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  1. The "rich" are not Atlas. The collective "Atlas", although comprised of some wealthy business owners, is most definitely not composed entirely of the rich. Hugh Akston, professor of philosophy who taught Francisco d'Anconia, Ragnar Danneskjold, and John Galt was himself not a rich man. John Galt was not a rich man. Composer Richard Halley wasn't a rich man. They are Atlas. Sure, there's the Dagny Taggarts of the world and the Francisco d'Anconias, but for every 1 of them there are 100 Owen Kellogs and John Galts. The men and women of the mind, the proud producers, are composed of many folks who are neither rich nor business leaders. Dagny's own brother, while equally rich was not a part of Atlas. It's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven. In the same way, its easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to be a part of Atlas. It's not about money, it's about morals. As an aside, many Christians found much fault with Ayn Rand and her virtue of selfishness. The English language has simply attributed negative connotations to the word "selfish". The virtue of selfishness is well aligned with many Biblical teachings, for example- For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? I mentioned early in this thread that Atlas was shrugging. When our Government uses a crisis to implement new anti-dog-eat-dog rules, such as demanding a new national database of hospital supplies on hand per institution, with the intentions of creating an ability for the government to "redistribute" those assets based on the needs of others, Atlas will shrug. Sure, it may work to get us through the current crisis, but when it's over Atlas will shrug off that business and find a better way to invest his time and resources in ventures that aren't as subject to government over-reach.
  2. Want to buy- Beretta 1301 Tactical gen 2. I've wanted one for the last 6 months or so, and thought what better time to pull the trigger than when prices are through the roof and availability is at an all time low! I must admit, half of my gun buying pleasure is derived from the chase anyway Really like to have the marine finish for the added corrosion protection, but not a must have. Hard to find one in stock at all online. There's an fde model on GB but not sure I want to learn to like a brown shotty. Thanks for looking, and for your help locating one.
  3. Maawigge, that bwessed arrangement... Twas The Princess Bride for us last night.
  4. Not that his annual income is distributed equally per month but.... I heard some people today say that when you make what he does, 6 mil in forgone salary is nothing. I disagree. Thats a major sacrifice, and I'm quite impressed by his sacrifice and that of the company as a whole. Kudos to your employer, and prayers for your family who are on the front lines. I cant imagine what my nerves would be like if it were my wife and daughter out there.
  5. I use these water storage cubes, Ronald. PS. Back in 2018 after our conversation about bail-out-bag kits and disaster preparedness kits etc., and after consulting the materials list on your site, I ordered all the items that I didn't already have. They've been stored for almost 2 years at this point, and I whipped it all out at the start of this ordeal. I'm very thankful for your help, and am very thankful I have these things available at this time. I've been meaning to take the time to tell you that for the last couple weeks... so thank you!
  6. I know Trump could've reacted to the problem more quickly by taking the advice of medical professionals to heart sooner (not that he has taken it to heart now), but weren't all quarantine measures taken by the states individually, and so doesn't credit/blame rest at the feet of the Governors for containing the spread of the virus? Was the health dept in TN watching this viral wave coming like a slow boat from China and adequately preparing themselves? Is Gov. Lee implementing strong enough travel restrictions? 70 people per county dying at the end of all this in TN sounds not too bad. We certainly better be saving a whole lot of lives if this "safer at home" strategy should last till 3rd quarter.
  7. Since you got a trout stamp, light tackle and Powerbait Eggs are my Caney Fork trout pkg. Here's a video with rigs and tips
  8. Nashville Business Journal reported this morning that the bank lobbys at the largest local Nashville banks like Pinnacle and others will close, and offer only drive-through and ATM service. Appointments can be made to enter a branch if needed. Regions is doing the same starting tomorrow. Many places around Nashville only taking payment in plastic to avoid handling cash. I just hope everything returns to normal whenever this is over, and that it doesn't become a makeover of private healthcare and private banking. Hoping to avoid a whole new "Patriot Act" mandating self-sacrifice.
  9. But my for real answer to what would I buy with 2g's right now... one of these-
  10. Looks like every adult couple will soon have their very own "free" $2,000 for your Coronavirus Challenge. Gonna be a lot of competition for resources.... for about a week. May the odds be ever in your favor!
  11. Here's worldwide numbers of reported infections and deaths. This is reported to have been updated today. Maybe the numbers are not 100% right, but I thinks info like this relating to actual scale of the pandemic are as valuable as all of the more frequently discussed possibilities of disaster. Sure, everything may go wrong and result in a worst case scenario. Anyway here it is....
  12. CDC last reported this yesterday at 4pm and says they wont report again till Monday. Your anecdotal 20 cases not withstanding, I'm betting these #'s are still pretty close. Maybe the death toll has doubled to 80...

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