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  1. mossyoak1851

    Bought a new shotgun friday

    That's the plan for this shotgun it will be used quite a bit and it is helping hold me over till I can get my fn slp tactical Sent from my VS995 using Tapatalk
  2. mossyoak1851

    Armys new Sig pistols are pure "JUNK"!

    I haven't heard any talk from any of my friends at Campbell about them yet, i let them check out my 320 before they got theirs in, im sure if its bad ill hear some smack talk
  3. mossyoak1851

    S&W "Blue Label" dealer in Nashville/Clarksville area?

    Clarksville gun and archery in Clarksville is
  4. mossyoak1851

    Bought a new shotgun friday

    I was walking around in academy and seen the price and couldn't pass it up 229 for a savage stevens 320, now i just need to do some small modifications, then it's gonna be range fun and hunting fun
  5. mossyoak1851

    Coyote hunting

    Hozzie i agree with ya on wanting to still be humaine while hunting, i have seen where people have used the 17hmr before so it was up in the air wasnt 100% sure it would be used, im use to deer, turkey and squirrel hunting, im pumped to get into coyote hunting
  6. mossyoak1851

    Coyote hunting

    Me and my father are about to get into coyote hunting and just curious about what is some good to get, and possibly some good places to hunt around Clarksville Tn and some tricks to set up a good hunt, he will be using either a 17hmr, or an ar15, and i will have either my ar15 or a 308
  7. mossyoak1851

    Hello from ft Campbell, TN

    Welcome from Clarksville also
  8. mossyoak1851

    how would you have handled this

    I still had my work phone on me and my girl was home she was actually headed to our room to retrieve my ar15 cause she seen him and got worried she is from a super small town and isn't use to clarksville
  9. mossyoak1851

    finally got my hcp

    I got lucky when I was at my hcp class a guy brough in several holsters and he had a crossbread supertuck and I asked him if I could check it out he said yes and told me to try it on and I feel in love with it
  10. mossyoak1851

    Academy Sports

    i seen a wood stocked m1a at the academy in clarksville for 1600, hopefully ill get it for a anniversary gift 
  11. mossyoak1851

    how would you have handled this

    if the dog wouldnt have came into play he would have seen what i was covering 
  12. mossyoak1851

    how would you have handled this

    i have to big of a heart as i have been working into starting a non profit orginization and ill try to give the benifit of the doubt but today spiked my awareness and my adrenaline jumped, my dog isnt big but she isnt scared of anything, trust me wont be doing that again 
  13. i seen a unknown male sitting at my neighbors home where i have seen no males at, he then came to my house and asked to use a phone i agreed to allow him to use my phone this is in mid afternoon i shut the door and then he proceed to try to come into the house i advised him that wasnt in his best intrest and my dog stopped him in his tracks 
  14. mossyoak1851

    finally got my hcp

    i have learned i need a new belt anyone have any good recommendations on a good belt, from what i have seen my crossbread super tuck will be here soon ready to try this thing on
  15. mossyoak1851

    finally got my hcp

    I have only had one guy notice and he was ex military very good encounter he asked what I was carrying and was talking about getting his hcp

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