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  1. And his poll ratings are steady... um, what?   Let's hope the scandals keep the Congress occupied.  So the poor attempts at gun control do not get voted on...
  2. May I suggest finding a better source?   Good for you to question lobbying though. Remember: All the lobbyists have agendas.  Usually ones counter to the American People.
  3. ACLU has more focus of privacy, and first A rights, than 2nd.  Always have.  However, the letter they wrote, well, quite an interesting read.  And, to the surprise of a lot here, their letter falls on the side of protecting gun owners.    And the ACLU sues to stop things... (I know, a bunch of lawyers suing? But usually, these guys are on the winning side of the court battles, and this probably came as an unexpected shot across the bow from the liberal side of the sea...)
  4. Hopefully, he has the original stock someplace. $800? Using the present gun scare to line your pockets, much?
  5. Joined TGO just to post the truth on this thread.
  6. Hillary never had looks going for her.  I do not like how some of the media have crowned her.
  7. Few things: 1) The general public does not focus on a single topic, and pushes for change of this single topic, for very long.  Welcome to the technological age of overwhelming news cycles. 2) In most cases, the Legislators know if they vote FOR such legislation, they can be called on the carpet later, when the public rage has passed, and the topic changes to re-election, and this Legislator limited my rights. 3) The legislation itself was poorly done. 4) Other "more pressing" matters have shown themselves (sequester, "Best Korea," Dancing with the Stars, Kim Kardashian's wieght gain while pregnate, etc.)
  8. Um.  Ever read the legislation these people write?  And you want THEM to pick your U.S. Senator? 
  9. Just don't carry it in hand, while walking through Belle Meade.   (Had to be said, sorry.)   Enjoy it.  Sounds like a fun firearm to own.
  10. Holds his pistol sideways, for that Gangsta look... It's a revolver.
  11. Commercial trucks - no law, as all have said.  Company policy feeds the issue.   And no, if you are in an 18 wheeler, the "sleeper" is not considered a "residence or home." Which means if you get pulled over in, say Illinois, and the gun is locked back in a safe in the sleeper, tough, it's gone, and you are in a heap of trouble...   Know the laws.  Leave it home, if you have to deliver to any military base.
  12. If they close the South Korean run factory, just over the border in North Korea, then I would start taking the threats seriously.  Otherwise, it is an attempt of the new kid to look all military to his people...
  13. No.   Do think it has to be hard to be the President's kid.  However, the benefits far outweigh the detriments (cept maybe being terrorist targets...)   And really, do you actually believe the two parties are separate, and fighting for their followers?  

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