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  1. Its the slippery slope, man, same as with gun control. Why should I give up any of my decision making rights for something as wishy-washy as the "science" behind masks and eveything else Covid-19? I mask up out of courtesy a time or 2 everyday, just not big on new rules and mandates.
  2. Most grandmas and grandpas that get Covid recover fully. The sign is still funny.
  3. Who says I'm concerning myself with stopping the spread, and worried about getting misted? Who says that exposure is certainly not the best measure, and the fastest way to resistance in the population? If you'll wear your own mask then you've got yourself covered- Plus the positive externality for the rest of us freedom lovin' Muricans that your mask will muffle the sounds of you nannying everyone else I'm a charitable guy, on my own terms, but forcing me to be "altruistic" is offensive to me. Self-sacrifice is not a moral ideal in my world. Selfishness is a virtue, and thats not just a throw away comment. Its a worldview, and one that we'd likely have to agree to disagree upon
  4. 47,000 confirmed(ish) cases state wide in a state of 6.8 million. The thing that strikes me is that actual current and past positive cases are likely MUCH higher than the 47,000 number that is being reported, because of the large percentage of people who've had Coronavirus without any symptoms, or have attributed symptoms to a cold or allergies. Therefore the % chance of death to Tennesseans from Covid-19 is likely half that of what is being reported. If the masks also protect against shark attacks and lightning, then they may be worth wearing.
  5. The TN total deaths for ages 0-20 went down from 5 total deaths as of 6/26/20 , to 3 total deaths as of 7/2/20. The TN total deaths for 31-40 went down from 12 total deaths as of 6/26/20, to 11 total deaths as of 7/2/20. People are either rising from the dead, or the TN Dept of Health is re-evaluating causes of death in some cases. After 4 months of non-stop covid covid covid, there are still under 600 Tennessee persons dead with covid-19 out of our population of 6.8 million persons. 1 in 12,000 Tennesseans has died from Covid-19. Some significant percentage of those deceased were dying as a result of their next illness anyway. Mayor Cooper, forever may he reign, just dictated this weeks new laws for Davidson County to include bars closed for 2 weeks and a return to 50% max occupancy for many businesses. To remove all excuses for the Subjects being unaware of our constantly changing laws pertaining to our dress, and behavior, and physical movements, the electronic message boards over the interstates will now endlessly scroll all the new mandates that Dear Leaders can come up with. 2023573941_TDH-2019-Novel-Coronavirus-Epi-and-Surveillance(1).pdf TDH-2019-Novel-Coronavirus-Epi-and-Surveillance (1) (2) (1).pdf
  6. While not beautifully blued like the BDA, the Beretta 84 is the same gun except that it has the more open, Beretta style, slide. I kick myself regularly for selling my pristine BDA.
  7. https://wwwn.cdc.gov/nndss/conditions/coronavirus-disease-2019-covid-19/case-definition/2020/ https://www.wbir.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/tennessee-changed-how-its-reporting-covid-19-data-heres-what-you-need-to-know/51-4ef05b4d-4a2b-421c-8549-ebee75ade952 Ill find the TN specific documents and post later
  8. The virus isnt spreading as they say it is because they count eveyone in the household as a positive if one member tests positive.
  9. It appears to be spreading in Knoxville (and everywhere else) because of increased testing and because of assumed positives being added to the number of total infected. Everyone should stop getting tested. Cant wait till that clicks in the drug and alcohol addled brains of Americans. Stop giving the govt sanction to collect data, manipulate it, add additional made-up numbers to it , then to make up statistics to manipulate and control us with. If you're sick stay home, and tell the govt where they can shove that corona probe. +/- 50% of working Tennesseans have been going out of the house to work this whole time for the last Quarter Of A Year, as normal, and sans mask. Do you think we wake up scared or worried about going in to work every morning? Are we fools? Has our experience over the last quarter of a year taught us to be worried or not worried? Testing and tracing are not a treatment for any illness. They make no significant impact on the spread. What matters is number of dead. Many of us stopped caring about this weeks and weeks ago because there is hard evidence in front of us (hard evidence like rigor mortis ) that clearly demonstrates that the threat of death or hospitalization is very very low. And just because a person has an illness or immunity problem doesn't mean they automatically die if they get the Covid. There are many recovered unhealthy people. Is anyone on tv talking much about the 80 year olds who survived it, or the cancer patients who survived it, or the AiDs patients who survived it. Nope. They have to portray it as a death sentence to the weak, so that those weak in the head will demand we do something
  10. I can appreciate that. Haggerty is no better when it comes to racially divisive rhetoric. I just would've been more of a Manny guy if he didnt make his candidacy about his, or anyone else's color.
  11. I feel the need to clarify my point. I realize that pandering to racists might win him the election. Its just I am not voting for a guy who takes the issue of illegal immigration, makes it about skin color, then tells me its ok for himself to have a voice because he's brown, and that he'll do me the favor of being my voice because whites are expected to remain silent. I hope it works out for him playing into this "racism" bs game the media is playing, but what I am saying is that he is no better than Al Sharpton with that kind of race baiting advertisement. Maybe i have a double standard when I vote for Trump who does the same damn thing. Difference is, I only have 1 Republican choice for President. I have other options than Dr Manny. Edited to add the radio spot they've been playing. I would vote for the guy if he wasnt talking about the same racist bs as the other side. Stop making stuff about skin color.
  12. Yeah, Im not saying he's trying to be racist. Scratch that. I am. He takes the issue of illegal immigration and makes it about race, when it has nothing to do with skin color. Im saying that by him saying that he can complain about other brown people because he's brown, is insinuating that I cant complain about illegal immigrant brown people because Im a white guy. That is racist ideology in itself. I can complain on my own about illegals. I dont need to send another brown man to the Senate to justify my stance on strong borders. Just because Im white doesnt mean I have to be silenced. Hes furthering racial division with comments like " let them try and call me a racist". Ill find the actual ad and post it.
  13. Ok, this brings up a funny thought ive been having. Anyone, heard the Indian guy, Dr Manny Sethi for US Senate radio commercial, where he's like "I'll fight for you in Washington to secure our border. And to keep out eeelegals. Just let them try and call Me a racist!" What that makes me think of is Little Shop of Horrors and Steve Martin crooning "I'll be a dentist" but with Dr Manny singing "I'll be your racist" Wierd. I know. But the ad comes across as him saying he'd go to Washington and be our racist, when I'm sure thats not the message he wanted to convey. Think he needs a new PR proofreader
  14. Wow thats a high occupancy rate. Any numbers available for how many of the 233 beds in use are covid related? I wonder what the avg occupancy rate is for the ICU beds? Do they normally run at 85% full?
  15. Thanks! Great chart. Someone should publicize those stats. I was trying to measure the threat to my 8 year olds life. Of the 5 Tennesseans under 20 years old who have died, I assume half were sick already, so I feel pretty safe for the kid. Also, Im certain the number of those actually infected with corona virus is in TN is way way higher than the positve tests, so old guys chance of death from the rona prob not near as high as the small number of confirmed positive tests may lead to believe. TDH-2019-Novel-Coronavirus-Epi-and-Surveillance (1).pdf

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