood and Eric Flemming. Its from the TV show Rawhide.


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