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  1. Armor for small female

    If I remember correctly @WarPig is a dealer for body armor manufacturers and sells to law departments here in mid TN. I've got his contact info somewhere. Real nice member that could probably provide lots of info regarding products and could possibly be a source of purchase. Probably has experience with vest offerings for women too. There seem to be lots of buyer restrictions present online for the civilian looking to purchase a full vest. I would think it would be nice to purchase an appropriately sized vest, complete with all armor, from one place and not feel like you were cobbling something together yourself.
  2. Armor for small female

    Luckily, the middle school situation worries me less than high school would. Nevertheless, my curiosity was piqued so did some googling that probably turned up the same stuff you've already read. (Ps- i know Zero about body armor) Looks like Level IIIA with level 4 plates in the additional plate pockets, seems you'd be in the $1,500 range. As i mentioned, I know nothing and am aware various materials are available that could drive cost up or down. Regardless, as long as it could be secured from theft in her room, i think +/- $1,500 isnt expensive. Especially when considering many of us sit on hordes of guns and ammo that are equally unlikely to be "needed". I say do what y'all feel yo, and definitely post up what you decide on. I'm sure, like my own teacher relations, she'd be shepherding many precious little lambs to safety, and thinking that she would be selfish for covering herself in armor is silly.
  3. ad closed Beretta 92 Compact magazine

    Thanks @kvmx00. I'll post up something on the Pay It Forward thread tomorrow to keep the good energy going
  4. ad closed Beretta 92 Compact magazine

    I'll take it. P.m. to follow. Thanks!
  5. I get it, and i understand political posturing is a necessary part of the game. Just seems silly to me that this bs proposition is how my politicians choose to appeal to me. I guess insulted is what I'm feeling lol.
  6. This is non-sense. If they were legislating to provide free lockable gun cabinets to "protect the children", while I sure as heck wouldn't wanna pay for it, that would be more palatable. Offering to save some guy with no safe who needs to lock up his guns from his kids $30 on the cheapest safe money can buy, ain't gonna cause him to go buy a safe. Because he doesn't have the $300 bucks to begin with. If he buys a lockable long gun cabinet for $150, the $15 savings isn't going to nudge him into the purchase. Irresponsible people don't all the sudden become responsible for tens of dollars. This is a silly waste of legislators time/my tax dollars. Who lobbied for this and who's it really benefiting? NRA may sign on to help local safe retail stores sell more safes? Hooray NRA! Bold moves afoot! Same for tax free guns and ammo. How about tax free footballs, golf clubs, knives, alarm systems for your car?
  7. S&W Announce New 380 Shield EZ

    If S&W places enough ads in Readers Digest, Southern Living, Harley-Davidson Lifestyle Magazine, and Church bulletins, they'll make a mint Regarding the grip safety, I've realized that, for better or worse, some older people who are inexperienced concealed weapon carriers love the idea of safeties, the more redundancies the better. I just got mom the .380 Beretta 86 tip-up barrel so she won't have to rack the slide. I think if Beretta brought that model back, with a $600 price tag and solid marketing, they could sell a lot of units.
  8. Thanks, Mike. This was my first and last bmx bike. I decided to get it because my little one rides his at the skate park, so thought I'd join in on the fun. Didn't take long for me to see the danger in this old dog learning new tricks. Back to the sidelines for me! We still mountain bike together, but I'll be leavin the concrete surfaces to him from now on.
  9. $499 is a steal for that BMXer in your life. Would fit a pre-teen all the way to adult male. https://nashville.craigslist.org/bik/d/standard-byke-co-125r-bmx/6483402674.html

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