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  1. bud

    Nashville officer charged in shooting

    @Omega i think we're mostly on the same page. The penal system is often too soft (twss) and the correctional system doesn't do a very good job of actually correcting any behaviors. Having CoreCivic, a publicly traded for-profit correctional company over our jails doing nothing more than babysitting the inmates is part of the problem. If you go to jail you should be made to work and earn your keep with the added benefit of perhaps learning a skill. In my estimation, most of these men haven't ever had a legitimate job. They dont know the joy and fulfillment that comes from being self-sufficient. Teach them to work and follow orders just like my dad taught me. The threat of 50 hours a week of physical labor will incentivize them to keep their nose clean and stay out of jail more than the "you'll get butt-raped" boogeyman will.
  2. bud

    Nashville officer charged in shooting

    Don't really know about any of the other anecdotal examples you mention. I'm only speaking as an (almost) lifelong resident of the urban core of Davidson County with multiple family members in law enforcement here. I'm not some bleeding-heart, soft on crime guy. My opinions are purely my own, but they are well-founded and informed. I support the police and support improved community relations. The 2 are not mutually exclusive. I think the police chief does a great job and is of a similar mind.
  3. bud

    Nashville officer charged in shooting

    I think the solution to lessen the questionable use of force lies in, as @Chucktshoes suggested, in re-assessing the value of an officers life as compared to citizens, and then allowing new recruits and current officers to decide if they wanna take the job based on the new Common-Sense realization that a cop going home at the end of his shift is not more important than a civilian making it home to his family. If afterwards there's not enough officers, or too much crime, then reassess again. I also agree with Chuck in that me- the tax payer- is the Coach of the team. I'm not monday morning quarterbacking, I'm reviewing the game tape and adjusting the play of my players to make improvements for the next game. It's my job and my right because I pay the bills. The cops are employees of the taxpayers. On the other hand Delke was operating under current rules and you can't change the rules in the middle of the game like an elementary school child (or Funk and Briley). In this case, like @DaveTN said, the rules were already laid out and Delke engaged as per his rights. Should Delke's lawyers have thrown in the info (which feels like a lie given how this info came out) that Hamburg pointed the gun at him? I think it was a good move, because it can't be definitively proven that he didnt, and dead men tell no tales. In the end it doesn't matter, because per current procedure Delke was justified. As i said earlier, personally i think Delke was crazy to shoot him. Although Delke had a right to shoot him, he shoukd have yielded that right. If a criminal is fleeing with his back to you, having not fired shots or done any other violent act, you accept the risk that the criminal may harm someone else vs executing him preemptively. Would Hamburg have gone on to commit a violent crime at some later date if Delke let him go? I think he certainly would have given his path, but he also could've found Jesus. Here's hoping that at the Grand Jury hearing, only the facts are considered and that it doesnt go to a jury trial. My money doesnt need to be wasted on a jury trial.
  4. bud

    Nashville officer charged in shooting

    This. If it goes to trial, the whole charade of "why was he chasing him in the first place" will cease, as will Funk's "you cant shoot em in the back". I think Delke messed up in the beginning of the pursuit too, but that's not what he's going to be on trial for. In my 20/20 hindsight I also think Delke should've let the guy go, but I think its clear he had justifiable cause to shoot. As a parent, I feel sorry for the mother and father. Side note, anyone else noticed the man with Ms. Hambrick, whom I assume is Daniel's father, has what looks like tear tatoos below his left eye? Can't find clear still pics online, because every image is shot to leave off that side of his face. I have seen them clearly on video. If those are the "i killed people" tatoos, that needs to be cleaned up before trial, as that will certainly shape jurors opinions of Daniel.
  5. bud

    Nashville officer charged in shooting

    Thanks, David My wager was certainly ill-advised. After reading more about standard protocol, i realize it would've been very unlikely for Blackburn to disageee with Funk at this level. However, I do think that Delke will be exonerated, whether at the Grand Jury hearing or at trial if it goes that far. Funk's main assertion is that no one, not cops or civilians, can shoot a fleeing person in the back. That's a very feel-good thing for Funk to tell the black community, but legally it isnt true based on how we train officers (perhaps SOP changes after this event, but right now if you're armed, perceived as a deadly threat, fleeing, and refuse to stop and put-em-up you can be shot).
  6. bud


  7. @Whisper Just ran across this thread. The 1301 Viper has a fixed choke, where 1301 tactical and 1301 competition come with threaded barrel and interchangeable chokes. I've read barrels are not interchangeable due to gas port location and ejection port size. Heres a good discussion of the 1301 models--> https://pistol-forum.com/showthread.php?10177-Beretta-1301-Tactical Heres one at $820 nib and shipped. Now you've done it, as I'm tempted to have a new HD shotty myself.
  8. bud

    Nashville officer charged in shooting

    I'm with ya, Dave. Not sure what changed with Funk's plans, but here's an article from the Tennessean from 20 hrs ago with what's happenening now regarding Delke's hearing and Grand Jury --> https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.tennessean.com/amp/2478126002
  9. bud

    Nashville officer charged in shooting

    Will do. Was glad to hear mnpd officers packed the courtroom today. Sounds like things are looking up for Delke.
  10. bud

    Nashville officer charged in shooting

    Day 2 of hearing tomorrow, and judge expected to issue decision Monday as to whether or not it should go to grand jury. I got $5 on Delke's exoneration. Can't wait to hear Funk and Briley cry.

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