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  1. So long ago - Ruger 10/22.
  2. +1 on the Ghost EVO Elite. Just installed mine in my Glock 35 - as stated before " Cleaner break, lighter pull and better reset".
  3. Don't know much about these & looking for opinions on their quality & accuracy - possible USPSA production pistol - maybe even my road pistol. Thanks  
  4. Great ideas and opinions! Got me thinking that instead of me trying to pick it out for her, a trip to one of the local ranges with pistol rentals might be the way to go.
  5. Title should say Pistol Recommendation (not 22LR) I just sold a pistol and want to get my wife something that will fit her hands and possibly something that could be holstered and carried. Small to med size woman size hands. She's not real fond of snappy recoil ( 40S&W and 45acp won't work too much and 22-25 too small), so what would you pick for your wife based on that info? Does sound like Goldilocks:) Thanks in advance for your recommendations & opinions
  6. Be warned it is a "fun' but addictive sport. :D You won't find a nicer group of competitors and attendees. All really helpful on what it takes to get started & You get to see some very nice rifles on the line and some excellent accuracy at 1000yds. Can't wait - should be a great weekend of fun!
  7. Inquiring minds want know! Lot of fun too.
  8. Here's my old 22LR boys: CZ453 set trigger Varmint Ruger 10/22 heavy barrel and thumb hole target stock, trigger kit Winchester 52B &16x Unertil scope 1939
  9. Try to support local dealers Relaoder's Bench, MidSouth, Cjampions Choice and when I buy on line Grafs, Midway, & Sinclair.
  10. Doesn't Murfreesboro have a 1300 or 1500 yd 2 day event in May or June?
  11. Lee Crimp die is great for semi-auto pistol rounds. Might want to get a case gauge as well, just to be sure you have it in SAMMI specs.
  12. Sounds like most have not shot at any ranges in NJ, NY, CT MA or any lovely liberal North East spot, folks there would tell you how lucky you are. Like I said I've lived a lot of places 'it ain't so bad'.
  13. I shoot a the Stones River Range and have met the cast of RSOs and to be honest, they really don't bother me that much and I find them all to have different and varying levels of firearm knowledge (most of it good and some so-so). I have been an NRA certified range officer at an indoor range and believe the volunteers do a good job with the varying levels of public that they have to deal with. It may not be everyone's cup of tea and some will find other places to shoot that they like better. It is nice to have a choice of ranges Owl Hollow, Maury County Gun Club, TWRA, etc... and I choose t


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